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Namaste Knitters Meetup
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Namaste Knitters Meetup

It was an absolute joy and pleasure to meet up with the DC contigent of the Namaste Knitters this past weekend!  We met through the Ravelry board that I started in 2007 for knitters and crocheters who practice or want to learn more about yoga.  Please feel free to join the group if you are interested!

DC Namaste Knitters Meetup! 

 Theresa, Jen, Amanda, Rossana, Flissy, me, and Shani
(missing from the photo are Rayna and Petra who had to leave early)

Rossana organized the space and led us in a wonderful practice at the Quiet Mind Yoga studio in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.  Before the yoga, some of us met up at an Ethiopian restaurant and then headed to the studio to chat, knit, and snack on some yummy treats before we practiced. 

DC Namaste Knitters Meetup 

We did a short flow practice in the beginning with sun salutations and some triangle poses and then set up with props galore for an amazingly relaxing restorative practice. Restorative yoga is just what it sounds like – you rest, you relax, you de-stress.  It is like the “dessert of yoga” – indulgence!  WIth the assistance of some props (bolsters, blankets, straps, scented eye pillows) you can completely relax into stillness of mind and body.  Perfect!  Our restorative pose was Supta Baddha Konasana (click to see complete photo)  which is a particularly relaxing.  Petra, at right, was enjoying the pose so much that a grin came to her face!  (well, that and she knew I was photographing her!)  We were in the pose for about 15 minutes and then moved into Savasana .  Afterward, we were all peaceful and full of smiles as we gathered our knitting projects and our bags to leave the studio.  Many thanks to Rossana for leading the session and to everyone who came to join us!

I am hoping that we will have many more Namaste Knitters meetups in the future.  I announced the meetup in some of the regional groups on Ravelry as well to gain interest from a wider audience.  This is a difficult time of year to commit time on the weekends, so the meetups in the new year may work better for others.  This was our fourth meeting of the year in the DC area.  May 2009 be filled with knitting, new friends and yummy yoga too! (and if you want to make sure that you hear about DC-area meetups, please join the group for the lastest news!)

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20 Responses

  1. LittleWit

    That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! :) I could definitely go for some restorative yoga right now.

  2. mai

    this looks like so much fun! i know i always say this, but i really need to get into yoga…

  3. Josiane

    After talking about it for a while, I think I’ll finally get into yoga in the coming year. That would be good for me. Thanks for talking about yoga on your blog, it help me keep the idea present in my mind.
    A yoga and knitting meet up must be awesome! I wish there was something like that in my area… but I’ll have to start it if I want it to happen, the same way I have to start a good old regular knitting meet up – there isn’t any in my city!

  4. stacey

    Wow, what a delicous combination – I am particularly envious of this group – I dream of sitting in meditation while knitting – I just took a meditation class to tie it all together – so who knows:) Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  5. Tara

    This is so timely! I’ve been looking into starting yoga, but there aren’t any studios in my area. How do you suggest getting started with yoga for a total total newbie? I’ve never been to a class and don’t know if I should start with books or videos or…? Someone pointed me to Yoga Today, which has a daily class, but my home internet connection isn’t in a room with any, well, room for yoga-ing!
    Thanks for any tips!
    I’ll be checking out the Ravelry group now!

  6. Jenna

    I still don’t know how you did yoga on a tummy full of injera, but I’m glad that you all had such a nice time. The beautiful smiles on everyone’s faces definitely make it look like this was a very restorative day! I hope your whole weekend was wonderful xoxo

  7. Kelly

    ahhh a nice relaxing day! Sounds wonderful.

  8. Kessa

    Wow, what a great day! I’m so jealous!

  9. Anna

    It looks wonderful – I wish I wasn’t an ocean away! I start my teacher training next month, and your pictures have only heightened the pleasure with which I am looking forward to it!

  10. Vera

    Knitting, yoga, food, and fellowship. That’s so cool.

  11. Lin

    I have joined the Rav group as a commitment for me to start yoga in the new year, I need to!

  12. Dea

    Wow that looks so nice! :D I want a knitting group like that!

  13. amanda

    Looks like you all had a totally blissed out weekend there! :)

  14. Amber

    I am DEFINITELY trying to come up for the next one!

  15. Heather

    How fun to combine interests in this way! Glad you had fun.

  16. Petra

    I had so much fun on Saturday! Thanks for organizing. Can’t wait for next meet-up!

  17. felinemagnet

    That looks like it was so much fun and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this time! I have joined the Namaste Knitters group and am starting to read through some of the threads. Perhaps I will make it a New Year’s resolution to try to get back into yoga after so many years.

  18. Jewel

    It looks like a good time!

  19. Nell

    Knitting and Yoga- What a great combo! Looks like a very cool group.

  20. Karlyn

    Just stopped by, nice blog!

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