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Returning to the Loom
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Returning to the Loom

You may recall that I took up weaving within the past year… and you may also recall that you have not seen any weaving projects around these parts for quite some time… well, I decided to change that.

My triumphant return to the loom – thanks to two friends who decided to do a swap with me (I am not so good with swaps – just being honest!):  Jenna and Annie.  I bought the yarns, warped my loom, and within a matter of hours, the scarf was ready.  Why in the world did it take me so long to do this?

On the Loom

Organik/Silk Garden Woven Scarf

Organik/Silk Garden Woven Scarf

“Take Two” Scarf

Warp: Blue Heron Mercerized Cotton
Weft: 2 skeins The Fibre Company Organik / 2 skeins Noro Silk Garden
Pattern: 4-shaft twill pattern
Loom: Schacht Baby Wolf

I named this scarf “Take Two” because I took much of the inspiration from the scarf I made in July, the Silk Stripes scarf, which also used Noro in the block pattern.  This time, instead of using the tabby plain weave, I chose to do a twill pattern, effectively creating small V-shapes with the weft yarn.  It adds more texture and it worked up well in the yarns I chose.  The final product came out a bit shorter than I intended – it measured about 5.5 feet with the fringe – but Jenna loved it when I gave it to her last Wednesday night!  She came to town for a conference, and the timing was just perfect to give her the scarf.  I do wish I had a full-length photograph so you could see the blocks of color, but it was nearly impossible to capture it in the low-light setting.  Hopefully Jenna can show us one of her wearing it!

And now, I can’t wait to warp up my next project – this time using the same kind of yarns and the same concept (I guess I can’t get enough of it… it’s the Noro!) for Annie’s scarf.  Annie sent me some amazing homemade soaps in the summer (we love them!), and I have been so lazy about warping up the loom… I will be using another cotton warp, as they are strong and can endure the tension of the loom.  These are the colors I will be using for Annie’s.   I hope she likes them!

Next Weaving Project

I will finally make good on my promises and fulfill these swaps… and in the process of doing that, I fell in love with weaving all over again!


I had SOO much fun reading your responses to my last post!  Ooh, I got some great juicy secrets and guilty pleasures out of you all!  You all made me feel like I am in good company with my new affinity to vampire genre fiction (… ahem, I read Twilight yesterday in 5 hours…) and TV.  Thank you for all of your responses!

…and who gets the sparkly-glittery-just-like-Edward-in-the-sun hank of lovely yarn?

Manda at Knit Along the Way

Congratulations Manda!!

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39 Responses

  1. Josiane

    That’s a gorgeous scarf, and the other one will be awesome too! The colours you chose are beautiful. I’m glad to see you falling in love with weaving again!

  2. Wanett

    I love your scarf! I still feel so intimidated by the thought of warping up my loom. I’ll give it a soot soon, I hope.

    I noticed you joined the Twilight Rav group. Use caution when perusing the boards. We can get very, very silly :D

  3. mick

    I love that scarf so much! Do you recall which colorway of Noro it was? The colors are so beautiful.

  4. k

    I think I’m just reiterating the comment I left on Ravelry, but SO PRETTY! Yup, you are making me want to get back to weaving!

  5. penny

    So beautiful… you are making me fall really hard for noro. i finally knitted up my lone ball of shinano into a cowl. you people need to stop torturing me with these beautiful weaving projects! I have no space to store a loom, my blocking mats are under the couch and under the bed was taken years ago….

  6. Manda

    Yay! Thank you so much Lolly. :)

  7. Stacey

    5 Hours?! Impressive!!! You have me beat by a few hours. I just could NOT put it down…

  8. Leslie

    Pretty scarf!!! I just started Twilight. I haven’t become addicted yet but I’m hoping to! :)

  9. gleek

    all of you weavers are conspiring against me to buy a loom! gorgeous stuff lolly!

  10. mramichael

    The “Take Two” scarf is gorgeous. You have such an eye for color!

  11. Tina

    These are gorgeous. Great job you did here and I am sure the recepients think it was worth the wait! I really do think I might get into that weaving thing, too. And I should get my hands on Noro, just once – I know then I’ll be hooked…

  12. Terhi

    Oh my goodness! I was sure I didn’t have any guilty pleasures (Desperate housewives is good entertainment, not a guilty pleasure). But then I read the comments the others have made and now I’ve got it: The Backstreet Boys! I’m 25-year-old and I fell in love with them when I was 16. Either too much history or it’s my comfort zone but when ever the life gets too tough I put their record on!

