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Best Vest Forward
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Best Vest Forward

As I put my finishing touches on Francis (yes! it was that quick of a knit! Soaking and blocking tonight – photos tomorrow, hopefully!), I am already thinking about what to cast on for next… I made up my mind awhile ago that I wanted to make a vest this winter. There are so many great patterns for vests, and they seem so wearable. 

Best Vest Forward

Kaino :: Bottoms Up :: Bloom :: Sexy Vesty :: Drops Vest :: Tryst

[All links lead to Ravelry Project Pages]

…and better yet, I have yarn in the stash that seems to be a perfect match for all of the vests above!  The stash is in serious need to “realignment”, and vests seem to be a way to self-correct.  They are  quick to knit, use enough yarn to see a dent, and are infinitely wearable. 

I have wools, cottons, alpacas, linens, and several blends to choose from… at this point, I am planning to make ALL of these vests.  The true question is where to start!  I am leaning towards Kaino, Bloom, or the Drops vest to knit first, because the yarns I have in mind for them are yarns that have been in my stash for awhile (Jenna’s policy of first in-first out applies here!)  Following that maxim, I should knit up Bloom first because I am planning to use the Dalegarn Sisik that bought in early 2005.  The lovely wool you see here is my Tess Yarns Merino, bought at MDSW in 2007.  I had a vest planned all along, and I had a false start last year with the cabled vest (I still love that pattern, but the cable pattern was a little too much for me at the time – I may give it another try at another time!)  This yarn seems like a wonderful fit for the lovely Kaino vest, designed by Norah Gaughan.  Terhi’s version (it is always Terhi, isn’t it?) allowed me to see this vest in a new light, and I started to think about it a lot… so, I decided that I needed one too. 

Alice’s adorable Bottoms Up top seems like a great piece that can transition well from spring to summer and from fall to winter if knit up in a good yarn.  A garment like that needs some flow and drape – but not too much – so I thought about the linen in my stash (at right – Euroflax Linen in Cedarwood colorway), as well as the cotton/silk blend yarn, Dalegarn Svale.  Maybe this should be a New Year’s knit?  preparing for springtime temperatures? 

I am feeling a little obsessive here – is anyone else so cerebral about their knits? :)

…well I will be making up my mind very soon… I want to have another project to take with me on our short trip to Atlanta tomorrow through Sunday.  Airport/airplane knitting is a good thing.

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  1. Ingrid

    I’m so glad you’re thinking about vests! I have always loved vests and have some planned too! I love Kaino — can’t wait to see what yours will look like.

  2. Sarah

    All the ones you’ve queued are gorgeous, but I have to say — I’ve been wearing my Kaino all the time since I finished it. It’s slouchy and comfy and wonderful, just the right thing for a cold day.

  3. connie

    Oooh, all those vests are great! My vote goes to either Norah Gaughan’s vest or the Drops vest, but then again, I am definitely a cardi person and not a pullover person. I find cardis are much more versatile. At any rate, you can’t go wrong. They’re all great!

  4. LittleWit

    I just bound off the body of Francis this morning, two sleeves and a cowl to go. It does knit up surprisingly quickly, especially since I am knitting it in between my holiday knits. I think the FIFO policy is a good one and perhaps I should start that with my stash. The next “sweaters” on the horizon for me are 2 vests, an open cardigan and a pullover. :)

  5. mick

    They are all so pretty! I’m really smitten with that Drops vest; thanks for posting it! I love the idea of a vest/cardigan hybrid. So perfect for fall and winter wear!

  6. Mome-rath

    I love the way you analyze your knitting, because I do it, too! (Actually, I spend more time analyzing my knitting than actually knitting. I need to remedy that.) For example, I’ve been trying to design a triangular shawl with an Irish cabled border, to use up the yarn my friend brought me back from Ireland. But I feel like I don’t know enough about designing, or knitting in general, to do it. So I just spend all my time analyzing it, and I haven’t so much as *touched* the yarn yet! I wish I had your fearlessness!

  7. whitney

    Oh, goodness, I am definitely that cerebral in my knitting! I’ve spent the last several weeks mulling over exactly how I want to go about my knitting next year, and planning which yarns to use for which of the yoked sweaters I plan to knit in my upcoming Year of Yokes.

    All of those vests are really lovely! And that linen of yours…the color is just amazing. I’d love to see that yarn all knit up :)

    I have never knit a vest. I wonder if I would wear one? To me they always seemed very weird, because when I am cold it is always my arms that are cold, not my core, so why would I want something sleeveless? (I know that warming your core is a good idea, it just seems weird to me!)

  8. Cirilia

    “is anyone else so cerebral about their knits?”

    The answer is YES–SO cerebral in fact that all of my FOs are just theoretical!

  9. Carol

    I like kaino. alot. must add to queue…..

