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NaKniSweMo: Francis Revisited
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NaKniSweMo: Francis Revisited

November is probably my favorite month – with October being a close second.  Amazing autumnal sights, my birthday, holidays with family… and sweater knitting!  What is not to love?

This is my third year participating in the National Knit a Sweater Month “NaKniSweMo” knitalong, hosted by Shannon Okey at Knitgrrl.  My first knitalong year – 2006 – was very successful.  I made two sweaters that November, Cherie and Kolsva.  Last year – 2007 – I made my first colorwork garment, my beloved Aftur yoked pullover.  For 2008, I have set my sights pretty high.  I want to finish a sweater, but I also am planning to focus on some of the vests in my Ravelry queue – and if I can fit at least one of those in this month, I will be thrilled.

First things first: my sweater!

Francis Cast on

I cast on for Francis Revisited, a top-down raglan sweater with an attached cowl neck(Ravelry project page and free pattern link here).  The pattern caught my eye on Ravelry earlier in the year.  It reminded me of a great red sweater that I had in college that I loved to death – I wore it often and it pilled like crazy in the wool/acrylic blend.  I almost cast on with one of the red yarns in my stash, but then I decided that this heathery green wool/alpaca/silk blend would workvery nicely.  And so far, it has!  This yarn was a cone of approximately 1100 yards of aran weight that I bought at School Products in New York earlier this summer.

Are you up for the challenge of knitting a sweater in one month?

Only two days in – you have time to catch up! Check out the Ravelry NaKniSweMo headquarters!

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33 Responses

  1. Kim

    I’m gonna use the month to actually FINISH an already started-but-slumbering Paton’s Must-Have Cardi, rather than cast on for a new sweater. It’s been hanging around in the UFO bin and finishing it would remove a great burden from my mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. mick

    I love the color of that yarn. It will make such a nice, drapey cowl neck, too! I don’t have time to knit sweaters these days; it seems the spare minutes I have are taken up with wedding planning (and wedding knitting!). I’m excited to see how this turns out, though!

  3. Elizabeth

    Lovely, simple sweater pattern, and the color of the yarn is beautiful. I have no doubt you can pull it off in a month!

  4. liz K.

    Oh, I love love love that sweater, but I decided to use stash for NaKniSweMo, and I just don’t have the right thing. Perhaps next yarn-buy, I’ll need some yummy alpaca something…

  5. Hazy

    Wow. I can’t even consider the concept of knitting a sweater without a deadline never mind one within one month! I must get over my sweater phobia.

  6. kate

    Such a lovely colour!
    I had to rip the first 5 inches of my NaKniSweMo sweater last night.. grr.
    You always choose beautiful projects!

  7. Nachaele Olson

    Ok, you convinced me! I just joined the Ravelry group! I have a bulky sweater that I would like to knit up for winter! Thanks for the push! :)

  8. Denise

    That looks a great sweater, so comfortable and warm. I’ve got too many wips and gifts to make to even think about sweaters.

  9. kelly

    After chickening out/ failing the last two years, I’m off to a good start this year with my red February Lady! I love the pretty blue-green color of your sweater, though!

  10. Nell

    I love the Fall too. It makes me all nostalgic and nesty. There’s really nothing better than a wool sweater, hot cider, and a football game. Love it!

  11. Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    Aargh! I ordered yarn for a sweater going on two weeks ago, but due to a disconnect between what I thought the KnitPicks website was telling me it was doing and what the KnitPicks website was actually doing, it overdrafted a defunct checking account and shipped the order to my parents’ house, which I only just discovered. But depending on when my family gets around to shipping me the thing, I may try for a November finish . . . it’s a “fall” sweater, so it would be nice to be able to wear it in New Orleans before I head home to Wisconsin and real winter over Christmas! (I mean, I’ll still wear it there. But still. Less opportunity to show it off, and all that.

  12. mai

    that sweater is cute, and i love the color you chose. good luck!

