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Fun Time Get Togethers
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Fun Time Get Togethers

It’s that feeling you have when you just experienced something so great and you can’t really put it into words… the words that come to mind don’t really capture the true essence of the emotions behind them. 

That was the weekend yoga teacher training for me.  A group of fifteen women (supposedly the first year that there have not been any males in the group) of different ages and backgrounds coming together to study yoga.  After three meetings over the weekend, we were so comfortable with eachVirabhadrasana II: Drishti other!  Our instructors led us through a wonderful introduction, and really set the stage for what will happen over the next 11 months of training.  Since it is a formal certification process, there is a lot of documentation involved:  paperwork, checklists, forms.  We teased that we may as well move in to the studio considering how much time we will be spending there in the next year!  …and so far, that has been exactly the case!  The weekend was not all asana practice (although there was a lot of that!  I actually lost 3 lbs in one weekend with all of the yoga we were doing!) but also included a lot of information about teaching philosophy, anatomy, and yoga philosophies – we focused on ahimsa this month – the practice of non-harm.  This is a concept very close to my heart, and I plan to talk about it in a future post.

One of the big requirements for the Registered Yoga Teacher is doing an apprenticeship with the instructors.  We have a year (basically) to do the apprenticeship over an 11-week span, but I decided to jump right in and start apprenticing now.  Last night, I attended my first Yoga I class.  I was surprised to see the class so full – Maryland was hit with some nasty snow and ice storms and the schools have been canceled – but 20+ people still showed up for the 6:15pm class!  (I like to think that Yoga is 100% Recession-proof, and possibly weather proof too!)  My role in this week’s class was simple – since it was the first class, I assisted with some props, but Utthita Hasta Padangustasana primarily observed the class.  One of the main rules of apprenticing is that I do not practice along with the class – and that was the first time I have been in that situation.  Being in a class but not being IN the class.  However, I found it quite enlightening; when I am not focusing on my own form and poses, I can truly gauge the others in the room.  In the future, I will assist the instructor with adjustments, demonstrations, and possibly leading a sequence of poses later in the session.  This will be an invaluable experience!

After the apprenticeship class, I did have the chance to actually get on my own mat too when I stayed for the next class slot.  It is a more advanced class and definitely provided the challenge that I was looking for.  While I do practice at home very frequently, I usually do not challenge myself with more advanced poses because I am afraid of injury… but in class, when we have properly prepared for these pinnacle poses (Vasisthasana III and Visvamistrasana) with a series of other poses, it seems so right to just go for it.  Small steps and then a big finish!  and of course so many of us in the class fell out the pose, or lost balance, or had to come out.  But it was the process of getting there – and maybe getting a little further than last time! – that provided the reward and satisfaction.  It is finding that split second of stability and calm when you can think “YES!” before promptly falling to the floor :)


With all of the activities, I was surprised that I was able to start a finish another hat last week.  I started the beret on Inauguration Day and finished it up during the NHL All-Star weekend.  A great way to finish up this fun January Hat Trick knitalong!  I got 4 goals over the month – nothing compared to some of the über-knitters over on Ravelry! – but I am happy with the results.  Knitting hats is just so much fun! and as silly as it sounds, I love that I don’t have to knit another one – like socks, mittens, and sleeves! -because we only have one head! 

My creation 

Tweedy Beret
Patten: Tweed Beret, Jo Sharp Knit Issue 3
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed in “Imagine” colorway
Source: All About Yarn – Columbia, MD
Needles: Size US8 circs

With one knitalong concluding, I can’t help but think about the next one Tess Designer Yarns Worsted Merino starting up!  (Rav link) I am “chomping at the bit” to cast on for the DROPS vest in this delicious Tess yarn… the yarn that has been cast on several times and frequently ripped out.  I have a great feeling about this project – I think it is going to work out splendidly!  Sunday is the cast on day!  I will have plenty of opportunity on Sunday as we are headed to see the Washington Capitals play for the Sticks n’ Stitches event AND then off to a Superbowl party that evening.  Another fun and busy weekend ahead!


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42 Responses

  1. Lisa

    It’s great to know that even as an instructor trainee you still fall out of poses. I agree with focusing on the journey, not the finished result – but I think exercise is the only area in my life that I’m like that with.

