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OCTOBER 1st means only one thing ’round these parts!


I started the month off simply:  winding my pretty hank of Tess Designer Yarns Twinkle Toes (merino/silk/nylon) into a cute little center-pull ball.  Now it is all ready for a very special project!

Socktoberfest: The Chosen One

Have you heard Kirsten’s great idea?  I could not be more thrilled with this idea – just the “shot in the arm” that Socktoberfest needs in its 4th year:

I thought it might be fun to do a Through the Loops “mystery” sock in honor of Socktoberfest. Starting October 1st, I’ll post a section of the mystery sock pattern every Wednesday of October (10/1-cuff, 10/8-leg, 10/15-heel turn, 10/22-foot, 10/29-toe). I will post the instructions in this topic area of the group. The sock will have a simple 4 stitch x 4 row repeat and will be appropriate for anyone who has made socks in the past and done yarn overs, k2tog., and ssk.

All you need are 100 grams of sock yarn – solid or semi-solid will be best but variegated that isn’t too wild will be fine too, and a pair of needles that you would normally use for the given yarn. I will write the pattern in 4 sizes using a 56, 60, 64 or 68 stitch cast on. Pick the size that you would typically use for that yarn and needle size if you were to do a plain stockinette or ribbed sock. If you want to swatch you may do so in a 2×2 rib in the round.

From Kirsten’s post on Fans of Through the Loops Ravelry group

I love this idea, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the possibilities. According to Ravelry, the socks are already in 137 queues, and 58 people have already cast on! This is all since she announced the knitalong yesterday.  The first clue is up:  the cuff!

This has been a slow sock year for me – only one completed pair, and two single socks. I feel the sock mojo coming back!  Just in time :)

There are some fun activities planned for the month, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, tell me what you are planning!

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  1. Brandy

    My plans for Socktoberfest is to finish up the 3 ply handspun yarn that I am spinning at this moment. Actually on bobbin 3 and should be able to start plying it tomorrow or the next day. Then I want to make the Nanner socks that Wendy Knits designed! This will be the first pair of socks I make with my own handspun yarn! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. Kirsten

    Thanks for pointing people in our direction Lolly. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s socks. A little update on the KAL – since we’ve had such a great response, and have participants with a range of sock knitting experience, I have decided to add a more complicated version of the same pattern for those who are up to a challenge. More information is posted in the Through The Loops Raverly group.

  3. Amy

    What a fun twist on the month – I will definitely make a mystery pair, although they may carry over into another month. Today I blogged about my Socktoberfest “entry” & I’m working on them this evening. I also have some finished socks that I’ve never blogged – so I’ll be sure to reveal them this month. :)

  4. Kellie

    Hurray for Socktoberfest! I’m finishing up my Bayerische socks first, but I can’t wait to cast on for the mystery socks. I’ve got some beautiful Claudia Handpainted sock yarn that’s been waiting for a special project too.

  5. sprite

    I thought this Socktoberfest was going to be devoted to finishing the four pairs OTN, but when I saw Kirsten’s KAL yesterday, I knew I’d be working on FIVE pairs instead. ::sigh::

    ~1 KAL sock pair, hopefully in yarn that my wool-allergic mother can wear so they can be her Christmas present
    ~1 pair for my swap pal — roughly halfway through the first sock
    ~1 pair for my sweetie — second sock started, but not yet past the cuff
    ~2 pairs for me — pretty much to the heel flap of sock 1 on the first pair and in need of a second sock on the second pair

  6. Charles Parker

    With my Socks, It would be agreat time to celebrate Socktober.


    Koolaid Sock Blank, Wild Foote Socks and BMP socks.

  7. Josiane

    That sounds like fun! Enjoy knitting your mystery socks!
    I still haven’t entered on my Ravelry page the socks I have on the needles right now (since early August!), so that’s my project for Socktoberfest – that’s not exactly ambitious, but that may be all I can manage this month, as it will be an extremely busy month for me. But who knows, maybe I’ll even finish the pair too!

