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On Guilty Pleasures…
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On Guilty Pleasures…

I will admit that I am a snob when it comes to books.  I am much more likely to pick up a non-fiction book about some obscure science or history subject than I am to grab the new HOT fiction book;  about once a year I get into a mood for fiction, and I plow through a few notable titles and then settle right back down.  I don’t even remember the last time I read a mass market paperback… I don’t get into genre fiction that much.  Of course, I won’t say never because… well, I have been reading genre fiction over the past week.  Oh my gosh.

Back in September, I got kind of addicted to the new HBO show, True Blood.  It is about vampires and supernatural creatures and this barmaid named Sookie, all of them co-habitating in rural Louisiana.  I followed it each week and even spent some spare time speculating about the show (who is the killer?  what clues were in the previous episodes?)  Luckily, I was not the only one who was doing this, and I found a great community on Ravelry (Knit One, Dead Too) who was into the show too.  Each week we discussed episodes, and I found out that the TV show was based on a series of books.  Click. My birthday came around, and so did a gift certificate, and a few days later, I got the Sookie Stackhouse Boxed Set on my doorstep.  I waited patiently to start – the season finale of the show went off, and as the credits were rolling, I picked up the books…

I read all seven books in 4 days – Thanksgiving break.  When I entered the book store on Sunday night to find Book 8 (after reading all the rest in a marathon reading session) I felt like a strung-out drug addict looking for my next fix.  I stumbled into the Mystery/Fantasy section and there it was.  Waiting for me.  Luckily, it was in stock (they are bestsellers right now) and I had a coupon.  Sweet. (Photos above are me pouring over Book 8, From Dead to Worse – yes, see my wide-eyed enthusiasm and my dropped jaw?  I was into it…)   I had a small twinge of regret that I had read through them sooo quickly and here I was now purchasing the latest book in the series; setting myself up to wait until Book 9 is released in May 2009.  A whole six months?  And even longer before Season 2 of the show…  I guess this means I will have to get back to my science and history books… and wait wait wait… at least Thomas Friedmanand Malcolm Gladwell have some new books out too…

Lolly meets her guilty pleasure – who knew it would come in the form of vampire books?

…The irony of a peace-loving vegan addicted to vampire books is not lost on me…

No, I haven’t read Twilight yet.  (YET is the operative word there…) I did see the movie last weekend and I liked it… and now I am planning to read the books.  I have heard very mixed reviews, but at this point, I am pretty resigned to the fact that I have to read them because I just want to KNOW.  A co-worker said that she can give me her 13-year-old daughter’s copies.  Ha, yep, that’s me.  Reading what the 7th graders read :)   but I figure I am not the only one.  There is a reason these books are flying off the shelves, and it is not just tweens and teens reading them!

Hey, everyone’s got one (a few?) guilty pleasure, right?  I figure that if my diet precludes me from eating sweets and rotting my teeth, I can read vampire books that rot my brain…  I have a million justifications for my actions, but honestly, I don’t know why I care so much.  I read them because they are fun.  That is enough.

So, leave me a comment and tell me your guilty pleasure – however stupid or silly or frivolous it is.  I will pick a number and send you a skein of this lovely fingering weight yarn – Crash In to Ewe Jewel Collection.  Great orangey yellow with a real silver thread running through it.  Shiny!  sparkly!  glittery! just like Edward…

255 Responses

  1. Kris

    My guilty pleasure is the Lifetime channel. It may seem a little cliche, but I always enjoy just curling up and watching all the mini movies that they air. Especially on vacation time. It makes me smile and the nice thing about them not being the best quality is that they’re really easy to catch up on, so it doesn’t matter if I get distracted. ;)

    And Twilight is amazing. It’s probably one of the worst books I’ve ever read, but it’s so addictive! I couldn’t put it down. :( But it was good times. I’m sure you’ll love it, too! And there’s a term for older ladies who enjoy the Twilight series. Twimoms. ;) So no, you don’t have to worry about being part of a small group who reads them. They’re just as obsessed as the tweens.

