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First Goal of 2009!
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First Goal of 2009!

I was having a conversation with one of my fellow hockey-loving pals over on Ravelry, and we dreamed up this fun idea of starting an informal knitalong for our group in January… we would focus on making some hats – perfect for the cold weather in the northern hemisphere – and we could knit while watching our favorite teams.

The January Hat Trick knitalong was born… Each participant is going to try to knit three hats in the month of January – effectively scoring a “hat trick” (three goals in hockey) as they complete three knit (or crochet) hats. At the end of the month, the participants that have completed hats can enter their hats into a contest and the other participants will vote on the *Three Stars* of the knitalong (the hats that get the most votes will be the stars of the knitalong).  Just a little fun – if you are so inclined, you can check out the original post on Ravelry!

…and today, on the very first day of the year, and the first day of the knitalong, while watching my beleagured Pittsburgh Penguins lose (again) 3-2, I completed my first goal… er, hat :)   I like to think that it was a perfect wrist shot, going over the goaltender’s shoulder – didn’t even see it coming!

Hat and Sidney Crosby

Purly MarioBeret
Pattern: MarioBeret (Ravelry free pattern link)
Designer: Jatta Saukko at Jatta Soheltaa (blog is in Finnish / pattern in English)
Yarn: Folktale Fibers Patchwork Handspun – Earthen colorway (wool/cotton/silk/bamboo blend)
Needles: Size US 8/5.00 mm 16″ circular

*(More Photos of the MarioBeret here)

A simple and sweet pattern – with so many ways to embellish and dress it up.  I love Jatta’s original idea of adding the crochet detail to the side.  Since I chose to work with such a textural and colorful yarn, I didn’t think that my hat needed any more dressing up, but if I make the pattern again, I will definitely consider this option.  And can I just give a *huge* shout out to Abby at Folktale Fibers?  I fell in love with this yarn when I saw it at the Crafty Bastards show in June and was reminded of it beauty when I saw Knitting School Dropout and Owl and Acorn using it), and when I decided to use it for a hat pattern, I wanted something simple.  Jatta’s pattern fit the bill perfectly.  And within a matter of hours on New Year’s Day, I had a new hat! I liked the way the yarn looked with the reverse stockinette side out, and I took care to finish it nice and neat, so it is pretty much reversible, I can change it to reflect however I feel on the given day!

…now to knit at least two more this month so that my hat trick can be complete!

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32 Responses

  1. Emilee

    Very cute. Happy new year!

  2. Rene' Sharp

    Love the hat, it looks so good on you. Your blog is fantastic!! I have recently rediscovered my love of knitting and find your work so inspirational. Thanks

  3. Nicole

    Score!!! I’m in!

    Like I said in my Ravelry post, I hope this will improve my poor Senators’ mojo. At this point, they need all the help they can get.

    Thanks Lolly for such a fun KAL. And I love your hat. That yarn is almost as gorgeous as Sidney Crosby.

  4. Mom

    You are soooo cute! XXOO

  5. Renee

    Great hat! Is the KAL through your blog or through Rav? I love the “hat trick” idea.

  6. Jatta

    Lovely!! Why oh why we don’t have such beautiful yarns here in Finland?!

  7. Nachaele Olson

    Love to see pictures of your smile……..they always make me smile! Love the hat, it is so cute on you! Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what you knit in 2009!

  8. Cirilia

    I LOVE your shirt…and the hat, and glasses, your haircut, etc. etc.!

  9. Caroline

    I’m in! Go Habs Go!

  10. Jessica Kaufman

    Yeah, what shirt is that?

  11. Jacey

    Cool KAL, and I love the hat! I might have to try that pattern with some purchased handspun I’ve been dying to use. Happy new year!

  12. caroline

    I really like the shirt you have on under the cardigan– where did you get it?

  13. knithoundbrooklyn

    I will join the chorus and ask about the shirt because the first time I saw the shots on Flickr I thought the same thing.
    I love the hat, and if you have already finished one on the first day, then doing three is going to be a slam-dunk….er, wait that’s basketball!

  14. aspen

    The designer says that the pattern was inspired by Super Mario Bros – but my first thought was Mario Lemeuix! I like that better. Great knit, btw.

  15. mai

    i love that picture of you – you look so happy! cute hat :)

  16. Marisol

    Very fun and I am totally in two! Happy New Year! Love the Mario Beret I may have to make a couple of these as my Father and Brother were both named Mario!

  17. Jenna

    What a cute idea, and a great stashbuster to boot! Of course, I love the color and texture of the beret. It will add instant interest to any outfit. Yay! Can’t wait to see 2 and 3!

  18. Josiane

    The goaltender had no chance to see it coming! At this rate, your hat trick will be completed in no time! You are right: with such a beautiful yarn, the hat didn’t need anything more to turn out beautifully.

  19. Jeannelou

    Happy new year Lolly! Meilleurs voeux de France. Bravo pour votre joie de vivre et vos réalisations.

  20. WiscJennyAnn

    Great idea, great hat! Oh, and I love love love your yellow top– where do you get it?? :D

  21. WiscJennyAnn

    Oh… Ha! Tons of people already asked and you already answered (thanks!)… oops ;-)

  22. Guinifer

    Ha! You should try being a MN Wild fan.
    (pouts quietly)

  23. Lin

    I loe the handspun in that hat, very nice colours.

  24. Nora

    Beautiful! [Love the shirt.]

  25. Stacey

    Very cute! I love how it’s a bit of a bucket design. I have at least 2 hats to knit this month….

  26. Denise

    That looks so sweet on you :-)

  27. Nonnahs

    What a fun idea! Have fun with it!

  28. Stacey

    I think I might have to join that KAL! Watched the Pens finally win last night! Woo hoo! Too bad it wasn’t a shut out, but at least they finally won!

  29. katie m.

    What a lovely hat! I hope it made up for the loss …

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    [...] hat pattern Finish at least one pair of socks Finish 3 hats (hat trick!  love that classification, just like Miss Lolly.) Start another [...]

  31. catherine

    I love this Beret! to cute

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