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Creating a Diversion
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Creating a Diversion

Hey hey – look over here!

(and don’t think about how I still haven’t fixed Kris’s pullover…)

While I should have been fixing one knit, I decided to work on others… for the obligations of my knitalong the January Hat Trick on Puck This!, the Ravelry hockey forum.  I guess I can say that the hat knitting has proven to be quite fun AND addictive.  I still have tons of hats planned for January… even though I completed my first Hat Trick! (Three hats, like three hockey goals, constitutes a “hat trick”!)


Hat & Max Talbot

This was a quickie goal scored in the first period – the first third of the month! – on a great feed from one of my favorite players, Mr. Max Talbot (see him behind me?)  I completed this hat during the Penguins win over Atlanta earlier this week.

*Aspen Hat*
Pattern: “Aspen” from Classic Elite book #9092 (Autumn, Book 1)
Yarn: Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big, navy colorway, held double throughout
Needles: Size US 13 dpns
[More photos here]

I chose to go with a lighter weight yarn and went down one needle size (from 15s to 13s) in order to reduce some of the flop.  It is an extremely stretchy hat due to the lace patterning.  I think it would be a completely different look had I used the larger bulky yarn and big needles.  However, I like the hat, and while it isn’t really a winter weather warmth hat because of the holes, it is still cute and will get some wear in the transition seasons.


Penguins Patch Hat - Goal #3

This goal was a slapshot from the blue line!  Hat trick complete!  but, since I am now addicted to making hats, I think I will definitely be casting on for some more this month! Actually, this hat is for Kris – but since it was my third goal of the month (and Kris wasn’t home) here I am wearing it – I finished it up during the Penguins sad loss to Colorado (but, it was a good game).  Maybe next time the power of the hat can propel them to a win?

Penguins Patch Hat
Pattern: Ski Beanie from Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch: 45 Projects to Knit and Crochet for Men
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, black and yellow
Needles: Size US 5 circs – 16″

[More Photos Here]

I had thought about getting a patch for a hat for awhile, but when I met Amanda and her DH back in November and saw the football patch hat that she made for him, I decided to go for it.  The patch adds a classy vintage look and the hat is way better than the acrylic machine knit hats you often see at fan and sporting goods shops.  I found the patch online – there are many on Ebay as well as on different fan sites for just about any team and sport you can think of – in fact, I picked up two because I am definitely gonna need one now too :)   The pattern was easy and fun – a garter rib pattern that adds a slightly different look than the traditional ribbing.  It fits really well – snug but not tight and covers the ears well.  I would probably make this one again given the opportunity (I can already see myself making this one for my football-loving brother-in-laws) The pattern in the book is knit flat and seamed up, but I modified to knit it in the round, simply changing the 2nd row of the repeat to *knit* rather than *purl* since it was in the round.  I avoid seaming when I can!  First time working with Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and I can see why this yarn is so popular – it is beautiful.  I am hoping that it holds the shape and doesn’t fuzz, because I am sure this hat is going to get a ton of wear!  In fact, of all of the things I have knit for Kris – socks & sweaters – I believe that this one may be his favorite of all!

Penguins Patch Hat

…okay, and now I can work on the pullover fixes… or cast on for another hat… I still have plenty of January left for another set of goals :)

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32 Responses

  1. Melissa

    Long time lurker – was drawn to a post about New Bern, where I live around the corner from the Weaver’s Webb… :)

    Awesome hats, and can I say, you are looking absolutely fantastic! Well done not only on your knitting but on your health and fitness. Inspiring!

  2. Renee

    Great hat trick! Lovely hats. :)

  3. Rose

    Love the hats! You’re right; the Berroca Ultra Alpaca is a great yarn. I keep meaning to buy and use more of it. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Leslie

    Super cute! Hats are absolutely my favorite project. They are quick, yet have a big impact. (Baby hat are especially quick and can be especially cute!) In fact, I have been working on a huge afghan for months — I am only 1/2 way done. I intersperse my afghan knitting with small projects like hats so I don’t go crazy — and don’t get too sidelined with other projects… Looking forward to seeing more. :)

  5. Kim

    I love the Pens hat!

    I was at that game yesterday-actually right near where your screen shot was. It was a good game(even though our boys lost)–at least I got to see Sidney, Geno, and Staal score :)

    I love Kris’ Pens sweatshirt too.

  6. GeekKnitter

    I’ve got a stocking cap out of Ultra Alpaca. I’ve worn it every day for the past several days, and I see no sign of it getting pilly or fuzzy. Love that Pens hat!

  7. Sarah

    Your hats look GREAT! Congrats on getting them in the first period!!

  8. Chrissie

    Great hats! I especially love the simple, vintage-y look of Kris’ hat.