  2. Spinning Fishwife

    Guilty reading pleasure? Patrick O’Brian and the Aubry-Maturin series. I’m not exactly the target market given that I’m 50 and female, lol.

    Other? Buying body cream/body butter. I must have fifty or a hundred jars of the stuff in the drawer under the bed. Yes I use it and Gawd knows there’s enough of me to butter, but I buy faster than I use it, oops. Stash beyond life expectancy? How about butter beyond life consumption?

  3. Sheknits1

    OoOoOOoO! pretty yarn!

    I would have to say my guilty pleasure is Ravelry; I am on it almost constantly!
    Or watching movies on Youtube, I do that alot too………………..

  4. Amber

    Girl I hear you with the guilty pleasure reading. My most recent were the Twilight books, though after reading them I think the first one is the only one worth reading at all. But you gotta read em all, they are an extremely quick read. I can only hold off on the Sookie Stackhouse books for so long… Tasha, my podcast partner is pushing them on me, and now you, ugh! :)

  5. Kristine

    Read Twilight! You’ll love them! I picked up the first one and was hooked immediately!

  6. Mome-rath

    I have a pretty embarrassing number of guilty pleasures. Harry Potter (over and over again), the Lord of the Rings (also over and over again)…also the fact that I pretty much know almost every Disney movie by heart. But my biggest guilty pleasure? Those Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. Here I am, trying to be Little Miss Sustainability, and I LOVE those things. Mmmm, all that gooey, ersatz ice cream, high fructose corn syrup goodness!

    Okay, but now you’ve added another guilty pleasure to the list, because I’m probably going to read the Twilight series next, and I’m sure I’ll get hooked on True Blood (especially since my mom just called to say both she and Dad are hooked, too!).

  7. Sara

    Men singing sappy love songs and playing guitars.
    Ray Lamontagne, Joe Purdy, Dan Fogelburg.
    Give me dude on a stool with a 6-string and a broken heart.

    I read the first 3 Twilight books in one weekend, I’m not sure if I slept.

  8. Annette

    I love the True Blood series but haven’t read the books yet. My guilty pleasure is spending an hour or more in the bookstore and coming home with something new. The “real” world disappears when I’m surrounded by beautiful books.

    Another guilty pleasure is my quest for the perfect chocolate covered sea salt caramel. I thought I had found it last year at Williams-Sonoma. Sadly they don’t carry it anymore and so my quest began.

  9. Jennifer

    I read all the Ann Rice books many many years ago, so I am very intrigued by this resurgance of vampire literature! I guess my guilty pleasure is simply these sort of books. I have a tendency to get on a series kick, mostly in mysteries, and read them till I’ve exhausted my library’s collection.

  10. Michelle

    My guilty pleasure is bollywood movies. They are very long, formulaic, predictable, and last but not least musical. My intellect tells me I shouldn’t like them, but darn, I do. The “love at first sight” theme always sucks me in, the song and dance sequences make me want to get out of my seat and wave my bangled arms in the air, but most embarrassing of all is that I find myself sobbing at some point in the movie – even those with the lamest of story lines! There you have my confession.

  11. madison

    hmm. i tend to have guilty pleasures and then find that the pleasure overrides the guilt eventually. at times my guilty pleasures have been knitting–you know, when you “should be exercising” or “workin’ on that novel” or whatnot–comics (x men, in particular); certain “only dumb people like that” tv shows like buffy and dragonball, both of which i ended up loving so much that i don’t care if it IS true that only dumb people like them; and the internet, because i do spend an awful lot of time on it.

    also: if you end up liking twilight, or if you need to buy a gift for someone who likes twilight, try out amelia atwater-rhodes’s books, especially In the Forest of the Night and… the second one, whose title i forget. i started twilight (didn’t finish; i went online and read reviews and got the story that way instead) and it reminded me very strongly of those books, which i very much enjoyed when i was about eleven to fourteen.

  12. erica

    I read the Twilight series last year and was even one of those silly 30-somethings at a Breaking Dawn party this August. My guilty pleasure is watching Ugly Betty on Thursday nights and reading silly teen girl fiction, I was amazed how fun the Gossip Girl books are.