  10. Preita

    I vote on the Sexy Vest! It’s so cute :D

  11. Karen

    All of them are so pretty. I am partial to the Drops vest and would like to make that one myself.

  12. Kristin

    Having recently realized that I love the way I look on vests, I’m with you on this one! I have several options myself, although I have to do a few other projects before I can consider them.

  13. stacey

    Vests!!! I have a bunch in my queue that I love….the Aleita Shell, Tweedy Vest from Knitscene, Veste Everest, Honeycomb from Knitty, and Leftovers….so many choices!

  14. amy

    another “cerebral” knitter here, if that’s what we’re calling it (my husband calls it “crazy” or “obsessive” ;])

    coming to atlanta? if you have any free time for coffee & a little knitting, feel free to email me. would *love* to chat a little with you. =]

  15. Whistlepea

    I made Eunny’s Deep V Argyle Vest and it’s a big hit. I think it would look great on you!

  16. Kelly

    you definately have some yummy yarns at the ready! Can’t wait to see what you choose for your first vest.

  17. mai

    all of those vests are beautiful! i don’t see myself wearing vests, but i think you should go with kaino, the drops vest, or tryst first!

  18. alice

    I did bottoms up in euroflax linen the time I made one for me and it

    But I’d make at least a size down. Its a fatter yarn than the cotton the pattern was first written for, and also linen grows. Mine is now a *bit* bigger than it was in the photos for its ravelry page. The drape of the linen means it still looks good (and the rib-based design keeps growth in check too) – but its worth keeping in mind before you cast on.

    Also, I should second Cirilla’s point that many of us are ‘cerebral’, if only because our WIPs are theoretical!

  19. Nadia

    I am DEFINITELY that cerebral about my knits, mostly because I have about a million things in my queue and about half that much yarn that needs to be knit, and I need some way to organize myself. I have categories while I’m knitting, and if something is taking up a specific category, then I can’t start something else in the same category. I love vests, too – good luck with yours! I can’t wait to see them!

  20. Anna

    I love them all, but I think my favourite is the Bottoms Up – it’s just charming!

  21. Moni

    I LOVE vests! And now I want to add all of those to my queue! :) I can’t wait to see what you decide to make!

  22. Erin

    I saw Bottoms Up and my first thought was that the Louet MerLin in my stash could very well work with it. It’s nice to see that someone with more expertise than me had a similar instinct. :)

    Like Whitney, I do get that cerebral about my knits (though you wouldn’t know it from my (lack of) blogging). I think the relative smallness of my stash makes that all the more challenging/fun.

  23. Sarah

    I didn’t really think much about vests until maybe last year – but now I realize how cute and wearable they are, and I definitely see a new future in my knitting. Layering is the way to go! I really like the sexy vesty; I’m interested to see how your vest collection progresses – you are always a great source of inspiration.

  24. Jenna

    Wow, I’m glad I’m causing you to have a paradigm shift and think about “first in, first out.” It’s really a relief and helps you feel more justified to buy new yarn! I really like that Bloom pattern and know that you would knock it out really quickly. If you want to go with some newer yarn, though, I’d go with bottoms up or Sexy Vest-y. I’m less sure about Kaino because I wouldn’t know how to wear it. It would be lovely in that yarn though!

  25. Meg

    I’m finding myself obsessed with vest lately, too, but I haven’t been knitting any for myself, unfortunately…. They seem a to be as great layering piece. I’m loving the Sexy Vesty a lot, but I’m not really up for upsizing another vest right now (I’m midway through upsizing a vest for my dad for Christmas) and the thought of more math is not happy right now. And, by the way, I love my Aran Accent Vest, which I fell in love with when you started it last year. It’s totally worth the effort. Just be warned – it’s very stretchy! Knit with lots of negative ease!

  26. Sonia

    Half the fun of knitting is THINKING about knitting…indulge in knitting fantasies to your cerebellum’s content!

  27. brooke

    All of these vests are so pretty….Kaino looks especially comfortable. Have a safe trip!

  28. lucy

    You just planted that vest seed in my mind and now I’ll indulge in the dream vest(s) fantasies!

  29. Poppins

    I had a thought while I was running on the treadmill this morning (and, yes, I do sometimes think of internet friends while running). I wondered if a vest that is open and does the ‘artistic overlap’ thing might not be best for you as you lose weight. I prefer the Drops vest to Kaino, but either one would be forgiving of a changing shape, not to mention so easy to just toss on.

  30. Lin

    Great vests. Kainu is my favoutite.

  31. Cattybabbs

    I’m so glad you liked Francis! I’ll admit to a small obession, and to being on my second version!! Can’t wait to see yours!

  32. Nell

    I vote Drops Vest. But I’m sure you’ve cast on by now!

  33. Josiane

    I’m looking forward to seeing your version of these vests!

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