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It was almost one year ago that I finished the Easy Street Pullover in Malabrigo, and I finally got around to use some of the leftover yarn from that garment to cast on for a simple scarf.  I took the [...]

Stitch Count

Long arm or short sleeve? The Jacquard Pulli has once again fallen by the wayside as I ran into a little snag… Either I have the arms of an orangutan, or the pattern is just too short.  I think it [...]

Finally Coming Around

I have to be honest. I have not been a big “fan” of eggplant in the past. This coming from the girl that rarely meets a vegetable that she doesn’t like… there was a particular restaurant experience that sticks out [...]

People Watching

Museum People: Rothko Contemplation The Frida Kahlo-loving throngs / SFMoMA   I like to watch people.  Even more so, I really like to watch people in museums.  I like to see how people respond to art.  What draws some people to [...]

Welcome Wagon

You see, technically it started on Tuesday night… Risa and I met up to knit for a little while before meeting Nova and Steph and heading over to the restaurant (the fabulous Khan Toke Thai House) to meet Rangsiwan and [...]