  13. Lin

    They are beautiful woven projects. How do you get your selvedges so neat? I think my problem is tension on my edges. I love weaving though, I might need to be a bit more adventurous with my yarn choices.

  14. Mom

    What beautiful scarves! So glad you are a weaver again. XXOO

  15. Leann

    Had you not read “Twilight” before? It’s very addictive. I read all 3 in as many days (luckily I started it on a mini-vacation and so I had the time.) Don’t miss the first 12 chapters of “Midnight Sun” on Stephanie Meyer’s website – it’s “Twilight” told from Edward’s point of view. Sadly, she won’t be finishing it, but what she did write was so interesting. And it made me feel a lot better about the movie, too, which I wasn’t expecting.

    The scarf is beautiful! Must not look into weaving. Must NOT look into weaving!

  16. KimW

    Jenna and Annie are very lucky — your weaving is beautiful! I love the color choices too.

  17. LittleWit

    You’re making me want to try weaving. Alas, that can not happen until the house is cleaned and orderly from the rest of my hobbies. ;)

  18. Flissy

    I’ll tell you why it took so long… threading those stinking warp threads!!! AGHH!! I could weave all day if someone would do that part for me.

    The scarf is really lovely and even makes me pine for a loom, myself!

  19. stacey

    The weaving is beautiful!!!! I love the play of colors and the texture – most of all the texture!!!!! Ha! I knew you’d get sucked into Twilight eventually!!! :)

  20. Rebecca

    The Take Two Scarf is lovely! Make sure you show us what you get in return :-)

    I’ll look forward to seeing what you create with the Noro Yarn. I’ve gotten sucked in to another Noro Striped Scarf, this time for my son-in-law. The Noro Yarn is totally addictive.

  21. Nonnahs

    Oh my, that scarf is gorgeous! Those colors together are just plain stunning!

  22. tiennie

    Beautiful weaving!

    We all need our guilty pleasures, right? :)

  23. Lindsay

    Are there any pictures of the whole scarf? I’m curious about the way the yarns were combined.

    As is, though, beautiful photos!

  24. yuvee

    so beautiful! I’d love to take a weaving class when life gets less crazy.
    oh when I started reading Twilight I pretty much locked myself in my room for 4 days reading all 4 books over and over again.

  25. Nell

    I knew you’d love the Twilight books. They are totally teen fiction but so readable!

  26. Krista Jacobs

    Hi!! You don’t know me but I have been lookin around for some great ideas for handmade crafts and one of them was knitting or crocheting.. but i do not know how so i was wondering if you would be able to give me any advice or anything that can help.. id appreciate it.. thanks

  27. Anna

    Gosh, that is so beautiful! When I was a little girl I had a tiny loom, which I loved, but have somehow never hankered after since. Love what you’re doing with yours though!

  28. ulli

    this is seriously gorgeous!

  29. Lauren

    that scarf is so beautiful! Love the colors…

  30. Moni

    oh lolly it’s so pretty! the colors of the one for Annie are just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  31. Jewel

    I’ve been waiting for you to get in the weaving mood. What a beautiful scarf, I just love noro silk.

  32. Emily

    Beautiful! Well worth the time spent.

  33. Cassy

    Glad you liked Twilight! Welcome to the obsession. The scarf is gorgeous. It makes me want to weave, but I have so many knitting projects in queue!

  34. Bec

    Ooh, beautiful! I’m so happy for you that you got back into weaving after you were so excited about it last year. Hope all else is well with you!


  35. Jenna

    I’m so glad I could help to re-ignite your love for weaving. The scarf is so, so beautiful, you must continue to make other such lovely thing!

  36. Terri

    Yay! Wonderful to see you weaving again – though I also love your knitting and your sense of colour!

    Happy Weaving,

  37. Alicia

    Love the scarf! Beautiful weaving!

  38. Patricia

    Man, good for you for reading Twilight in 5 hours. I was struggling with this book because I really and truly disliked how it was written. Other than that, beautiful weaving and beautiful pictures of it. :)

  39. Laura

    Vampire fiction you should check out if you haven’t already:

    Sunshine by Robin McKinley

    Fledgling by Octavia Butler

    They are the awesome.

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