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What Color Are You?
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What Color Are You?

All signs point to SILVER for me.  However, I see little flecks of saffron, green, and red in there too… is it possible to be a rainbow? 


I read about the 8 Colors of Fitness in one of my favorite magazines, Experience Life, over the weekend.  (You can read it here - opens to a PDF) and because I am obsessed with fitness right now, and I love the color concept, I did the test and found out more about my “fitness color”. 

The author of the book bases her research on the well-known Myers Briggs Type Indicator test that asks you a series of questions.  From these questions, it estimates your personality type, and assigns you a four letter analysis that tells you more about yourself.  Like most tests, it is never “spot-on”, but it can be educational and enlightening to analyze yourself in this way.  From this test, the author uses these personality traits and matches them with different exercises and fitness philosophies that you may hold.  She encourages the reader to try new activities that they may have not discovered before, thinking that they may be a good match with personality.

Keens + Leaf Litter 

While the Myers-Briggs official test is often administered for a cost (usually in the workplace, or in a school) there are similar personality tests that can give you an indication of your personality type.  I found a free useful online tool at this website.    With the results of that test, you can take the results and apply them to the 8 Colors philosophy.  The 8 Colors of Fitness website also gives a beta test that you can use to determine your fitness color too.

I have taken the test twice, and I keep on getting SILVER, so maybe there is no denying the fact.  Reading over the description on the website, it gets pretty close to me, but there are still some things that aren’t quite right… but I find that I have some of the other color traits… and maybe that is all the more true – silver reflects other colors! :)   According to Myers-Briggs, I am an ENFP personality.  This also puts me in the group for the RED fitness color.   While I see some bits of myself in that description, I don’t think it really fits me.

Walking the Dogs 

As I stated above, fitness and wellness have become a major part of my life in the last few months.  When I first started my weight loss journey in 2006, I had great success in a relatively short span of months.  However, as time went by and complacency grew, I gained some of the weight that I had lost back.  My weight fluctuated thorughout 2007 and early 2008.  When I got Lyme disease and some associated illnesses this past June, I knew that this was the time to truly focus on my health.  While I could not exercise when I was most sick, I focused on my diet.  In late July, I made the switch to a full vegan diet.  Having been a strict vegetarian since I was 14, it was not extremely hard for me to stop eating dairy and egg products.  When I found a great doctor to help treat my Lyme, she urged me to also cut out sugars and gluten products to eliminate any associated risks of re-infection.  And because my health (and my life, in no uncertain terms) depended upon it, I gave those two things up over night.  Fruits are okay, but no added sugars.  I have had a few little slips with sugar and gluten – mainly in sauces – but things are really going well on that diet front. 

 Fallen Leaves

Once my energy levels started to come back after my first course of treatment and supplements in September, I was able to slowly start exercising again.  This truly made my heart happy.  I genuinely love exercise and it was hard for me to remain sedentary.  (That is how I read so many books at that time!)  Since I am finding such marked improvement due to these medications and my diet, I am challenging myself further with new fitness opportunities.  So this little test comes at the right time!

Before I got sick, I had started to research the idea of entering a yoga teacher training program (YTT) in order to deepen my own practice, as well as share my love of yoga with others.  According to my fitness color – this is a very SILVER thing to do!  So, if all goes as planned, I will be starting YTT in January 2009.  I recently reconnected with a friend from college (through Ravelry of all places!) who just finished up the YTT at the same studio!  it seems like fate to me! :)    I am practicing yoga daily – four studio classes a week and several home practices.  So, with exposure to many activities, I guess one can naturally gravitate towards the activities that best suit their personality traits.  I know this is the case with me:  I love yoga, as well as spinning (group cycling), hiking, and weight training.  Finding what you love and finding the ability to stick with it:  that is the key! 

If you are interested in reading more about my own regimen, I have started to update my Weight Loss page again – I will be doing another entry this week to record more weight loss! (yea!) I am also planning to write up an informational page here on my blog about Lyme disease and the associated co-infections:  I receive questions about it each day, and I want to provide links to some of the great resources available.  SO, if you are interested in either of these topics, please stay tuned!

…in the meantime, take the little fitness test and share with me what color you are!  even better, update me and let me know if this inspires you to get up and go!  :)

**Autumn photos above taken on our weekend hike with the dogs.  Beautiful fall!
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70 Responses

  1. Kristen

    Fascinating! I got green, which is usually my favorite color, but saffron seemed to make more sense to me when I read the descriptions (and matched my Myers-Briggs). \

    And good on you for fighting back against Lyme! A couple of my relatives have it, and it’s made life very hard for them. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  2. Nell

    Congrats on YTT! I’ve been wanting to start yoga for sometime now. Maybe this could me a new years goal.

  3. stacey

    I’m blue. Thank you for this tip, I enjoyed reading – I fit some of the profile but not all – like everyone else:) I hope to re-commit a little – my friend is starting weight watchers tomorrow – so I hope to support her by being her walking buddy! I did WW years ago and found it key to “re-thinking” what I eat. I am also a yoga lover – your practice sounds amazing – such dedication. Lots of good wishes coming your way on your Yoga training plan ! Good luck!

  4. Barb

    What wonderful fall walking weather! Lucky you get to wear your lovely knits. I’m happy to hear you are on the mend. Congrats on getting back on track.

