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Jacquard Pulli: Er ist fertig!*
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Jacquard Pulli: Er ist fertig!*

Socktoberfest did not start with socks for me… it started with the completion of this sweater. It has been hanging around since April, and I finally had enough momentum to finish the yoke after returning to work on it in September. I could not put it aside any longer… and I am so glad I pushed through to complete it now!

Jacquard Pulli Complete

Jacquard Pullover
Pattern: Rebecca #34, pattern #1
Yarns: Jo Sharp DK wool (brown and ivory), Ella Rae Classic (ivory), Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (pink), Cascade Lana d’Oro (blue), Knit Picks Andean Silk (green)
Needles: Size US 8 circulars (body) and DPNs (sleeves)
Started: April 22nd / Completed: October 4th

[All Jacquard Pulli photos here]

I started this during Project Spectrum as an all-encompassing knit project. The colors used in the Fair Isle pattern were choices from each element, and I liked the traditional, yet modern, style of the sweater. I bought the magazine at my LYS in January, and this sweater was the #1 reason why I picked it up. I toyed with the idea of getting new yarn, but once I looked at my stash, I thought that I may be able to do some real stashbusting with yarns that were already in the stash. Most of these yarns had been in there for over two years! . The colors came together so well, even with the slightly varying weights of yarn that I used (worsted and DK).

Jacquard Pulli Complete

Back in April when I started this sweater, I decided to make the 38″ size, thinking that the stranding would cause it to be a little smaller anyway. Looking back, this is one of the only things I would have changed. The sweater is quite large for me in the bust and the armholes (almost two inches on each side), but fits well along the hips. If I had planned things a little better, I would have made the 34″ or the 36″ for the top banding, and the 38″ for the bottom, calculating the math and decreasing in the brown band in the middle. There was no way to predict back in April that I would be smaller (I have lost almost 30 lbs since then) and this is always a dilemma when knitting garments and losing weight. That being said, the fit is not awful but I would prefer a little more form in the midsection and bust line, and more decreases leading to the neckline. (You can see in the above photo how the collar sticks out a bit…) I considered doing sweater “surgery” and trying to adjust the lines inside with a sewing machine. Has anyone ever tried this?

You may recall that the sleeves also gave me a little problem – they seemed so short. I added an inch onto the cuff (picked up stitches and knit down) and it worked out perfectly once it was yoked together! This was the only issue I had with the Rebecca pattern. Other knitters have told me that Rebecca patterns often have little mistakes, but I really did not encounter that with this particular pullover. I have several other Rebecca mags and I plan to make several garments – their stuff is so chic, and incorporates some really fun elements like colorwork and cables.

I am so enamored with colorwork this year – and I don’t see the end of this obsession any time soon. This is my largest colorwork project to date (and my first with Fair Isle motifs). Just a few years ago, I never would have thought this possible – the idea of colorwork scared me, and now I can’t seem to get enough. I have another Icelandic pullover planned for this fall or winter – maybe even two. And socks, and maybe a another stranded hat too… it excites me to think of all of the possibilities!

We woke up early and headed to one of our favorite spots for autumnal photographs. The leaves have not started turning colors just yet, but the days are growing shorter and the crisp smell is in the air. I love this season! Kris was so kind to snap these photos for me as the dogs ran circles around us!

…and while the Pulli was blocking, I started the mates for both my Laila’s socks and my Noro socks… my logic was that if I cast on for both of them, neither would linger for too long. NOW, it really is Socktoberfest for me! More updates on this fun month-long celebration to come!

*…and just in case you skipped German I, Er ist fertig means it is ready! Some German still sticks with me after these few years!

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  1. LittleWit

    Your sweater is beautiful. Some day colorwork projects will stop taunting me and start making sense. :)

  2. Jennifer


  3. Jacey

    Wow. That sweater is so lovely. I still can’t believe you just pulled together various yarns from your stash-what a stash!! It looks like the perfect way to start your fall knitting.

  4. stacey

    That came out AMAZING!!!!! You picked great colors! I loooooove the Istex pullover – I may have to make that one next! See, I always told you colorwork was addicting! :)

  5. mai

    beautiful sweater, lolly! congratulations. i’m sorry you’re not 100% happy with the fit, but i think it looks great. and the photos are beautiful!

  6. liz K.

    This sweater must make you feel like a Capital-K-Knitter. It is just gorgeous.

    You know, to fix the neckline, you could do a crochet treatment around the bound off edge to draw it in a little. What I would do (and I am no crochet master, by any means), is pick a hook the same size as the needle I used to bind off and start at the right shoulder seam. I’d do a round of single crochet, putting the hook into each bound-off stitch, but skipping every fourth. I might even skip every third right around the shoulders. It doesn’t have to be totally exact, but this can be enough to draw in gappy necklines. I’ve done it on a couple of sweaters with some success.

    Let me know if you want to try it and need a little more guidance. At any rate, it is an amazing piece of work. And yay, you, Mrs.-I-Lost-Thirty-Pounds!

  7. Eva

    Love it! So beautiful and very flattering!

  8. lekkercraft

    Wow, that came out gorgeous, and you look amazing in it!

  9. Elemmaciltur

    Whoa, that’s a whole load of work! Congrats on a great FO!

