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Woven Bands Pullover
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Woven Bands Pullover

Off to a little later of a start this year… but Kris’s 2009 Anniversary sweater is officially CAST ON!  Now I just have to get it ready for him to wear by our seventh wedding anniversary date of January 5th!  (The good news is that I took off the week after Christmas, so I should get some extra time padded in there to make some progress!) 

I had a number of sweaters that I wanted to knit for him this year.  There have been a number of good looking mens’ patterns published in recent days, and I had some trouble choosing one.  Kris really liked them all, so he wasn’t offering too much insight… although he did tell me which yarn he wanted, which in turn, helped me decide on the pattern because of the weight and yardage of the yarn in the stash. 

Woven Bands Pullover 

It doesn’t look like much now, but I do hope that with some more time and effort it will resemble the Woven Bands Pullover from the Winter 2008 Interweave Knits magazine.  I am using some of the yarn that I bought at this past year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival; it is from a mill in New York state called Finger Lakes Soft Wool.   I had a darker blue (you may recall my purchases back in May) so, I was a little surprised that Kris chose this light blue.  I am glad he did though, and it really shows off the linen stitch detail in the sleeve.  This pullover is knit from side-to-side starting with the sleeve.  It is my first time knitting any garment this way, so I hope it works out!

This is the third anniversary sweater that I am making for Kris, and the fifth sweater overall.  I love knitting for him… he even wears them to work and tells people that I made it, so that makes me feel good!  (especially since we work together and people will say “oooh, I saw Kris’s sweater!“)  If I really got on the ball, I could probably make two more sweaters for him this year so that he could have one for each year of our marriage! now wouldn’t that be fancy?

…and the new Jane Ellison Queensland Collection (Book 9) may be the best place to start!  there are some REALLY great mens’ patterns in there!  My favorite of all is “Beck” with the cable stitch and the zipper neck.  Other favorites:  “Ansley“, “Hank“, “Tom“… okay seriously, I just like them ALL. You have to just click on the link to see them. 

New Books 

(I also picked up Color Style - a complete impulse buy! – and a few hanks of Ultra Alpaca -Pittsburgh Penguins colors! – just for good measure at A Tangled Skein…)

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28 Responses

  1. Anna

    You make an annual sweater for him? That’s so great! Steve has been asking me if I’d do the same for him, but so far the tally is one sweater and several pairs of socks (in twenty years…)

  2. Josiane

    That will be a gorgeous sweater!
    Really, considering your relationship with colour, I’m not surprised at all that you grabbed Color Style!

  3. Kessa

    Aww, what a sweet tradition! I really like that pattern and the yarn choice…can’t wait to see it all finished!

  4. Stacey

    Man…Randy would freaking love it if I made him a sweater out of the Penguins colors….

  5. mick

    Isn’t it nice knitting for someone who really appreciates it? I think we’re lucky to have partners like that! I love Kris’ color choice; that blue is so wintery!

  6. Meg

    Wow, that color is nice! I was intrigued by this pattern when I saw it…. can’t wait to see yours finished!

  7. Kelly

    ahhh this pattern is on my list for Moose. Can’t wait to see how it looks in the light blue. Off to have a nosy at the queensland booklet.

  8. Heather

    Oh I hadn’t even seen Color Style, off to wishlist it…

  9. knithoundbrooklyn

    I agree the new Jane Ellison patterns are nice. Especially the Ansley and the Beck. The hunky models don’t hurt either!

    The sweater plan is sweet, especially in that color. I showed the same pattern to my husband and he just shrugged. Are you planning to knit yours larger or add some ease to it?

  10. ulli

    i wish you speedy knitting! i love the color, it will show the stitches perfectly

  11. Estee

    I love the sweater your knitting for Kris, great choice. I wish my Simon would wear something made him:(

    Happy channukah and holidays.

