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Not the Last Word
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Not the Last Word

The work is still not done… but just to show you the “before” photos…

Woven Bands Pullover

Woven Bands Pullover
Pattern: Interweave Knits, Winter 2008
Yarn: Fingerlakes Soft Wool 3-ply
Needles: Size US 10

Thank goodness Kris’s smile distracts from the crazy neckline, right??  (and yes, he is 28 years old but looks like he is 16… he gets carded all the time.  I figure that he will keep this baby face and I will be mistaken for his mother one of these days… or a cougar…)

Apart from the crazy wide boatneck, I am happy with how this looks.  It blocked well and has the relaxed Woven Bands Pullover - Sleeve Cuff detaillook in the sleeves and torso that Kris appreciates in a sweater.  He tried it on with both a t-shirt and with a collared shirt (seen below) and the neckline looked equally big in both – no two ways around it.  So, something clearly has to be done. However, he did say  that unless I can figure out a way to fix the neckline, he probably won’t wear it.  I can’t blame him.  The neckline is huge.  I tried to bring it in one inch on either side, but it was not enough, and it was very hard to get the seams even without puckering (there are decreases right there).

I have quite a few options from here – the first being the obvious:  RIP it and just chock it up to experience.  The second option: steal it and make it *my* sweater.  I do like boatnecks and tunics… The other option:  figure out a way to fix it.  Thanks to you all – and my friends on Ravelry and Flickr – I now have lots of suggestions on how to fix it.  Because the sweater was knit side-to-side, it is a little Woven Bands Pullover harder to just pick up stitches along the neckline.  I want it to look like it is supposed to be there, not just thrown in later.   I am planning to explore the options over the coming holiday weekend… should give me enough time to come up with something or to make the decision to just cut my losses and rip it out.  I want to make it work though, because I really do like the way it looks on him everywhere else!

I really loved this Fingerlakes Soft Wool yarn.  It was a last minute purchase at Maryland Sheep and Wool this  past year – great yardage and really great price too for such pretty colors and texture.  The mill gathers wool from the sheep of the Finger Lakes region of New York and produces this yarn (and a few other weights of yarn). The light heathery blue totally caught my eye in their festival stand – and I actually went back the next day and bought one more colorway in the same weight (a royal blue).  When Kris was looking through my stash for his choice of yarn for the anniversary sweater, he chose this one.  I was totally surprised – he usually goes for dark colors – brown, navy, dark green – so the light blue was a nice surprise pick.

So, this is not the last word on this sweater… you may see it again real soon – hopefully with some good fixes!  In the meantime, I have some other projects on the needles… I couldn’t help myself :)

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27 Responses

  1. Joan in WA

    Has anyone suggested a wedge shaped piece added at each shoulder, drawing up as much neckline as possible in the pickups? I did a summer top once with a boat neck that had that shoulder detail and it looked wonderful.

  2. sue

    The colorway does suit Kris very well doesnt it. Pity about the poor design in the neckline. I hope you find the perfect solution and dont have to reknit the whole sweater again, although if you did it would be worth it to make him happy.

  3. Rachel

    Wow, the stitching is so beautiful it is a shame about the neckline. I like the wedge idea that Joan suggested, also I do think the sweater looks a better with the collared shirt, but maybe try some different colored collared shirts? The white is a bit of a stark contrast, and perhaps highlights the neckline more than you might want.

    My only other thought is some sort of crochet or I cord neckline, but I am not sure if this might be too feminine?

  4. mai

    lolly, he does have an amazing smile! the sweater is so lovely aside from that neckline, so i hope you find a fix for it. is it not an option to pick up stitches around the neckline?

  5. chemgrrl

    Well, I’ll bet it would look great on you! :)

    Good luck. It is a beautiful sweater.

  6. Aponi

    If you decide to rip it out, could you use the sleeve patterning on a basic pullover? Whoever designed that neckline for a guy wasn’t thinking clearly! Maybe you could keep the sweater for yourself and knit him a different one, with the same sleeve decoration in the same yarn?

  7. Meg

    I feel for Kris’s baby face. I’m 25 and I still get asked if I’ve finished high school yet. Not only have I finished high school, but I’m almost done with a Master’s degree!

  8. LittleWit

    The sweater looks wonderful. The fit is great. :) I see what you mean about the neckline though. I can’t wait to see how you fix it up.

  9. Anna

    It’s so -almost- perfect, I really hope that you can fix the neckline. Love the cougar comment, but from your photos you look pretty great yourself!

  10. Erica

    The sweater does really fit perfectly in every other way. I’m sure you can figure something out! Good luck!

  11. Debi

    What a pity because otherwise it looks so great on him and the knitting is lovely!

    I still think my plan will work :)

  12. Brittany

    I can’t believe that is wool. The way it drapes looks like what you’d expect with a smoother fibre. Pity about the neckline.

  13. stacey

    So frustrating. I’m sure with all the options people gave you one of them will work! It will be interesting to see what you come up with….(PS – still working on a yoke pattern to do! I have to talk to Forest….)

  14. Lin

    It does look nice but the neckline is such a shame. I am afraid I have no ideas to help!

  15. Anne

    I really like Joan’s suggestion – sort of like a heel gusset on each side? It’d give a nod to sort of a gansey style, although I suppose they put those type of inserts into the armpit shaping and not the neck, but you could totally unvent that!

  16. Kara

    He does have the best smile. I love the idea of you becoming a faux cougar. haha!

    I do love this pattern. And hopefully you can find a way to save it so all that knitting doesn’t go to waste.

  17. EtSu

    Good luck, can’t wait to see how it finally turns out.

  18. Trailing Mira

    Great sweather!… I vote you keep it for yourself! (sorry Kris)….. (I know I would… hehe)

  19. Cristi-Lael

    You’re right, it’s the perfect fit for him if you could just fix the collar. I vote for you to fix it, can’t be an indian giver, you know…

  20. Jenna

    Aw, it’s sad because it’s a lovely sweater, apart from that durn neckline. It’s a wonderful color on Kris and the fit is great. Like I said on Flickr, it’s just a little too Renn Faire for him…

    I really think that sweater was supposed to be for a woman, but they had a man model it so it would seem like they had a men’s pattern in that issue. Bad move.

    Heh, you are SO a cougar – you are older, aren’t you? ;P

  21. tiennie

    It does fit pretty great! I can’t wait to see how you fix the neckline!

  22. Margot

    What a good sport Chris is!! Not many people would pose for a photo in an ill-fitting sweater. But you’re right, it looks good on hime except for the neck and I think it’s worth a try or two to fix it. Look forward to seeing how it turns out! Good luck.

  23. Josiane

    Besides the neckline, the sweater is perfect on him. I hope you can find a way to make it work!

  24. Rima Aranha

    It is a beauty! Sorry to hear about the neckline. Bummer.

  25. Marie

    He looks very handsome in that shade of blue. It fits him perfectly everywhere else. I do hope you can fix the neckline and in turn save the sweater. Good luck!

  26. meg

    really stunning – that icy blue is my favorite color

  27. Leslie

    Fabulous colour!!! He rocks the blue.

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