  8. Lisa

    My birthday is 5 Oct and my brother’s is 20 Nov. He went to his LYS and choose a skein of Socks that Rock in a colorway he fancied, and mailed it to me for my birthday gift. I will knit it up into socks that will be his birthday gift. I have half a sock on the needles to finish up first, though.

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  10. ImagiKnit

    I just made a post on the store blog and will be submitting photos from our beginning sock class starting next week. Can’t wait!

  11. Sarah

    Hurrah for sock mojo! The mystery sock sounds a lot of fun and that yarn is a beautiful shade.

  12. Siri

    It just occured to me that it’s THAT time of year again as I was finishing off a pair of socks, conveniently, a little after midnight on the 1st, and the next pair is already on the needles and ready to go!
    Love the idea of the mystery sock knitalong. Going to have to go over there and check it out.
    Has it REALLY been four years???

  13. stacey

    slow sock year for me too!! this is just what I need to get the knitting juices flowing again!

  14. margaux

    YEA soctober!! I’m really just planning to get a pair of socks done period!! HA!

    The weather is finally getting that chill in the air so I know it’s going to be helping me get it done!

  15. Denise

    I am hoping to finish a pair of knitting board knit slipper socks, and also pop my Houdini socks back on my needles, hopefully with a little twist!! The yarn is sitting here on my desk looking at me!

  16. Becky

    I’m definitely going to do this! At the moment my first Socktoberfest project is finishing my Nutkin socks. I had some issues with it and had to rip it back and start over. Now I’m past the heel of the first sock and might be close to finishing the pair by the weekend.

  17. Karen

    Sounds fun…I’m in! My plans are to work on the mystery socks and maybe another pair of handspun socks. I just love handspun socks!

  18. Melissa A.

    So far I am finishing up another pair of socks for my sister for xmas, I started a pair of socks for my 5 year old nephew, and I hope to at least start some heavy winter socks for my dad and/or brother-in-law.

  19. margene

    And did you hear she’ll now offer TWO socks!? I feel the need to knit both!

  20. ames

    I’m going to finish pairs this Socktoberfest. I have one Merino Lace Sock to do, half a stockinette sock in rainbow yarn that’s been sitting around forever, and the Twisted Tulip Socks from Sprint 2008 Interweave Knits. There’s a slight problem there, in that I’ve lost the magazine and can’t find the second half of the pattern, argh. I may just be doing legs down to the foot and putting them on scrap yarn until I track down another copy of the pattern.

  21. Jewel

    I’m just finishing a sock right now, but I think this sounds so fun!

  22. mai

    very awesome! i have to go home this weekend to grab some yarn, but i’ll probably end up doing the mystery sock as well.

  23. Elizabeth

    I just love that Twinkle Toes colorway, Lolly! The mystery sock is captivating me, too. I am committed to completing my forest green lace socks and beginning my ocean blue socks. Perhaps I will do the mystery sock pattern in this yarn, instead of the monkey.

  24. Stephanie

    I am planning… on continuing my socks for my aunt. Hopefully FINISHING those socks, as I have two more pairs to knit for gifts by December. Not very inspiring.

    I really wish I could take part in the Mystery Sock, but the only sock yarn I have is for those three socks I mentioned. And I have some Koigu I’m going to make into a cowl for my cold neck. Sad. My yarn stash is decreasing far too quickly.

  25. terhi

    Four years… that’s amazing! I knit my first pair of socks during the first Socktoberfest (a pair of tiny baby socks, and I was having so much trouble getting them done :-D ), so this knitalong holds a very special place in my heart.

    This time I’m gonna knit some more socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I’ve got two pairs on the needles, and I’m hoping to get them done during this month.

  26. Laura

    I have two skeins of LL Shepherd Sock in Panopticon. Does it get more Chicago than that? Nope. Unless of course the pattern I choose is something Windy City related. Oooh, now there’s an idea. These will be for myself–the first pair of socks I actually keep!

  27. Niki

    I really like the idea of the mystery knitlong, so I think that is the sock for me. I had started the Ladder of Life socks by Ann Budd, but didn’t really like the way my yarn was pooling. The Mystery Sock will work great for some other yarn I have been sitting on for a while, plus waiting for the clue each week will certainly keep me plugging along to finishing a pair!

