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Christmas Celebration
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Christmas Celebration

Christmas Dinner Setting


My mother’s Christmas dinner table – silver birds and amaryllis lily

Christmas came and went so quickly this year – but during the actual celebration, it was quite lovely to look up and see the faces of my loved ones all around me.  It was a nice holiday.  I hope you had a great holiday too!

Up until Christmas Eve, I was finishing up the knitting project that kept me busy for the last few weeks… Backstory: I got a phone call from my sister’s new mother-in-law (remember her wedding in October?) after Thanksgiving about the possibility of knitting my sister (the newest member of their family) a stocking to match the family’s handknit stockings – ca. 1980s.  I agreed.  She gave me a model – Andrew’s stocking – to follow for style, dimensions and colors, and I was off to figure it out.  I stopped by the LYS to check out the yarn selection.  I came across a stocking kit with a generic colorwork pattern that was similar style, so I decided to take the plunge…

Star colorwork

Sarah's name embroidered

The template stocking had duplicate stitch colorwork on it, and I decided to do traditional stranding for Sarah’s stocking.  So, it was not the same exact style, but definitely inspired by the template…

Christmas Miracle Stocking  / Knit in Brown Sheep Lambs Pride and Berroco Metallic FX / Size 10.5 needles

"Christmas Miracle Stocking"

…and on Christmas Eve, I bound off, embroidered her name on the cuff, and added a braided hanger for the mantle… just in time for her mother-in-law to pick it up and take it away.  (It was still a little damp from the blocking!)  If I had had more time, I would have done a second blocking because some of the stranded areas – particularly on the instep of the foot – were still puckering slightly.  However, I am sure that once the stocking was filled with candies and goodies, the puckering would be the last thing on anyone’s mind!  Sarah’s stocking came out slightly longer than Andrew’s.  Andrew just laughed when I showed it to him on Christmas Eve and said that he was happy that Sarah’s was a little bigger – maybe so he could steal some of the candy from hers?

Andrew + Stockings

Andrew + Stockings

The Brown Sheep Lambs’ Pride yarn was true to its nature as a hardy and sturdy yarn.  I liked working with it.  To add a little something special, I also picked up a skein of Berroco Metallic FX in silver to hold with the white wool and to add sparkle to the cuff, heel, and toe of the stocking.  It created a little more bulk with the two yarns held together, and gave me an easy canvas to embroider Sarah’s name on it.

Since the stocking was a surprise for Sarah, she did not see it until Christmas morning when she celebrated with her in-laws.  She called me on Christmas morning and was excited to tell me that she had received it and that it was great.  I was just so happy that I was able to finish it – and that I was able to find a way to follow a template, yet still have some fun and add a little of my own style into it as well!  :)

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18 Responses

  1. martha in california

    Lolly, the stocking is beautiful! I love the christmacy color combination.
    It’s nice to know you had a wonderful holiday with your family.
    Here’s to a Happy New Year!

  2. Aunt Kathy

    What a great stocking…

  3. Renee

    Your knit stocking is wonderful!! Great job. :)

  4. sarah b.

    That was awesome! I love the stocking, but especially the sentiment behind it. We have a stocking tradition in our family and I think it’s my favorite of all of our Christmas traditions!

  5. mai

    this is great! she’s not expecting or even trying (yet), but i’ve already got a request from my cousin for a handknit stocking for the future little one :)

  6. Elinor

    Wow, that’s a great stocking! Every year, I feel a little guilty when I see people with Christmas stockings hanging. I always want to knit some for my family but 1) that’s a lot of work and 2) what if I don’t really celebrate Christmas? Can I still make stockings? I’ve thought about quilting some but it seems there’s nothing quite like the hand knitted stocking, as your sister’s family appreciates, I’m sure.

  7. LittleWit

    The stocking looks wonderful! :)

  8. Estee

    The stocking came out great. Well done!

  9. Nadia

    What a great story!! The stocking is beautiful! She’s lucky to have such a great sister!

  10. Anna

    It’s great; what a lovely surprise for your sister on Christmas morning! We have needlepoint stockings that we bought when our children were babies and we were living in the States. They’ve become part of the backdrop of our Christmas after so many years of use.

  11. Vera

    The stocking is wonderful, and I like those decorations.

  12. cici

    The stockings are beautiful!!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  13. whitney

    What a great surprise for your sister! The stocking looks fabulous. I had high hopes of making stockings for my husband and I this Solstice, but didn’t follow through. Next year!

    Happy Holidays, Lolly!

  14. Brooke

    Beautiful! I just love it!

  15. kessa

    What a great stocking and nice surprise for your sister! Happy Holidays!

  16. Harpa J

    What a lovely surprise for your sister!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  17. Leslie


  18. Josiane

    How nice of your sister’s mother-in-law to want for Sarah a stocking that would fit with those of the rest of the family! That’s a lovely story, and your gorgeous stocking makes for a wonderful conclusion to that story!

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