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It was almost one year ago that I finished the Easy Street Pullover in Malabrigo, and I finally got around to use some of the leftover yarn from that garment to cast on for a simple scarf.  I took the ball of yarn with me to San Francisco and started working on Yarn Abuse’s slip-stitch pattern on the airplane.  So simple yet very striking in the lovely indigo colorway.  I continued to work on it while I was in my conference sessions, and on the plane ride home.  After sitting for a short spell while I caught up on garment work, I quickly finished it and paired it with the lovely handcrafted wooden pin that I got at River John Needles in Nova Scotia.

Slip Stitch + Pin 

Slip Stitch + Pin 

 Slip Stitch

I wish I had had the foresight to pick up more than one of these pins.  The simple design and neutral color would have matched a number of different shawls and wraps, and it would have made a wonderful gift.  I did, however, pick up three sets of handcrafted needles – two sets of double points and one set of straights.  They are all so smooth and beautifully done in birch wood.  The woman working at Lismore Sheep Farm that day told us that it was her husband who was in charge of the sanding process on the needles, so she knows that they are extraordinarily smooth. 

So… you wanna try some of the River John needles for yourself?  I have a size US 10 1/2 (7mm) set of double pointed needles to give away – perfect for winter hats or cowls.  To sweeten the pot,  I will throw in the one remaining skein of this lovely Malabrigo worsted colorway, perfect for any number of small projects – scarves, hats, cowls, or a small purse.  If you are interested, please leave a comment!  I will pick a name at random and announce it during the next post! :)


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  1. shannon

    oooooh, the colorway is gorgeous…just checked out the pullover link and it’s so beautiful! i’m a freak for shawl pins…perhaps i should start knitting some to put them on…

  2. jillian

    You always pick just the right yarn and pattern combo. So lovely, especially with your blue eyes!

  3. Ginny

    Lovely! Haven’t tried a scarf pin yet but I will now. If I think of it as jewelry it doesn’t count toward my knitting budget, right?

  4. Patricia

    Love the scarf, love the color- I’m a sucker for those shades of blue.

  5. Vickie

    I love the color of your scarf. It looks great on you.

  6. Meredith

    Beautiful scarf and pin. I have yet to have the pleasure of working with Malabrigo *keeping fingers crossed*

  7. Sonia

    Love the shawl pin!
    As for the drawing, I am very interested! I’m currently on a Malabrigo neckwarmer bender, so this would help me along nicely…

  8. samantha

    I love that malabrigo!

  9. Kelley

    I love that scarf — it makes your eyes pop!

  10. Sara

    Totally wild about that pin – it is truly pretty. And, the scarf is lovely. I love the color!!!

  11. Victoria

    I love the pin! And the colour of the yarn really brings out your eyes x

  12. mick

    The color of that scarf looks so pretty on you! Very nice. I love almost-solid yarns in textured stitch patterns; it looks so beautiful.

  13. Ühltje

    I feel a bit shameful in commenting on a contest post, but girl you know how to do a skein of Malabrigo justice! I have just ordered a sweaters worth of Malabrigo for the first time and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. It’s for medicinal purposes as I have heard that it cures eczema;-)

  14. Sarah

    That is beautiful. You totally rock those lovely, little scarves. The pin you picked up adds just the right touch.

  15. Cassie

    I love that pin and the color of the yarn is just fabulous. I love reading your blog!

  16. Annastasia

    Mmm. Sounds lovely. That shawl pin is GORGEOUS. <3

  17. Barb

    Beautiful scarf. I love that indigo colorway.

  18. Elysbeth

    Very generous.

    Love how the blue sets off your eyes.

  19. Laura

    As I was looking at the pictures I said to myself, “Oh, those scarf pins would make great gifts” then I read your comment. Haha! Maybe if you called her they would ship some to you?

    (If you happen to randomly pick me, I already have a pair of dpn’s that size, but I’d be thrilled to check out the yarn!)

  20. magnusmog

    Hurray – a giveaway!

    What fun.

  21. Angela

    I love the contrast of the scarf against your green sweater!

  22. Heather

    That blue is heavenly!!

  23. Lia

    I agree with all the others whov’e said it – the blue is amazing! A perfect water color, really, and that stitch pattern goes well with it.

  24. Rachel

    Beautiful scarf – and beautiful photography, as always! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  25. Ingrid

    It’s a really pretty scarf and what a unique pin!

  26. chrystie

    I love that blue; so very pretty!

  27. Nicole B

    I jsut love that you say Malibrigo like it is a yummy desert. LOL! What a great give away!

  28. Jackie

    That blue looks lovely on you.

  29. kate

    Lovely! And oh-so-snuggly looking

  30. Lori Thayer

    Mmmmmalabrigo…just says it all!

  31. yvette / overanalyzer

    wow, i love the idea of a short little scarf like that. and i looooooooove malabrigo. delish.

  32. Ingrid

    Love the scarf and the sweater. Is the sweater unblogged? I love, love, love the green.

  33. moiraeknittoo

    Love the pin and that color! Also, I can’t remember if you made the sweater you’re wearing? It’s FAB!

  34. Subha

    Wow! The yarn is such a beautiful color and the handcrafted pin adds to the beauty of your work! Love it!

  35. Liz

    The green of the sweater and the blue of the scarf are gorgeous together and gorgeous on you!

  36. Amanda Cathleen

    your pin is gorgeous! It goes well with your scarf too, such a lovely blue!

  37. Katie

    That scarf is such a beautiful color…. and I would love a chance to win!

  38. Shannon

    oooh, gorgeous! The colour is breathtaking…really sets off your eyes!

  39. Lisa

    Beautiful, truly. The scarf and the shawl pin, both!

  40. Annette

    Beautiful scarf! The color is gorgeous and looks great on you. My fingers are crossed that I might win such delicious yarn. :)

  41. Annie

    Lovely color on the scarf and the sweater too. Did you knit the sweater as well?

  42. Knit Pickins

    I love that pin, and I love the idea of wearing a scarf pinned as if it is a cowl or neckwarmer. And… I’ve been wanting to try Malabrigo.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  43. Jolynn

    What a lovely color. It really brings out the blue of your eyes! ^_^

  44. lindsey

    great stitch pattern. looks solid, but interesting.

  45. Rachel

    Lovely pin and scarf.

  46. Ann

    Love the scarf! Thanks for doing the giveaway! I actually need that size double points. Lost one of mine.

  47. Jessica Kaufman

    Sure, why not! You know, I still haven’t tried Malabrigo. Isn’t that weird? Also, can’t wait to see how the fair isle sleeve is going.

  48. Hilary

    It’s absolutely stunning! The stitch pattern is perfect with that Malabrigo and the pin looks amazing with the scarf. Wonderful!

  49. Kelsey

    That scarf seems like the perfect present for a woman who has it all. Just customize the color to her liking.

  50. theresa

    Lovely colors on you!!

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