  28. Lianna

    I’m just going to do a plain old pair of socks. Not anything fancy. They will be tube sock for the winter and probably cuff to toe. I will also start my first pair of toe up socks. I also have a sock that all thats left to be done is the toe and the grafting, so that will get finished, and that’s probably all I’ll be able to get started. I am casting on later today.

  29. nova

    I want to knit Kirsten’s sock, but my mail goal is to finish at least one pair for the three singles I have floating around. That’s all. Modest.

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  31. Stacey

    I’ve had some socks that have been on the needles for about 3 months now. I really need to finish them. I plan on finishing those this month AND maybe even doing this mystery project. :)

  32. Moni

    oh how fun! I’ve been thinking about what socks i wanted to make for Socktoberfest and nothing has stood out. I may just do the mystery sock thing! yay!

  33. Wendy

    I’m planning on finishing a pair of Noro Silk Garden socks that are already started. But now I’m thinking I’ll go along with the mystery sock as well. I just hope that I can keep up. October tends to get a little busy for me. But I think it will be fun. I’m also planning on wearing my knitted socks every Friday to work along with my clear Sketchers to spread the excitement about hand knitted socks. I’ll be posting photos of those on my blog as well.

  34. Sarah G

    The mystery sock is a great idea! Unfortunately I’m probably the only knitter in the world without sufficient stash yarn to participate. So, my plans are:

    ~ Work on some beautiful blue cotton socks I just started
    ~ Knit my husband his first pair of knitted socks, as an anniversary present
    ~ Organize my Ravelry queue to get all the sock patterns together, and actively search for more to add!

  35. Lin

    Soctoberfest is the start of autumn for me! I can’t commit to too much for it this year but I will try and finish my stripy socks!

  36. bells

    hey Lolly – I gave you an award. Check out the post of today’s date.

  37. Genny

    I’ve been meaning to do this for the last few years and have never been in a sock mood come October. Well, I’ve got three pairs on the go right now!

  38. amanda

    I’m doing Kirsten’s KAL too. Fantastic idea and my first mystery project!

  39. knithoundbrooklyn

    I am so psyched!! I cast on last night and made the first cuff of the mystery sock! I love this twist on the concept.
    I’ve never participated in a KAL – this rocks!

  40. Lien

    Oh, I think I’ll actually participate this year! I’ll do a sock for The Limey in some squishy Shelridge Farm I got from Socktopus. But I’m sick of the plain ribbed socks I do for him all the time, so must rack my brain for something for interesting.

  41. Nicole

    I’ve got two main things planned:
    - Mystery KAL socks
    - My very first toe-ups

    I’d also love to finish the 4 sock wips I’ve got hanging out in my basket, but I’m not sure I’ll get to them.

    Happy Socktoberfest to everyone!

  42. AJ

    Right now I am working on my own sock design and a pair of Jaywalkers. I would love to get my Mingus, (by Cookie A), socks done.

  43. Anna

    What a great idea! I’ve been looking around for a fun new sock pattern, and this sounds perfect!

  44. Nell

    Cool! What a great idea!!!

  45. Maya

    what a great idea! I’ve not heard of this before and can’t wait to join in. I’ve knit my husband socks, and lots of booties, but never any socks for myself. I like a good mystery so I’m off to join Through the Loops.

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  47. Patricia

    Sounds like fun. I have some pale seawool that is begging to be cast on. I have never participated in a mystery knit and this looks like a good one!

  48. Josie

    I’m making myself a pair of socks in beautiful handdyed sock yarn – my first and probably only non budget/bargain yarn purchase – in a picot edged sock pattern by black dog designs.
    These are my first slightly more complicated pattern socks and I decided the spirit of learning and being adventurous fit in with Socktoberfest!

    I’ve also done a blogpost about socks too :)

  49. LittleWit

    I am casting on Christmas gift socks for my dad, you’ve been a good boyfriend socks for the boy and maybe a pair for me in the hopes that I will just grab them and knit on them while on the go. With the holiday season looming I will have lots of travel coming as usual for work which equals a fair amount of knitting time. :)

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