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Playing Catch Up
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Playing Catch Up

Now that the weather is actually turning, I am feeling a greater need to get these socks off the needles and onto my feet.  Second socks are truly one of my downfalls.  I just don’t understand – perhaps I never will – how I can finish a sweater in a matter of weeks…  BUT SOCKS - Socks take me months!

Whatever the reason, I decided to be proactive in my approach – multilateral and disciplined. I cast on for both of my outstanding socks at the same time. No more excuses. Once I knit a few rows on each, there was no turning back.

Noro Silk Garden Socks -

The “Breezeway” Socks that I started during Project Spectrum’s AIR element – finally making their way back to the needles.  This is a wonderful and simple pattern (the Classic Sock pattern from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks) and perfect for all the TV shows I have been watching lately… Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn has the same quality as the regular light worsted SG.  If you like working with that, you would like this one too.

Laila's Socks - Progress on #2

Laila’s Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia.  A simple and fun pattern that is perfect for beginner stranded colorwork.  I love looking at all of the different color variations that people have used on Ravelry – each pair is so beautiful and unique!  I am using Cherry Tree Hill in Lichen (green) and Louet Gems in Mustard (yellow).  I commented on Flickr about the way that these 2-ply yarns twist so much as I knit, and I picked up a good hint from Amber on how to fix it:

There is a method of putting a giant slip knot around your ball with the tail end of your yarn – you then hold the ball up by the tail of the slip knot and the ball spins to let out the twist. I learned this technique in Beth Brown Reinsel’s Estonian twisted knitting class. It works great.

I will be trying it tonight!  Thanks A!

I am so inspired by all of the Socktoberfest spirit around – specifically on Ravelry and Flickr.  Please add your socks (and socks-in-progress!) to the pool.  I would love to see!

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27 Responses

  1. Petra

    As usual, Lollly, beautiful pictures! The “socks among books” really give off that fall, Socktoberfest feel. It makes me want to cuddle up with a good book, a blanket, and a (sock) knitting project. Can’t wait to see the finished products!

  2. Josiane

    I love the colour combo you’ve chosen for the Laila’s Socks: it glows!

  3. Sarah G

    It takes me forever to knit socks as well. I think it has taken me over a year to complete a pair! Now I am knitting socks for my bigfoot husband – 84 stitches!

  4. LittleWit

    Your socks are looking great! :)

  5. SarahJanet

    Ok, I am having trouble grasping this slip knot concept and I am DYING to know, because my colourwork yarns are twisting up something fierce and it’s driving me nuts. I shall go investigate on Ravelry!

  6. villapeikko

    I love the colors you’re using for both socks! I have to try out the Laila’s Socks some day, I’m not quite good at stranded colorwork yet, so I think it would be just the right project for me :)

  7. Julie

    That’s a great tip on untwisting the yarn. At the beginning of the sock I can hold it by the cast on tail and give it a spin to untwist but eventually it gets too heavy.

  8. Dawn

    You know Lolly, I love to hear other knitters admit that making sock takes them forever, too. Especially that elusive 2nd sock. I love socks but they drag me down as I go. I feel myself slacking on my tube sock as I type.

  9. Harpa J

    Your socks look great!

    I´m very much behind my plan! I have only finished one pair – and I´m knitting preemie socks (they are tiny). But I´m starting another today, so soon there should be something to photograph.

  10. Lucy

    lovely socks… I’m trying to finish up four abandoned pairs during Socktoberfest. I’ve completed one so far…

    Never beat yourself up about struggling through the second sock – there are about twenty thousand stitches in a pair of socks!

  11. Jacey

    I have the same problem with finishing socks. I desperately want to finish a pair, but they just drag on and on. It’s probably a mental thing. I love your green and yellow socks!

  12. Amber

    Hi Lolly – I hope that my tip helped you. Sarah Janet messaged me on Ravely so I tried to explain it in better detail. I have not used the technique in a couple of years so I may have confused which end of yarn to use. This is what I sent Sarah Janet:

    What I remember is that she showed us to take the yarn cake and then use the active yarn (attached to the knitting) and make a big slip knot to go around the yarn cake (around the top and bottom – not sides) and then tighten the slip knot. Once it is secure, hold the active tail (still attached to your knitting) and suspend the yarn cake in the air and the cake will spin – letting the twist out. I have not done this in quite a while so I may not have explained it perfectly but I hope you get the idea.

    I hope this helps. :)

  13. mary lynn

    5 days til i will see you I have been knitting, made Jill Adel black and yellow striped leg warmers for halloween, she is a bee. I am knitting a wrap using my expensive yarn from the thrift store. love love see you soon!!!!!

  14. Mercuria

    When using a ball winder, I’ve found that Louet Gems behaves much better if it’s wound twice–once in each direction (meaning once turning the handle clockwise, the next turning the handle counter-clockwise).

    This is because one full twist is introduced each time the ball winder spins around, which is just absorbed with other yarns that are more tolerant to twists. Winding a second time in the other direction neutralizes the “extra” twist and makes the yarn happier. Knitting with the twist introduces a bias to the knit fabric (I’ve ended up with twisty socks)

    I’ve never used Cherry Tree Hill, but it may be the same problem.

    I know this tip is too late for your Laila’s Socks (which are gorgeous, BTW), but it might save some headaches down the road.

  15. mai

    i think you’re making great progress so far! sometimes it’s just easier to work on those big and fun projects like sweaters :) socks are just backburner projects, i guess

  16. Anna

    I think casting on two different second socks at the same time is an inspired plan! They’re both looking great.

  17. Leslie

    Chaching!…what a great idea to solve “that other sock” problem…now; as soon as I finish my second sock…I will do socks two at a time from now on.

    I finished my Sherbrooke cowl and love it…I think there will be a few of these cowls gifted away this Christmas.

  18. kelp!

    I love Laila’s socks, and can’t wait to see them finished and on your feet! Now you have me thinking about color combos for future colorworky socks.

  19. Erica

    I love the color of those Estonian socks! I’m not a big fan of yellow, usually, but it is just beautiful with that green! Congratulations on taking a proactive stance on the SSS.

  20. amanda

    I love these photographs. They make me itch to knit!

  21. Nancy

    Oh Lolly, I am the same with socks. I love knitting and finishing the first one.
    I have a small collection of “one socks.” I know I’ll get to them eventually, but . . .
    Now that it’s getting cold I notice I’m more inspired to knit the second one.
    Your knitting is wonderful, by the way.

  22. Christine

    You have a great eye for color!

  23. Cassy

    Very pretty sock colors.

  24. tiennie

    Your photos are so beautiful of your WIPs!

  25. MrPuffy

    I love your pictures of that sock. You chose such warm and rich colors – they really work well together. Someday I’m going to stranded knitting – either socks or mittens – I can’t decide which!

  26. lekkercraft

    Lovely projects! I know what you mean though – last year it ended up taking me 10 months to complete my Soctoberfest socks!

  27. Nell

    Gorgeous so far!

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