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…you just have to stop for a moment and look at all the beauty around you…

Monday Favoriti Mosaic!!

1. Fern Art, 2. cabled mittens, 3. christmas bokeh , 4. Twelve pairs, 5. Thumbless Thrummies,

6. There’s a bug on my violet!, 7. Proserpinaca palustris, 8. Untitled, 9. Tiny Flora, 10. Untitled,

11. _MG_0354, 12. Most of my hats…, 13. Sunny Side Up, 14. Bubblegum, 15. Reflecting,

16. srsly. awesome seats., 17. Komb, 18. distortion #1, 19. really blue, 20. Untitled,

21. Icy Cold Blue, 22. Happy Blue Monday!!, 23. Korknisse, 24. finished!, 25. Loops!,

26. chevalier, 27. maneki neko, 28. hammered, 29. England – London, 30. kokka linen tape


As I go through photographs on Flickr, I come across so many that give me pause.  Beauty – skill – reality.  I mark them as favorites and don’t really plan how they will fit together until I assemble this collage (with the Big Huge Labs Flickr Mosaic Maker tool).  I am always amazed when I put them together how so many of the images fit into a subconscious theme.  It is not a particular surprise that nature and knitting are my biggest inspirations from week to week – I always enjoy seeing the seasonal influences as well.  This week - the week of the Winter Solstice and the wonderful holiday celebrations – I have snowflakes, lights, and decorations, among the warm and wooly knits.

Where are you finding your inspiration?

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  1. Renee

    What a lovely mosaic. I find inspiration in places like Flckr and Ravelry, but also in unexpected places in tasks and happenings in my day. And always in from nice blogs like this one!

  2. Aunt Kathy

    I love playing with Moasic Maker… your’s is wonderful

  3. Zarah

    That’s a gorgeous collage. I’m really enjoying the small moments of peace that I’ve been on the lookout for during this holiday season.

  4. Josiane

    I’m not always quite sure where my inspiration comes from. Sometimes, ideas pop into my mind, either out of nowhere or at the end of a long (and not necessarily coherent) chain of thoughts. I wish I knew more clearly where is the source of my inspirations, and how I can feed it and make the most out of it. One thing I know, though, is that I need more mental space.
    Thanks, Lolly, for asking that question, making me think about it and put this into words. You are, as always, a wonderful source of inspiration.

  5. Wanett

    I find that my inspiration is less of an “aha” moment and more of a slow burn. I’ve had ideas for knits, stories, toys, meals, you name it, for months (years in some cases) that suddenly decide that now is time to be born and then they are.

  6. Jenna

    I’m finding inspiration in the forced slowed-pace of our recent snow days and the simple act of making loops with yarn. That simple act can gradually build a treasure, which I am certainly in need of these days.

    Thanks for speaking with me today. Tons of love to you.

  7. Estee

    My inspiration usually comes flooding in from magazines, flikr photos, walking around town, lying in bed…. or I’m dried up for months and just dont get it at all. I do write everything down in my journal and maybe one day I shall create maybe a third of what I’ve thought up!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family. x

  8. Tally

    When I have a space full of time my very own ideas come floating in my head. It’s always the best sign that I’m relaxed.

    Since with a demanding job and many, maybe too many things I’m pursuing, this mostly is not the state I’m in.
    Then blogs, photos, mags, things I notice around me in nature and in town keep me going.

    Right now I’m already on holiday vacations – and for a change I don’t travel. I want this timespace for getting prepared and create.

    Good holidays for you and thanks for your inspiration on weigh loss and food

  9. (formerly)no-blog-rachel

    Lolly, one of my favorite things about you is how you see the beauty that’s around you. I’m a pretty positive person but you always manage to give even me a lift!

    Happy Holidays

  10. knithoundbrooklyn

    Oh, that mosaic is just gorgeous! There is a ton of inspiration in there, thanks for showing us how your creative mind works. Just lovely.

  11. Elizabeth

    What a lovely collage! (And a lovely blog! So glad to have found it…)

  12. Claire

    Wow. Consider me officially amazed and inspired!

  13. felinemagnet

    Really evocative mosaic! Also, it reminds me that I had wanted to make korknisse as ornaments this year. Oh well. Maybe I should start them in January to be sure I have them for next Christmas!

  14. Sarah

    I get a lot of inspiration from magazines and catalogs, which I cut up and keep in my “idea journal”. Sometimes its a picture of a sweater I’d like to make, or a beautiful room design, or even just how an item was photographed. Most of my knitting inspiration comes from Ravelry and blogs. I’m in a happy place, where I know I will never have a shortage of ideas!

  15. Cassy

    Excellent mosaic. I get inspiration from drool-worthy sweaters in Anthropologie catalogs, blogs, and magazines.

  16. tiennie

    Happy holidays to you!

  17. amanda

    oh I love these mosaics!

    don’t you just lose hours in Flickr? Totally absorbing!

    Merry Christmas Lolly!

  18. cici

    Beautiful… Merry Christmas!!!

  19. Wendolene

    Wow–what a gorgeous mosaic! Things like that inspire me, other bloggers, fiction books, movies, stuff I see when I’m shopping…Basically, random things I pull out of the flow of everyday life and jumble together in my brain.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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