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Just Cinch It!
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Just Cinch It!

In another (futile) effort to stashbust, I pooled together several worsted weight yarns from the stash:  a smattering of Patons Classic Merino and Cascade 220.  Taking a look at my ginormous Ravelry queue, I thought it would be fun to make some winter hats.  I remembered the cute Cinchy Hat from the Fall 2007 Knitscene magazine and thought a stripey version would be so cute.  The hat was a quick knit, but it lingered on my needles for awhile in the midst of my vampire-book-reading-frenzy and my recent return to weaving.  So, once I sat down to finish it, it was done so quickly.

…and when I finished, I realized that it was way too big…

So, worsted weight wool – I thought I would throw it in the wash for a light felting.  Luckily, it worked out really well, and the hat did not shrink to infantisimal proportions.  It actually fit pretty well once it dried and I ran the green satin ribbon through the little eyelets in the back.  Since the stripes took so little yarn, there are so many color combinations that are possible with the leftover yarn from the stash.  I also like what some of the other knitters on Ravelry did with the pattern – I especially love the vintage button embellishments that Kylie did on hers.  Great idea!  (I may have to try it myself!)

Voila!  a finished hat that is guaranteed to brighten any gray wintery day AND to keep the head warm too.

**Anyone catch the old SNL reference to the Gap Girls skit?  “Just cinch it!” R.I.P. Chris Farley!

***New update to the Weight Loss page if you are interested :)   I plan to blog more about my yoga very soon – it is becoming such a major part of my life that I have to tell you about it! :)

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25 Responses

  1. Whistlepea

    I loved that sketch!

  2. mick

    Oh man. I love the one where Chris Farley is on a diet. “Lay off me, I’m staaaaarving!” So great. Great hat, too!

  3. Jenna

    You could also belt the hat if it’s too big, hehe. What a cute, funky stashbuster! You should make a bunch of these in different color combos, then wear different ones on different days depending on your mood.

  4. Nonnahs

    OMG Lolly- that is SO COOL about the yoga! I’m so stoked for you! :)

    Awesome hat, too- I love the stripes and the cinching. Very cute!

  5. Josiane

    Cute hat! Congratulations on being accepted for your Yoga Teacher Training program! If I was in your area, I’d be happy to let you “practice” your teaching on me!

  6. del

    That is so adorable! I love the ribbon.

  7. Nichola

    That’s great news about your yoga training :) I recently took up yoga and i’m loving it! I’m very interested in your fitness and diet changes. Keep up the good work.

  8. Kim

    I loved the Gap Girl skits–David Spade, Chris Farley, and Adam Sandler–those were the days :)

    Congratulations on going for yoga certification–have fun.

  9. Karin

    Grumperia at http://www.grumperina.com/knitblog/ was looking at Boutique Knits hats and I think those would look adorable on you, too.

  10. Nora

    I love that first photo of you – so pretty.

  11. Jewel

    Cute hat! I found a yoga class in my area now I just need to find the time.

  12. felinemagnet

    Congratulations on getting into the yoga teacher training, that’s awesome! And I’m glad to read of your continued health improvements too.

  13. Kathy

    The hat is so cheerful! I like your hairstyle too.

  14. Sarah

    Awesomeness! I love that hat… I have to find a copy of that magazine somewhere. I second what Mick said – “Lay off me I’m starving!” is a line I quote often.

  15. tiennie

    That is so cute! Great idea!

  16. amanda

    very cute hat – i love the ribbon – nice touch!!

  17. Jessica

    Cute hat! And Lolly, I’ve totally fallen off the yoga wagon! I eagerly await your posts, in hopes of kicking my own butt into some yoga action. ;)

  18. Denise

    Very cute, and pretty colors to boot!

  19. Marg

    Girl – you were BORN to wear hats! That looks so cute on you! Trés flapperish.

  20. Anna

    What a cute hat! It looks great with your bobbed hair – very chic!

  21. Leslie

    So cute…..and it will brighten up a dull winter day. Um..do you knit in your sleep????

  22. stacey

    That is so cute!!! A great stashbuster!

  23. Kara

    Love the cinching. You are so cute!

  24. Kylie

    your cinchy looks great – the cute flick of hair peeking out is fabulous too!

    and thanks for the kind mention of my version – it’s on high rotation (though not a the moment, being summer here!)

  25. Nakia

    I loved those sketches. I can quote them all verbatim. ( Should I admit that?) I have beed stash busting some hats, too. I think I will add this pattern to the collection. Your haircut is perfect for hat wearing.

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