  13. natalie

    As ashamed as I am to admit it, my guilty pleasure of the moment is The Hills on MTV. It’s so stupid and so superficial but I just can’t stop watching. Thank god it’s only a half hour show.

  14. Nicole

    - Coronation Street (a British soap)
    - Doing the dishes to ABBA or Hall and Oates (“The name of the game” and “I can’t go for that” are particular favourites)
    - Whipped cream on top of hot chocolate (made with melted chocolate, not cocoa powder)
    - Survivor, Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model
    - Rosamunde Pilcher (a British quasi-romance writer. Her books are usually set in the English country side which is the appeal for me)
    - Onion rings
    - Perfume (which I practically never wear out of the house for fear of affecting someone with sensitivities)
    - Peeking at “Celebrities without makeup” rags at the check-out counter

  15. stacey

    Oh I LOVE Sookie! I think the books (which I’ve been a fan of forever) are better than the show but I do love the show as well. Enjoy them (even if they aren’t exactly enlightening) *smile*

  16. Kendise

    The Twilight Series is my guilty pleasure. I work in a public library and was amazed at how fast the teen girls were gobbling up the books. I was looking for something fun to listen to in the car on my commute to and from work and thought I’d give Twilight a try to see what was up. Listening to the series on audio was a lot of fun and kept me entertained for a few weeks. It was disappointing when it was all over – but then the movie came out and Stephanie Meyer’s posted the leaked partial draft of Midnight Sun on her website, so I’ve been able to string the addiction along.

  17. Sarah

    I remember having that strung-out feeling when I read all of the Harry Potter books back-to-back last year. I didn’t want to buy them so I went from library to library searching for the next fix hoping I’d score before finishing the current book. I was lucky there were three libraries in the area I could use. My current guilty pleasure is playing Word Twist on facebook. At first I thought it was a little tough, but now I love the mental work out and seeing how I compare to my friends. I also have to laugh at myself when I occasionally miss yarn related words.

  18. Leslie

    I love, love, love good fiction but haven’t succumbed to the Twilight series. My 15-year-old daughter has read each of the books several times now. I do really enjoy historical fiction and have loved the Anne Boleyn series by Robin Maxwell.

  19. Stephanie

    Vampires! I fell hard for Twilight ages ago. Also, young adult books with supernatural elements, in general. The Gemma Doyle trilogy is good.

  20. Marie

    I’m a teen services librarian so reading YA novels is not a guilty pleasure but a professional obligation (and one that I enjoy).
    My guilty pleasure reading are the Jamie Fraser books by Diana Gabaldon – a bit of historical fiction plus a bit of bodice-ripping, I tore through them all several years ago and wish that she would write more!

  21. Jill

    I am 47 and the only reason I ay that is because my Secret Shame is “Charmed” — yikes!

  22. elise

    Bad reality television, like the Hills and Girls Next Door. And soapy television like the OC and Gossip Girl. I just can’t help myself.

  23. Lisa

    When my 3 boys are up in bed, and I am tidying up the TV room of all their legos, I have been known, on occassion, to turn on their Wii, and play their video games–mainly Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but even SpongeBob and Bowling, oh, and golf, too!!! My guilty pleasure…don’t tell my husband, or I’ll never hear the end of it!

  24. amanda

    I think bad TV is my guilty pleasure. I tivo too many things and manage to watch all of them….
    I hope we can get together soon – December is already getting crazy!

  25. Dorothy

    I have a few guilty pleasures.

    Jasper Fforde is my current favourite with his ace literary detective – Thursday Next. She stops bad guys from running amok with classic literature and even helped a werewolf (fellow officer) defeat a vampire in “The Eyre Affair”. Imagine Jane Eyre going off to India with St. John Rivers as his companion for the ending the that classic!

    I love the way he works so many puns into his writing and still has the book flow smoothly.