  12. Knit Nurse

    Wow that’s a great book! I’ve only made one jumper for the Curse, it was the most boring thing I ever knit although it does look great now it’s finished (Avast from Knitty). I need to try and get him converted to something with a bit more texture!

  13. stacey

    I have been eyeing the woven bands too – there have been a bunch of great mens patterns out lately! Beck from the Jane Ellison book – oh my gosh – Forest would LOVE that!!!!!! What sizes to they go up to?

  14. LittleWit

    That’s wonderful that you make an annual sweater for Kris. I think if I made an annual pair of socks the boy would wear them. He loves knitted socks. :)

  15. Cassy

    How could you not buy Color Style with that magnificent sweater on the cover? I think it is awesome you have knit your husband so many sweaters. I’ve made my bf only socks and a hat. I’ve told him about the sweater curse…but it’s really just laziness on my part.

  16. mai

    this is a great tradition. it’s nice to knit for someone who really appreciates it! and i didn’t realize that you guys work together. must make for easy carpooling :)
    i really love beck – you should make that one next!

  17. whitney

    I can’t wait to see more of that sweater. You put me to shame, with yearly sweaters for your beloved…I’ve still not managed to even finish *one* for mine!

  18. Right Out Loud

    I’m making the same sweater for my man this year. I haven’t actually cast on yet, as I’m waiting for the Eco Wool to arrive. But I’ll be watching your progress.

  19. Lin

    The only thing that my husband has ever wanted me to knit was an ipod cosy, in black!! You have a nice husband for liking your knits so much!

  20. Lauren

    I didn’t realize you and Kris work together! How adorable is that. I met (or re-met, I guess) my fiance when we both worked at the library. That was hands-down my favorite job of all time.

  21. Jenna

    Kris gets major points for being such an appreciative handknit-wearer. Certainly well deserving of another sweater. It really is such a sweet tradition. I’m glad that you’re using that yarn, too! I hope you like it, since you still have quite a bit on hand :)

    I’ve been feeling like I’ve wanted to make some yarn impulse buys lately, too. I may need you to talk me down. xoxo

  22. Leslie

    The sweater will be wonderful! I already like what I’m seeing…

  23. ali

    Lucky husband! I knit my husband his first handkit sweater last winter… I’d better decide on the next one soon, or he’ll be getting a hat this year.

    Happy sweater finishing!

  24. Nonnahs

    Yes, Kris is certainly a lucky, lucky man!

  25. lekkercraft

    If i had a guy, I’d knit him patterns from Interweave too! They have some nice patterns for men. What a lucky husband! Can’t wait to see how the sweater looks in the lighter color. And thanks for showing me the link for Color Style — interesting patterns in there!

  26. Lolly Knitting Around » To the ‘Burgh!

    [...] four hours up to western Pennsylvania, but Kris laughed it off and said “You need to work on my sweater, remember?” Of course, that made me happy because I would much rather knit than drive… [...]

  27. Heather

    Hi there-

    Love the color you chose for this sweater! I have some questions… I’m making this sweater and my gauge is right on. However, at the point where it says the right sleeve should be 18 1/2 inches mine was way smaller. A little math told me that 18 1/2 inches just wouldn’t be right. So I added length. Actually, I added 5 or 6 inches because it was so short–came way up past my wrist and this is for someone who is 6’2″! Now I’m at the point where you cast on for the back. 60 stitches would make the length about 20 inches, including half of the sleeve width. Too short. I added 4 stitches. Now I’ve done the P7 and knit one and the pattern says work in pattern to the end. What pattern? I’m assuming not the linen stitch, but stockinette (with the 13 linen stitches included in the very middle–maybe that’s what she means?). There aren’t any pictures of the back of the sweater.

    So I’m just wondering how Kris’s sweater came out fit-wise? Did you have to change any of the numbers? And how did you interpret the “work in pattern” instructions?

  28. Heather

    this is my correct email address. i was in the process of changing it in my previous post and accidentally hit enter. sorry!!


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