  13. Josiane

    The yarn you’ve chosen is lovely!
    I’m not gonna start a new sweater this month, but I’m hoping to finish the one I have started last March. I want to wear it this winter!

  14. Jill D.

    My birthday is this month too! On the 15th….I’ll be 30-12 :)

    I started a sweater today, the Susie Hoodie, but I would have to knit 24/7 to finish it in a month! It will be a nice winter project and then I will probably finish it in time for spring :)

  15. Kristin

    That yarn is the best colour every – absolutely fantastic!

    I won’t be making a jumper this month – I have to finish a shawl by Nov 18th (for a wedding), as well as a chapter of my PhD. Yeah right. I’m beginning to think that the shawl is more important! And then I’m going to be away for 10 days (at said wedding for a week – in Greece, yay! and then at my parents house for a few days), so I think I’ll be taking smallish projects…

  16. amanda

    Just had to queue this! So wearable!

  17. Gudrun

    Oh that is going to look fabby on you……can’t wait to see it…..it is a great looking sweater…..mmm I’m tempted to join but my knitting plate is already rather full!

  18. Anna

    What a lovely pattern – it looks like one of those sweaters that is just incredibly wearable. Love your yarn too!

  19. Lin

    Good luck with your sweater, its a nice pattern.

  20. stacey

    That is going to be beautiful! The color is beautifully muted…..

  21. Jewel

    Very nice sweater and I love the color of the yarn your using.

  22. Shannon

    Mmmmm, love that yarn! I am making crazy progress on mine as of now… :)

  23. katie m.

    Wow — a good start! The color is great … can’t wait to see the finished sweater. Now I just have to decide on a pattern …

  24. LittleWit

    I will be knitting the same sweater once I can sit down long enough to cast it on. I think I will only be knitting one adult sized sweater this month because I am still trying to whip through the socks for Christmas and other small Christmas gifts. :)

  25. tiennie

    What a gorgeous green! Hooray for sweater knitting month!

  26. theresa

    That will be a comfy sweater. It reminds me of “ingenue” from wendy bernard.

  27. Jeanie

    That sweater is just about perfect! The yarn color is more than perfect, in my humble opinion:) PLEASE, tell me what the yarn is……got-to-have-it!!!!

  28. Jenna

    Wow, I’ve never seen that pattern before – it’s really lovely! You’ll look lovely in it, especially in that pretty green. I’m excited to see how productive you are with this NaKniSweMo, considering your past productivity.

    I’m participating, too but I’m already behind since I’m kinda designing the sweater as I go along. It took a while ot figure out the numbers and everything. I hope I can do the math and make up for lost knitting time!

    Speaking of your birthday, I’ve finished your scarf and need to send it to you…

  29. Nonnahs

    That color is amazing!

    Does a sweater I started a year ago and just picked up again count? ;)

  30. Moni

    ugh. I was totally planning on it but then I got sick this past week and don’t even want to think about any challenges except getting healthy again. I do have a sweater on my queue that I will probably start this month, though. Whether or not I finish it is another story :)

  31. Cassy

    That is a beautiful green and I love that pattern! I want to say yes, that I can commit to a sweater this month…so I’ll say it. But come the end of the month I might be singing a different tune. Please don’t hate me if I do the same sweater…

  32. Sarah

    Great pattern choice – not seen that one before and looking forward to seeing yours in that gorgeous yarn.

    I’ve set myself the goal of seaming the sweater I’ve had knit since May – ambitious enough for me I think!

  33. Nachaele Olson

    Your knitting is such an inspiration to me! I love the sweaters that you have knit in years past. The one that you did last year seems like it was just a few months ago…..time sure flies!

    I am sending you an invitation to my private blog. I decided to make it private because of going through a divorce and don’t want my ex reading about my new life. My blog is KnittingbythePond.blogspot.com (it used to be KnitEatSleep.blogspot.com).

    Nachaele Olson

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