    Then there is Robin McKinley she has a way of taking a familiar fairy tale and making it both new and the same but way better. Like her version of Beauty and the Beast (simply titled Beauty) or both of her versions of Sleeping Beauty (At Spindle’s End and Briar Rose). Very descriptive without getting weighed down in drawing the picture.

    Then there is my favourite tv show; Mythbusters. More explosions per episode than some movies. They take a popular urban myth like this one: Can a plane actually take off from a moving treadmill if that treadmill is moving in the opposite direction as the plane is facing and at take-off speed? and test it to either confirm that the myth is true, discover that although difficult to do and the results may not be exactly as described, label it plausible or bust it by being unable to duplicate the results without taking extreme measures like blowing it up. I love that show the way some people love their soaps.

  26. Trine

    Ooh, I’ve been looking for some new interesting titles to get into once my exams are over! (Can’t start before exams, I wouldn’t get anything done…)

    My guilty pleasures.. Hmm. Probably really cheesy sit-coms and fantasy TV-shows. ;) Especially on Sunday afternoons, with some chocolate and some knitting. But I love TV-shows for zoinking out to. My boyfriend, unfortunately, does not share my enthusiasm and wants to “do something” instead. Like be active and go for a walk or something boring. :P Does he not realize that Dark Angel and Reba re-runs are on?!

    Another guilty pleasure is good food, especially smaller things like chocolate, teas, anything handmade.. I will spend a ridiculous amount of money on small raspberries hand-dipped in white chocolate if me and the boy are having a stay-in night. It’s a small luxury for a poor student like me! :)

  27. Emily

    Hah! I had not considered that “vampire” was the opposite of “vegan”!

  28. Janey

    I would have say reading or knitting when I am supposed to be doing other things like laundry. Hey it will still be there later.lol. Also those yummy non fat Mochas at Starbucks such a yummy guilty pleasure usually a few times a week some weeks more. I haven’t read the vampire series you mentioned but now I’m intrigued. I DID read all of the twilight books and LOVED them. I couldn’t put them down and I can relate to needing the next book to get your fix. I was totally obsessive over the books and enjoyed the movie too. The books are better but thankfully the movie didn’t ruin them. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the books.

  29. Anne Lindenfeld

    Like you, I got hooked on “True Blood” and went right out and bought the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series. The next day, I got books 2 and 3. By the end of the week, I was a complete addict and had the rest overnighted from Amazon.

    What a terrific heroine “our” Sookie is! For me, who spent a large part of my life waiting tables, the fact that she is a waitress is wonderful. I will be the first in line (maybe behind you?) for book 9.

    As for the rest of “True Blood”, I don’t think the episodes that followed the first two were as enthralling — mostly because Alan Ball went “off book” later on in the series. The Baptist-home schooled girl cum pouty teen vixen was a nice addition, however.

    One thing that struck me about the Twilight vs. True Blood thing is how much Meyers seem to lift from Charlaine Harris’ books. Wondered if there was any bad blood between them, because of it. Har, har!

  30. Lauren

    ok my guilty pleasure is strawberry cheesecake ice cream from Dairy Queen AND watching endless stupid videos on You Tube. What a way to waste your day! But hey.

  31. Lynn

    Although I am a 60-year old WASP, my guilty pleasure is driving down the highway listening to rap music.

  32. Debbie

    I like to read true-life crime novels.

  33. Becky

    Books are also my guilty pleasure! I read them all!! Knitting books, fiction, everything my kids bring into the house. I have been known to swipe the latest scholastic book club order and read them before my daughter does. I have to say the twilight books are worth the time. I got sucked in and read them all in a week! The movie does not do the books justice!

  34. bluey

    I m one of those crazy ‘in love’ with edward… hehehe

    This is the first time i manage to read 4 books in two weeks time… I am still waiting for the movie to reach here 18-Dec… it just seems to be a long long wait for me…

    btw I am definitely not a teen :p

  35. Jessica

    Count me among the guilty! Geez, Lolly, why’d you have to tell me that there’s True Blood books?!? Now I know what I’m doing over the holidays…. ;)

  36. My.Dead.Basil

    I’m ashamed to say that Twilight is my guilty pleasure. I read the first book to see what all the hype was about, and of course I couldn’t rest until I read the series. I guess I’ll have to get started on True Blood to see what all that is about.