  5. messie

    I am most definitely a Red. It said I am Silver, which I can see, but red is all me!

  6. Eklectika

    Certainly an interesting site – said I was a Green, but in reading all of the possible results, I’m way more a Saffron than anything else (the convenience and flexibilty in scheduling is SUCH a big thing for me to keep at it). Oh well, lol!

  7. Dorothy

    I am an EIFP as well as a Saffron Harmony, although I would do the same things as a Saffron Efficient as long as I knew the person I was dealing with. No marathons though. Running doesn’t appeal to me. My back won’t stand for it.

    I do think you would do well as a YTT. You have a way of making things clear without complication.

  8. Kristin

    I am a blue efficient. Which matches my myers briggs type. It is interesting!

  9. Kathryn

    I love a good personality quiz, just the thing to calm me down for sleep tonight. For what it’s worth… I highly recommend YTT, I did it almost 5 years ago now and I was a fantastic experience. Not only does it deepen your own practice, but helps you to really know your own body, how it works and sometimes how to fix it.

  10. Mome-rath

    I came out as a red harmony, but after reading the other colors, I think silver would have been more appropriate. Those quizzes are sometimes tough for me, because for some questions I’m completely ambivalent, and could answer either way! It’s hard to get an accurate result for me…does that ever happen to you?

  11. Nonnahs

    So interesting! My fitness color is blue. I’m really trying to psyche myself up for working out more regularly (I really need to do it), so thanks for this little reminder. :)

  12. Jenna

    Amazing how this has all fallen into place for you. I’m so excited that you’re going to be doing YTT soon – it will be an amazing, confidence-building, healthy experience for you. The additional weight loss is also great news – I’m glad that you’re back where you feel you need to be with that.

    Beautiful images from your hike! We also went on a lovely hike yesterday. xoxo

  13. Janet

    It’s so interesting reading about your fitness journey and your approach to it.

    I took the test and it was spot on – Saffron Harmony. I am an INFP and could so relate to the description. Once again, thank you for sharing with us. You’re a wonderful resource in so many areas!

  14. Sissel

    This was really interesting. I am a blue harmony which matches my Myers-Briggs perfectly. Maybe you could join each of the colours with a new exercise for the next project spectrum? Then we all get to try a new type of exercise every month…

  15. eshy

    I always find personality tests interesting, thanks for posting links to some! My Myers-Brigg score came out as IFSP, though I think sometimes I might be more INSP. My exercise colors seem to concur … I tested as Saffron Harmony (INSP), but also see myself in the Green color (IFSP). I do like to have fun, that’s very important … but why workout in a gym if I could go run or bike *outside* ?! I like my exercise to be a natural part of my day, whether that’s through sports or very physical work/play.

  16. brooke

    I read this post a few days ago (totally side-tracked by all the fun links!)….congrats on the YTT! Sounds exciting!

  17. Josiane

    That was a very interesting post! As I’ve been quite busy lately, I set it aside to read again when I’d have some time to read the article and take the test. According to my results, I would be a green, which is a bit surprising to me, as I’m not one to need to be outdoor as much as the green’s description says, but I guess I have something to learn from that result. On the other hand, it’s true that I’m one who likes to maintain fitness through activities of daily living, so part of the green’s description fits me. I also see some flecks of saffron and white in me.
    I know very well what a difference a change in diet can make in one’s life! I’m glad that you could implement changes that help you get better, and reading about your experience is really interesting to me. Thanks for sharing! Also, I’m looking forward to reading your informational page about Lyme.

  18. Kim

    Hi Lolly,
    I took the test and turned out to be a Saffron Efficiency, which correlates to INTP, which I totally am. I wasn’t even expecting that connection!

  19. Suzanne Brue

    Greetings Lolly and Friends,
    This is Suzanne Brue, author of The 8 Colors of Fitness http://tinyurl.com/65h9z8. I am thrilled that so many of you visited my website http://www.the8colors.com ,took the quiz, and posted comments. I read all of them with great interest! Lolly, what fun to meet you through your site, read your comments and posts, book recommendations, and all about knitting. For years, I always had at least one knitting project going. Knitting got me through some rough times. I haven’t knitted for years, but after looking at your site, I’m inspired to pick it up the needles again.
    Back to The 8 Colors, my mission behind researching and writing the book is rooted in the simple truth—that pure exercise is boring for most people, and the key to sustaining exercise is to couple it with more natural and enjoyable aspects of your personality. I have found that people (especially women) beat up on themselves about not exercising. When what’s actually going on is they are trying to push through an exercise regimen that does not suit their personality. Knowing your fitness personality can save you false starts, time, trouble and lots of frustration!
    Lolly, going through your website—I can see lots of Silver evidence. I loved when you wrote, “When I can’t decide what I want to do, I try to find a way to do them both.” Very Silver! Your big picture approach, varied interests, fascination with so many ideas, and general enthusiasm –all so Silver.
    Congratulations on YTT—Silvers have a particular love for Yoga. As a Silver described in my book, “Yoga is a vigorous workout that doesn’t seem like exercise. I like the theory behind yoga, and the practice gives me a place to put my brain. I wouldn’t like if it didn’t have the mental dimension. “
    Again, thanks to all for your interest in The 8 Colors. I’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments about the quiz and your fitness personality.

  20. jess

    just catching up – that’s awesome that you’re starting YTT, lolly! please blog about it!

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