  10. felinemagnet

    Lolly, those are such great colors together! I like the Icelandic ones you’re thinking about too. I have some old Lopi pattern books (from the 70′s, I think!) that I still like looking at. I do think some of those styles really hold up well over time. I made a Lopi cardigan many years ago but my knitting wasn’t very consistent back then and it’s too tight around the bottom! I don’t know if there is any way to salvage it.

  11. knithoundbrooklyn

    I think it is so impressive that you had all these yarns in complementary colors right there in the stash! The sweater is great and the color combination is perfect. Like it was written in the pattern that way! Congratulations.

  12. Theresia

    Hallo Lolly!

    Der Pullover ist wirklich sehr schön geworden! Ein super Stück zum Abbau des Wollbergs.

    Ich hab mich entschieden deutsch zu kommentieren. Damit dein deutsch nicht einrostet.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. Stephanie

    Wow! Your sweater is beautiful and you look great in it. You really have a wonderful color sense.

  14. karen

    Lolly – that is one amazingly fantastic looking sweater! The colors are perfect together and suits you beautifully! Wonderful, wonderful work.

  15. Mia

    I like that sweater. And it is hard to figure out what size to make in knit ware when you are losing weight. I would try basting the sweater by hand first before committing myself to the machine for the surgery. I have heard of it being done as well but have never done it.

    Maybe I will have to challenge myself to a similar sweater for the winter. And the leaves are just starting to turn a bit here in the western part of the state.

  16. Anna

    Wunderbar! That is about it for my German but the sweater is stunning and looks beautiful on you. I love the color combination. What an inspiration to work on my fair isle technique.

  17. Sarah

    Oh it looks lovely, super cosy and you look so happy in the sunshine

  18. LeAnne

    GREAT sweater, Lolly! I just finished my Fair Isle Forever (my name for it) and it only has the neck done in Fair Isle. How you managed to get through the entire sweater I’ll never know…those things take an age. It’s beautiful on you and I love the neckline.

  19. Moni

    I said so on Flickr, but I’ll say it again. I love it! Very impressive colorwork!

    And congrats on losing 30 pounds! You look fantastic!

  20. Ann

    The sweater is just incredible! The colors, the knitting — brilliant. But the 30 pounds? AMAZING! Congratulations on all accounts!

  21. Stacey

    Congrats on the sweater and the weight loss! 30 pounds! That’s a lot to be proud of!

  22. amisha

    lolly, it is absolutely beautiful! the colors are lovely and look great on you. so inspiring!!

  23. Debbie

    The first thing I thought when I saw your picture was, what a great sweater and has she lost weight? They were almost simultaneous! In regards to your question, Kathleen Taylor and her husband had to make some serious changes to their diets because of health issues and she just did a cutting job on one of her sweaters. So keep that in the back of your mind. You look great, as always and the sweater is phenomenal!


  24. Marty

    What a beautiful sweater! I’m so excited to see the link to the Hela cardigan. My second (and third) sweater was an Icelandic, and I just loved wearing it (about 25 years ago!). I’ve got this new pattern on the list!

  25. tiennie

    You always do such a fantastic job with sweaters and having them fit you so well. Not to mention how pretty you always look modeling them!

  26. Miss Scarlett

    What a beautiful sweater! And it fits you so well. I really, really love it.

    You look fantastic!

  27. Dan

    What can I add to what everyone else has already said? It is an amazing piece of knitting, it looks great on you and the colors are work so nicely together. Again, nice job.

  28. Erin

    It is stunning! Really, simply beautiful. Perfect colors too.

  29. beth

    Love it! It’s beautiful!

  30. nova

    Perceived size imperfections aside, it does look quite nice. Good work! And hey, finished sweater!

  31. Sarah G

    Gorgeous! Fair isle is a lot of work, but the results are amazing! You did a great job picking out the color scheme. I haven’t done it myself, but I don’t think you’ll have a problem making seems with a sewing machine, since that’s how store-bought sweaters are made.

    I can’t wait to see what you knit this winter!

  32. gleek

    how did i not comment on this yet? :) so gorgeous! i love your choice of colors! and i know that it’s bigger on you than expected but better bigger than smaller, i gotta say.

  33. Wanda

    How pretty! That’s a gorgeous knit Lolly. Perhaps you can steek it to make fit your sleeker figure. Congrats on the weight loss, that’s awesome. Isn’t your sister getting married soon? Please give her our congrats!

  34. whitney

    Very pretty! I love the way those colors work together…beautiful.

  35. Denise

    Wow, that is an impressive knit – and it looks great on you. Beautiful colors!

  36. Sue

    It looks beautiful on you! I’m excited to get back to mine as soon as I finish up a few other things. :-)

  37. Nonnahs

    Oh Lolly, it is STUNNING! I love everything about this sweater- and it looks fantastic on you! Love!

  38. Kara

    Adorable! You. The sweater. Your pictures. Everything!

  39. amanda

    Holy smokes, it’s gorgeous. The color work is lovely and I love how they compliment each other. Nice work!!

    Looking forward to seeing if you do “surgery on it”…

  40. Graziela


    I love it!

  41. Meghann

    Lolly, you look amazing!!! Really, the sweater looks so nice on you:)

    Whew…..I’m embarking on my first colorwork project…..I’m a little nervous!

  42. jillian

    It’s wonderful! I see what you mean about the upper body/neck size, but the shape of the yoke and neck provides for a relaxed fit and I think it looks like it’s meant to be that way :) Love the colors! What a great stashbusting exercise.

  43. strickbar

    Beautiful work!

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