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…And She’s Off…
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…And She’s Off…

Well, my little sister is married. Here’s how it happened (yes, a picture-heavy post is ahead!)

Thursday: Setting Up / Decorating

My sisters are tulles
Entitled: My sisters are tulles

Wreaths Closeup

Hanging Wreaths :: Aisle Decorations

Friday: Bachelorette Brunch / Decorating Hall / Rehearsal at Church

Sarah @ the Bachelorette Brunch


Favors: Leaf bookmark

Sarah and Me

Andrew, Kris and Blake

All of the ladies met up and went to brunch at a local diner (hey, it was Sarah’s choice!) Afterward, we headed to the reception hall in order to set up the tables and chairs and number the tables. We went back to my parents’ house to prepare for the rehearsal at the church and the dinner following. We ran through the ceremony twice at the church and had a lot of fun doing it :) Andrew’s family hosted the rehearsal dinner at a lovely restaurant in nearby Annapolis. (It was so great that I didn’t take a single photo…)

Saturday: Wedding Day!

Wedding Dress

Setting up the Foyer

Mom with Daniel and Kris

Walking Down the Aisle

Happy Couple

Sarah and Kelly 

Me and My New Brother

I snagged Andrew for a few seconds to get a photo with my new brother! I have to say, they have been together for so long (six years) that the wedding just made it official. He was already a part of the family :) After the lovely ceremony, we did some photographs, and then headed to the reception hall. It was a perfect crisp fall day; complete with a light breeze and falling leaves. Couldn’t have hoped for anything better!  We got inside and had a lovely meal waiting for us, some fun music, and a perfectly delectable cake to photograph.  Mimi and I had a lot of fun putting together a list of the “Top Ten Things that Andrew Needs to Know About Living With Sarah” to share at the reception (a little sister roast) and it was so funny – we got the intended reaction out of Sarah! 

 Cake and Flowers

Table Flower Arrangements 

Sarah and Dad 

 Everything turned out so well!  They are so happy together!  When they return from their honeymoon, they will be heading to their new apartment in Virginia. 

[The whole wedding photo set is here!]

Congratulations Sarah and Andrew!!

Cutting the Cake 

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61 Responses

  1. Jenna

    The bride, ceremony and a certain bridesmaid all look beautiful! Congrats to the happy couple!

  2. Lisa

    Congratulations to the newlyweds! The pictures are beautiful. I love the bride’s dress, and the color of the bridesmaids dresses is lovely! I got married in June, but an autumn wedding would have definitely been nice, too! :)

  3. Karen

    Great pictures. I assume you took them. Your sister is lucky to have lots of great candids from someone with a good eye!

  4. Nadia

    This looks like it was such a beautiful wedding! Best of luck to your sister and her husband!

  5. Debby

    Congratulations to Sarah and Andrew! You look so lovely together. Best wishes for many happy and healthy years ahead.

  6. Péitseoga

    wow, everybody looks stunning!!

  7. Rowena

    Lovely wedding..Thanks for the awesome pictures. My Best Wishes to your Sister and her husband!!!


  8. Jennifer

    What a lovely celebration. The pictures are fantastic. You really captured the familiy closeness and cooperative effort. It looks like a fairytale wedding. Congrats and best wishes to the happy couple.

  9. Cara

    Mazel Tov! Looks like a gorgeous day. Everyone is just beautiful and happy…I can only hope the same for my family when my brother gets married Nov 1!

  10. Robin

    Beautiful!!! I love fall weddings – love the autumn colors. Sister’s dress is gorgeous! Love the shade of green she chose for the bridesmaids’ dresses. The cake looks spectacular! Thanks for sharing! My son and his wife were married last October – 13th! Hard to believe a whole year has passed!

  11. Amanda Rodriguez

    Oh, the wedding pictures are perfect. It was nice meeting you at the wedding. I LOVE THE WEBSITE. How could I order something????!?!!! < Amanda.

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