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It was almost one year ago that I finished the Easy Street Pullover in Malabrigo, and I finally got around to use some of the leftover yarn from that garment to cast on for a simple scarf.  I took the ball of yarn with me to San Francisco and started working on Yarn Abuse’s slip-stitch pattern on the airplane.  So simple yet very striking in the lovely indigo colorway.  I continued to work on it while I was in my conference sessions, and on the plane ride home.  After sitting for a short spell while I caught up on garment work, I quickly finished it and paired it with the lovely handcrafted wooden pin that I got at River John Needles in Nova Scotia.

Slip Stitch + Pin 

Slip Stitch + Pin 

 Slip Stitch

I wish I had had the foresight to pick up more than one of these pins.  The simple design and neutral color would have matched a number of different shawls and wraps, and it would have made a wonderful gift.  I did, however, pick up three sets of handcrafted needles – two sets of double points and one set of straights.  They are all so smooth and beautifully done in birch wood.  The woman working at Lismore Sheep Farm that day told us that it was her husband who was in charge of the sanding process on the needles, so she knows that they are extraordinarily smooth. 

So… you wanna try some of the River John needles for yourself?  I have a size US 10 1/2 (7mm) set of double pointed needles to give away – perfect for winter hats or cowls.  To sweeten the pot,  I will throw in the one remaining skein of this lovely Malabrigo worsted colorway, perfect for any number of small projects – scarves, hats, cowls, or a small purse.  If you are interested, please leave a comment!  I will pick a name at random and announce it during the next post! :)


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  1. KarenLG

    been stalking… I mean reading for a few months… lovely scarf. Even if I don’t win, I might have to make that one…

  2. Elizabeth

    I love that colour on you! And the light wood colour of the pin ties in so nicely with your hair.

    What a great project.

  3. rachel

    I just made my 1st cowl (your sherbrooke pattern) using malabrigo for the 1st time & I love it! I really like the look of the pin with the scarf!

  4. Catherine

    Lovely Malabrigo! Count me in! :)

  5. rebecca

    I’ve got an extra skein of malabrigo laying around, I’ll have to try that pattern. And who wouldn’t like more malabrigo!

  6. Josiane

    This is a really pretty scarf, and the colourway is just perfect on you. Lovely! And you’re right: the shawl pin nicely compliments it.

  7. k

    mmmmmmmalibrigo is right – nice scarf! And it definitely brings out your eyes. The pin looks beautifully crafted, too bad you didn’t get more.

  8. Deb

    The scarf is beautiful and the yarn is luscious–would love to try it!
    Thanks for a great blog and for sharing your beautiful photographs and projects.

  9. Wendy

    Oh, I do love that Malabrigo. So soft and lovely. I bought my first few skeins a little while ago, but have yet to use them. They feel so soft, but I’m a bit afraid of pilling…

  10. Deborah

    I’m a sucker for natural wood products, crafted by true craftsmen. The pin looks lovely, and looks lovely with your scarf.

  11. Heidi

    I love the color! and the pin! Glad you are doing ok – I’ve missed your posts!

  12. ameva

    I’d like to try them :)
    The scarf and the pin is cute! I like it!

    ameva, from Hungary

  13. Anna

    The pin and the cowl work so well together, and the cowl complements your eyes beautifully

  14. Becky

    Very pretty! Makes me wish I could do woodworking as well as knit!

  15. GinkgoKnits

    I’ve been lurking here for awhile — you just know any sort of malabrigo would bring out the lurkers. :)

    It’s a great scarf — but the combination with the beautiful green sweater underneath makes you look really lovely.

  16. Karen Lynn


  17. Alli

    Wow, what a generous drawing! I loved reading about your trip to Nova Scotia and your new scarf is lovely.

  18. Dorothy

    That came out beautifully, not that I expected anything less of your knitting :) We ever going to see you at Wed night knitting??

  19. Anneh

    That colour is gorgeous on you!

  20. Ruth

    What a great color! I love the way you’ve fastened it with the pin … very stylish.

  21. Whitney

    What a beautiful color!!!

  22. Mary

    That shade of blue really brings out your eyes! Wow! I love the way we (fashion?) has gone from super long scarves to super-short/cowls. Some day I’ll be caught up…

  23. Ingrid

    I just love that stitch pattern combined with the Malabrigo. It looks so cozy!

  24. Nancy

    Love your scarf, the color is beautiful! Is it long and wrapped a couple of times? Or is it short and only wrapped once? It is really pretty!

  25. Jagienka

    I love this pin!
    Just added the scarf to my Rav Q – should be perfect for a small skein of handspun yarn ;o)

  26. tiennie

    What a pretty stitch pattern! The blue is just lovely on you!

  27. rebecca

    Oh! Malabrigo is so luxurious for those little satisfying projects! The color is just lovely!

  28. Beverly

    I love looking at all of your lovely cowls and scarves. Thank you for all of your eye-candy.

  29. Miss Bea

    So so lovely! Mmmmalabrigo indeed. I can never get enough of how pretty it is in a simple slip stitch.

  30. Nell

    Mmmmm…. I heart me some malabrigo!

  31. péitseoga

    wow, the blue is brilliant with your eyes!!

  32. Kamicha

    Oh, what a lovely little scarf! And I love that shade of blue, really emphasizes your eye-colour!

    I’m so in need of some Malabrigo =).

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