  9. Shannon

    I. Love. This. Hat. GO PENS!!!

  10. sarah b.

    Ooooh, the patch hat is a great idea!

  11. Cirilia

    Excellent mixed media hat! The patch is a very cool addition. This year I’m super interested in merging knitting with woven fabrics and other non-knitting materials.

    And I know I’m biased but Ultra Alpaca is a great yarn–it’s soft and will fuzz a little but not in a horrid way. Any pilling is easily fixed with a sweater shaver, but it’s really pretty hardy! I had some fingerless gloves (lost ‘em!) made out of it then they just wouldn’t quit, and I wore them to shovel, do yard work, etc.

  12. LittleWit

    I love the patch hat. I will have to go hunt for a patch for our alma mater and make matching ones for the boy and I. :)

  13. katebee

    Excellent hats! I’ve made several items out of Ultra Alpaca, and while the sweater I knit my mom on size 10s pills and fuzzes like mad, the hats I’ve made on smaller needles are fairly pristine.

    Go for the double hat trick! I think I will be. :)

  14. Erica

    Distractions are absolutely necessary before dealing with a disappointing sweater. Congratulations on making the new favorite hat!

  15. tiennie

    Hmm…I seem to be dealing with the same thing. I’m totally putting off finishing Matt’s sweater so that I don’t have to do the steeking. Eek.

  16. Josiane

    Both hats are great! I like the look of the lighter weight yarn held double in your Aspen hat, and the Penguins hat was a fun idea!

  17. mel

    Yay! Great hats :) And good luck with the sweater fix, the fabric looks lovely even if the finished article didn’t meet expectations!

  18. stacey

    Cute!!!!! Love the patch hat!

  19. LizzieK8

    Very nice hats! I need to make some more sports hats for my sons!

    If you do one round of black in st st right after the yellow ribbing and then continue your ribbing pattern, you won’t get those yellow dashes between the yellow and black.

    Yellow ribbing
    change color to black st st for one round
    Black ribbing to finish hat

  20. Jacey

    You’re so fast! I’m still plugging away at hat #2.

  21. amanda

    Love it! I just made some Ravens hats for my dad and brother using some cool iron on patches from eBay. It works great!

  22. Stephanie

    You’re just a busy little knitting bee, aren’t you! Great hats.

  23. kathy b

    Dear Lolly

    I can knit fairisle but I cannot understand off sides in Hockey, or any sport for that matter. Now that the Blackhawks are cute and good, I watch the games with Fireman . he says i’d understand it if I could see the whole rink at once.

    Is there a girl way to explain this?

    I’d love you to.

  24. Siew

    I can’t say I’m a fan of hockey (alright, toss tomatoes at me now) but I’m inadvertently headed for a “hat trick” for January as I cast on for my third hat this month today. How did that happen? I don’t know. Does it count that one of my hats was for a serious hockey fan?

  25. Nonnahs

    Woo hoo! Love the hats!

  26. Péitseoga

    i’m the same, avoid seaming wherever i can!!

  27. Jenna

    I don’t think you need to create too big of a diversion from the sweater. I mean, it’s been naughty and it needs to go into time out, right?

    Awesome job finishing the hats! The penguins one is especially great because you can tell Kris really likes it. It will end up being a classic, because it’s simple and right up his alley.

    Is there such a thing as a double hat trick? You should go for one – you’re on a roll!

  28. fawn pea

    How cute are you with those hockey backgrounds?? My hat trick for January will be three consecutive days with naps. It will be great! And maybe I’ll get a few rows of knitting done. ; )

  29. mai

    awesome hats! those pictures of you are great – you are so cute!!

  30. Lauren

    I’m obsessed with your Penguins hat!! I just ordered a Ravens patch from ebay to make a purple one for my bf… or me :)

  31. Y. Wilkenfeldt

    Hi Lolly,

    Love your hats, love the blog!! I have a question. I know you’re super busy and probably won’t have time to answer this, but just in case…

    I’m a beginning knitter, and I really want to knit the Penguins hat you made (in Oregon State colors). I got the book for the pattern, but as I am still new to the craft, I don’t quite know how to alter patterns. I want to do what you did – make this in the round (I also hate stitching hats together and usually only pick patterns that are knit in the round).

    Your instructions were pretty clear but what about the decreases? Is there anything you altered for that?


    P.S. Love your new vest!! So pretty!

  32. Yoga Witch

    Hey Lolly,

    Meant to send this to you back in March. Your Penguins hat was such an inspiration that I made an OSU Beavers hat for my bro-in-law for his b’day earlier this year.


    Thanks for keeping up this great blog. Love your projects and yoga information!

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