  37. Creature of Habit

    I made my husband read this post. He looked at me and said “Wait. I’m confused. Did you write this or did someone else?”….. lol….. I just stared at him and said “I am not the only one. See!”

    I just can’t do Twilight… I feel Vampires should be rated R. I think I am going to re-read all of the books and then scrounge up the shorts. Oh – I will also be crossing off every single day until May 2009. So glad I found Knit One, Dead Too.

    Did you see the Sookie Stackhouse “CH answers your questions” page? Tons of answers there – and so much too look forward to in May!!!!

  38. marian

    Bad TV! Lipstick Jungle, 90210, Gossip Girl… yeah. It’s bad!

  39. KnitPastis

    That something I wished I had time for, reading. I miss it so much! Over here it’s been cookbooks and baby knitting books lately.

  40. eshy

    mmmm … I look forward to that can of coca cola after a long day at the preschool. All that sugar can’t be good for me, but I love it anyways :)

  41. ikkinlala

    My guilty pleasure is webcomics.

  42. Sarah

    My guilty pleasure(s) can usually be firmly ignored and then every so often, usually once every year or two, they won’t be quashed. From my teens i would consume Georgette Heyer books, after that my summer reading obsession would generally involve about 30 Agatha Christie books. If i have a little time off i find myself drawn back to the bookcase to reread…

    TV- wise: I find that every time Pride and Prejudice is on i just have to watch it, sometimes back to back. Ditto anything about Italy (esp. Francesco da Mosto). And ditto Smokey and the Bandit. It doesn’t matter how many times i have seen them.

  43. beverly

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but my tv guilty pleasure is “The Girls Next Door”. I am totally fascinated by the show. I don’t go too far out of my way for it, but if I come across an episode I haven’t seen, I watch it.

    Don’t think less of me, please!

  44. Lety Booth

    Pedicures all through the long, New England winter! Nobody sees them but me, but I love that pampered feeling.

  45. Ali P in the Qc

    I read the first couple of books in this series last year (I think) and liked the first one but after that it wore thin for me. I find thats what happens in series’ (for me) except for George R R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series and Kevin J Anderson’s Saga Of the Seven Suns series. These stay fairly strong throughout though book 4 in Martin’s series seemed to go a whole lotta nowhere but with purpose.
    Kim Harrison’s series that takes place in The Hollows ( Dead Witch Walking etc) started strong but fizzled (how many times do I have to read about her curly red hair and tight leather outfits and ass kicking boots???) as did Hamilton’s werewolf series that started with Bitten.
    Until recently I was all over chick lit and sexy horror fantasy but I think my brain got sick…like eating too much candy. I was so over indulged in brain candy (after having kids thats all I had the attention span for) and now I want something more fulfilling to read. I just want a really good story. Something rich and compelling. these are getting hard to come by.
    This is why I have so far resisted turning to the Twilight series. I fear it will be just more candy and I will be left unsatisfied. :o (

  46. Ali P in the Qc

    Oh my gosh..what should I catch tonight on the tube but True Blood, the first episode. It was my first time watching and I must say WELL DONE.
    I did so enjoy the first book. :o D

  47. Kristine

    Twilight bites. And not in the good way. Actually, if it (or Edward) bit, it would be better.

    Try Anita Blake. Yum. :)

  48. Emma

    My guilty pleasure is… etymology.
    How weird is that?

  49. Lien

    Oh, lordy…trashy romances. It used to be the kind with those covers you wouldn’t want children to stumble upon, but I’ve since graduated to better-written, funnier stuff. I reach for them most often in times of stress.

  50. Miss Scarlett

    Oooh I haven’t read these books — thanks for the link. I have a guilty addiction to Vampire books myself.
    I’m one of those adult Twilight series readers. I really enjoyed them – but I know they are not the most well written books.
    Lately I’ve heard a lot about the True Blood series — you’ve piqued my interest.

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