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New Yarn Album
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New Yarn Album

Funny story:  I decided to skip out on Stitches East marketplace this year because I wanted to focus on stash busting and practice my whole “non-attachment to my stash” thing.  I spent the weekend with Stacey – she came down to Maryland with her husband, we did brunch and an afternoon at the dog park and had a lot of fun.  No new yarn.  I felt good about it.  (I did miss seeing local friends, but hopefully I will catch you all again soon?)

…Then came a sale at the LYS… which happens to be located right next to my yoga studio, so I just stopped in for a look.  Hmmm.  Should have known.  Hook – line – sinker.

…Then came my birthday… beautiful yarny gifts from family and friends. Ahh, so kind!!

So, yeah, I have some new yarn now.  And it is beautiful.  And I love it.

Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed

Jo Sharp DK Wool

Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed

Jo Sharp SilkRoad Aran

Guess what was on sale at the LYS?  The full line of Jo Sharp…. all that tweed!  all that amazing texture and beautiful color palette.  Yeah, I walked out with some really nice yarn.  I bought enough for all sorts of nice accessories, and enough for two garments… vests probably :)

Lovely gift from my lovely sister, Mimi~ variegated linen!  I need to find a perfect pattern for this.  Any ideas?

Birthday Yarns!

And my dear friend Jenna sent along a great package – new yarn and a new scarf!  (Actually the scarf is part of a swap, and Lolly had better get busy and finish her end of the bargain.  I suck at swaps.)  I love the colorway name of this yarn – “Jenna Pink Monkey” to remind me of my dear friend on the other side of the continent.  It is a handpainted fingering weight from Actual Size Creations!

Birthday Yarns!

I am a little burnt out on socks right now (say it ain’t so!) but this would make a lovely scarf or some mittens, yes? I will find a pretty pattern for it, no doubt! (and who knows, the sock love may return…)

Boteh Scarf
Jenna just learned to crochet a few months ago, and she is already churning out this amazing scarf! This is the Boteh scarf from Interweave Crochet. She used Claudia Handpaint yarn and a small hook (details, J?) It is so beautiful! and I love it!  (More Boteh photos here)

…okay, now I can go back to stashbusting… :)   I have cast on for a few new projects with old yarn in the past few days.  That totally counts for something, right?

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40 Responses

  1. Alison

    Beautiful yarn! Love the pink; it would make a beautiful scarf.

    I’ve never knit with linen; might have to give it a try sometime. I’ll probably be getting some for my weaving anyway. Yours is a pretty colorway.

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. mick

    What lovely gifts! My family is equally awesome at the yarny presents. My fiancee has bought me some of the most amazing yarn, my mom got me labels made last year for knitted gifts, and my future mother-in-law is into knitting now, too. I’ve been really good this year, and only bought yarn for gifts for other people/wedding knitting, with the exception of spending a gift certificate for my birthday to my LYS. Even with all of that, I’ve barely made a dent in my stash!

    I like to think of buying sale yarn as giving unwanted yarn a good home. It’s kind of like adopting a puppy, and everyone loves puppies.

  3. Nadia

    oh,my God, yarn is amazing,the colours are beautiful!

  4. Wanett

    I totally think that counts for something :D

    I love all of the tweed, what a great sale you came across! And great fiber gift-age too!

  5. Kristin

    Oohhhh…..I love Jo Sharp yarns! What a lucky knitter you are!

  6. Heather

    Jo Sharp is a personal fave, so I think that breaking your vow was completely justified:)

  7. Amanda Cathleen

    ooooo great additions! You couldn’t pass up that lovely stuff on sale.
    Totally counts for something that your using up stash, just remember you gotta replace it with something! :-D

  8. Harpa J

    It absolutely counts!
    The yarn is beautiful. All of it.

  9. whitney

    Wow, so much gorgeous yarn! I’m trying to be good and stick to the stashbusting stuff, too, though I just bought a skein of new yarn (and knit one mitt from it already!) last week!

  10. karen

    I’m drooling….the yarn is amazing and the scarf a real beauty.

  11. mai

    oh, it totally counts! but ohhh, all that tweed is so beautiful!!! i had to skip stitches east this year as well. it made me feel better to hear it wasn’t as good as it was last year!

  12. Jocelyn

    I’m delighted to see somebody else has an attached to the stash thing goin’ on!

    Euroflax is one of my favourite yarns. I like to use it to play with lace patterns. Hand towels make a great gift and it does show off lace work really well!


