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Appreciation of the Yoke
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Appreciation of the Yoke

Although the Aftur sweater that I made in 2007 was not my *first* yoked garment (I also made the Balmoral Yoke Closeup cardigan and the Tempting sweater in 2005 but they were not my best work… I was still a beginner when I made both of those) the Icelandic colorwork yoked pullover was the one that pretty much “sealed the deal” and made me fall head over heels in love with yoking.  My first colorwork garment and one of my all-time favorite knits – I couldn’t

Malsens Lett-Lopi Vest from Ravelry

Malsen's Lett-Lopi Vest from Ravelry

wait to make some more.

…and I am not the only one with yokes on the brain… Whitney started the perfectly named Society for the Appreciation of Yoked Sweaters blog and Ravelry group and there are some beautiful sweaters in the Ravelry gallery that really inspire me.  Stacey and I have weekly conversations about which yoked colorwork projects we are planning… and I just saw the Lopi #28 preview

No more waiting. I decided to try one of the free patterns from the Istex website, the Lett-Lopi Vest (links to .pdf) – a vest knit in the round with a pretty and relatively simple colorwork yoke.   I cast on with some of the yarn leftovers from my Aftur – Lite Lopi and some Védís Vest recycled yarn from a thrift shop sweater.  I am using the great heathery violet with indigo undertones for the main body, and I am planning to use mustard, ivory, black, and possibly another color for the yoke.  The pattern only calls for three colors but this Lolly isn’t afraid to use the stash and to use the color!  I decided to call my vest the  “Védís Vest”, named after the designer of this vest (and many amazing Lopi patterns, including Aftur), Védís Jónsdóttir.

… and without sleeves to worry about, this vest is pretty much flying off the needles!  I guess it is a warm up for the Vest-uary knitalong next month?  (great idea, Sarah!)

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30 Responses

  1. Renee

    Love the colour you’ve cast on, looking forward to seeing your finished vest.
    Happy knitting!

  2. mick

    Oooh, Lolly, this sounds just lovely. Mustard? Love it. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  3. tiennie

    You are so talented! The colorwork is so pretty.

  4. Josiane

    Your colour combo choice sounds great! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  5. Ingrid

    Wow, I had been considering making a Neiman, but have changed plans after seeing the Lett-Lopi vest. It looks amazing, and is much more suitable for the Hong Kong climate. If I complete it during Vest-uary, then I can wear it to the Nordic Knitting Conference….

  6. LittleWit

    I am seeing colorwork everywhere lately. :) I guess that means I need to suck it up and give it another whirl. Any suggestions for a good beginner pattern?

  7. Jane

    I love yokes too! I’ve just joined the Ravelry group, thanks for the heads up :) I can’t wait to cast on for my Aftur sweater… still need to pick out the yarn though. Ho hum. Your vest is going to be just wonderful looking; I can’t wait to watch its progress :)

  8. Ühltje

    If you don’t knit too fast, you might be able to squeeze in a row of lilac as well ;-)

  9. stacey

    Yay yokes!!!!! :)

  10. Prunila

    I like your ideas for projects, Lolly! you are a knitting machine LOL

  11. Lise

    What a gorgeous color! Can’t wait to see more :)

  12. Ingrid

    Ooooh! Thanks for the heads up about Vest-uary! I’m am SO in for that.

  13. Harpa J

    I like you choice of color. This vest is very popular in Iceland right now.

  14. Becky

    Lolly have you seen the lite lopi yoke sweater that Norah Gaughan did for Interweave a few years ago? Here is the rav link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lite-lopi-pullover I have wanted to make this since I first saw it. I love the way she unites the Icelandic and Bohus elements. You are inspiring me to give this a try — I have been procrastinating.

  15. Leslie

    Aftur is one of my own favorite knits too — and it’s a design I wouldn’t have even known about but for your blog. I love seeing the yoked sweaters that you favorite/queue on Ravelry!

  16. EtSu

    Ooh how exciting. The mustard colour sounds cool to. It’s one of my favourites. Can’t wait to see it!

  17. Jenna

    Yokes are pretty awesome, especially when you think about how simple they are, yet they fit the body so well. It’s also amazing how they can work with colorwork in such an intuitive way. I’m not sure if they’re entirely flattering on me, though – they can certainly bring attention to the shoulders of the wearer.

    That vest is totally cute! It will be a great knit for you and will certainly help you get to your NaKni -whatever goal. I can’t wait to see your beautiful knitting and color combinations!

  18. Stephanie

    Oooh! What a cute vest. It makes me think about my gorgeous Butterfly that is STILL unfinished. I really should do something about that. *sigh*

  19. Moni

    That vest is adorable! I want one now!

  20. felinemagnet

    I am still amazed to see Lopi in so many colors! I made a Lopi sweater back in the 80′s (talk about not being my best work!) and the color choices were pretty much white, gray, brown and black. I do still love looking through those old pattern books, though.

  21. Krysia

    Wow, your knitting is perfection! Beautiful seaming!!

  22. whitney

    I’m so excited to see your vest! The colors you’re using look perfect.

    Thanks for the mention of the Ravelry group and blog! Hooray, yokes!

  23. Hespetre

    Thanks for tipping me about the group, I just joined.

    Looks like a really beautiful project – I love that exact color of purple. :)

  24. Lin

    I like the idea of knitting a yolked sweater but am not sure if it would suit my wide shoulders.

  25. astrid

    Have you ever seen this yoke sweater? I am sure you will like it:

  26. Lien

    My only new year’s resolution is to do more colourwork, and one of the reasons for this is those beautiful yoked sweaters. I *will* have one before long!

  27. catherine

    i love the vest… can’t wait to see how yours will turn out ;)

  28. knithoundbrooklyn

    I can’t wait to see this project, the color you chose is so wonderful.

  29. Erica

    I love yoked sweaters! Can’t wait to see how yours comes out. =)

  30. Nonnahs

    That vest is going to be stunning! I can’t wait to see it!

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