  13. Sarah

    Wow, those tweeds are gorgeous! Aren’t yarn store sales fabulous?

  14. yvette

    all that stuff is absolutely gorgeous. i love jo sharp, and love her more cos she’s an aussie too. i have a cardi made out of her green tweed and it is beautiful (my nanna made it for me!)

  15. Kelly

    yummm jo sharp yarn is delicious! Can’t wait to see what your new lovelies become!

  16. katie m.

    Lucky you! Enjoy all of your gorgeous new yarn! And your lovely crocheted scarf.

  17. Sara

    Oh, I made the most beautiful wash clothes with that EuroFlax – and the more you use them the softer they get!!!

  18. Lin

    I do like the tweedy jo sharp yarn, especially the green. The scarf is beautiful, what a great blend of colours.

  19. Kim

    Nice Jo Sharp! I’d have bought it all up, too!

  20. liz K.

    Well, Lolly, at least you fell off the wagon for the good stuff. I can’t wait to see what you make with all that lovely Jo Sharp. And lucky for you, the new IK has many new tweedy projects to inspire!!!

  21. KarenLG

    Very pretty! Do you mind if I ask what LYS? My FIL lives in Woodbridge, and I just might have to go visit more often if there is a LYS involved. ;)

  22. Wendolene

    So I’m not the only one who has trouble keeping her stash down? Good thing my LYS doesn’t have sales on gorgeous stuff like that–I’d be buried in yarn!
    I look forward to more on the vesty front…

  23. tiennie

    Ack! I haven’t bought yarn in so long and you’re tempting me to bits.

  24. Jenna

    You get a special pass for your birthday to buy yarn, especially when those beautiful tweeds are on sale. That teal just slays me!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the pink monkey yarn and the scarf! They scarf was a pleasure to make, especially knowing that it was going to you. It was made in Claudia’s handpaint sock yarn in the Ingrid’s Blues colorway. I used a size F hook, which is what’s called for in the pattern. It’s a rare pattern that I’d actually make again!

  25. stacey

    You fell for the good stuff – tweed!!!!! What a gorgeous vest it would make – small cables maybe? I had such a great time – I wish we could do it more often!

  26. Jewel

    Happy Birthday! Love all the new yarn and can’t wait to see what you make out of it.

  27. LittleWit

    Casting on for new projects with old yarn definitely counts as stash busting. :) Your yarn acquisitions look great! Now I am off to check out Actual Size Creations. The roving over there is catching my eye. ;)

  28. Josiane

    You won’t have trouble finding great projects for all that new yarn: it’s really lovely, and totally not the kind of yarn one buys just because it was on sale and never finds out what to do with it. You’ll enjoy working with it, so I’m sure it won’t sit for too long in the stash.

  29. Anna

    Clearly some karma going on somewhere there! Your family and friends must know you very well – what a wonderful selection they got you!

  30. Nonnahs

    Hooray for birthday yarn! I can’t wait to see what they all become!

  31. Alicia

    Loving it, especially the tweeds! Yum!

  32. amanda

    What a stash enhancement! Nice :)

  33. Joanne

    I just discovered your beautiful blog and bookmarked it. I’ve bought a good camera, no I can look to your photos for inspiration!

  34. traci~theblondeknitter

    oh my, look at that scrumptious tweed! no wonder you caved! i’ll have to stop back to see what you create with it. and there’s nothing quite like birthday yarn is there? gotta love it. :)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Lolly!

  35. Moni

    Gorgeousness! I love the Scarf Jenna sent you too! very pretty!

  36. Jess

    Love that Crochet scarf you received! Lots of lovely yarn goodness!

  37. Leslie

    What a lot of yarn-y goodness. You have lots to choose from now!

  38. Dagný

    Hi there Lolly, lovely to see your yarn, I’m so jealous! And that scarf looks fabulous on you. :)

    I just thought you’d like to know that I chose you as one of my four favorite blogs, as a part of the wonderful “I love your blog” gesture that’s spreading around the vast interwebs these days. I hope it brings you joy! :) Check my blog for the whole thing.

    Have a wonderfully lovely day,

  39. Rebecca

    What a wonderful family you have! It sounds like they know the way to a girl’s heart. That Silkroad Aran looks yummy-yummy-yummy!

  40. Tina

    You definitely can’t resist if yarn looking as gorgeous as this is on sale! And there is nothing worse than finding the ultimate pattern online for some cool accessory and not having the right yarn at home… Good to stock up on any good opportunity.
    The scarf looks great!

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