  2. Leslie

    Your training sounds so exciting and you sound really happy! Yea!!! I, too, love hats. I love the (almost) instant gratification and that you can really put your individual stamp on a hat.

  3. mel

    Awesome, awesome! (The yoga and the beret!)

  4. Jennifer

    thank you for sharing your yoga journey with us. I’ve just joined the Namaste group on Ravelry and am re-committing to my own yoga practice. Challenging myself a little each day in one way or another.

  5. LittleWit

    Have fun at your Sticks N Stitches event! We’re gearing up for ours at the end of February. One of my favorite poses to finally successfully pull off was crow. It makes me laugh every time and I usually end up somersaulting out of it which then made my previous instructor laugh. :)

  6. ames

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, although I don’t comment frequently – but I was struck today by how deep down happy you are lately. Big smiles, bright eyes, happy posts – you glow, woman. Keep on living it. \o/

  7. Gudrun

    Gosh I had never even heard of Visvamistrasana before…..looks impossible….but nice to have something to strive for!

  8. Carolyn

    YOU LOOK FABULOUS! I just need to tell you…I have fallen off the wagon and have been run over by it. You are inspiring me again.

  9. ann

    it’s so great that you are following your dreams to do this, Lolly — and I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!

  10. stacey

    Sounds like you have found your calling!!! It is so neat to hear you write so passionately about yoga! Those poses are crazy!! :) Major strength…..

  11. Yvette

    Lolly, I love your blog. You look so fantastic. You really are inspiring. Congrats.

  12. yaiAnn

    Yay! You’re going for it! I know you’ll have a great time learning and teaching!

  13. Michelle

    Hi – I saw this article today and thought of you. You might find it interesting about.


  14. Kara

    I love hearing about your yoga study. It is so awesome to hear about something that is so special to you.

    PS – You look gorgeous in green!

  15. mai

    lolly, that is so cool. i really want to get into yoga! i’m impressed by your skills!

  16. Robin in VA

    I think it’s awesome you are training to become a yogi! I’m SO amazed at what yoga has done for me, you look fantastic!

  17. Steph

    I loved reading this post, your excitement and energy are so inspiring!

  18. Sarah

    I actually think that vest meshes really well into your yoga practice – it seems like just the thing to put on a the end of the class for a little extra warmth during meditation (that is how my yoga classes are run). good luck with your certification. it seems like it is going to be an amazing journey.

  19. Deirdre

    I am enjoying following your yogic adventures, and admire you for taking on the course. I used to practice yoga faithfully, but have been unable (possibly unmotivated too?) to put together a reasonable program to follow at home. I read along with your Ravelry group, but was wondering if you’d have specific suggestions of where to look, or even how to go about putting together something basic?

  20. knitopia

    That Visvamistrasana pose: holy @#$%!

    It is reassuring to hear that the advanced class still falls out of poses.

  21. Amber

    You are looking awesome! I actually tried Bakasana the other day in a class. I never thought I could do an arm balance, but I held it for about five seconds before completely falling on my face. Hilarious! It was so amazing though!

  22. Renee

    I so enjoy hearing about your yoga journey!

  23. Sonia

    Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I look forward to reading more about your experiences as the year progresses. And I absolutely know what you mean about going for it in class–you have to just try it!

  24. mramichael

    so glad to hear that ytt is starting off so well! i am excited for may more yoga-filled posts!

  25. Jennifer

    Lolly – you have always been inspirational – whether you’re learning something new about knitting, photography, health, weaving or yoga. Your love of learning really comes through your blog and reaches out to all who get to know you. You always look radiant in your pictures… but I think with the yoga and health focus you are scintillating. Keep up this great work. I look forward to learning more right along with you. Now I’m off to look up the yoga schedule at my local gym. KUDOS!

  26. Stephanie

    Oooh, those poses look intimidating, but someday I’ll be able to do them! And I suppose that’s the point – the journey. I can’t wait to hear more about your yoga training, but I’m glad you had a great time. And the beret is awesome. I have a pattern for one and was thinking of casting on this weekend.

  27. felinemagnet

    Sticks and stitches! I can’t wait! Go Caps!

    And, more seriously, reading about your training is so interesting. As students we don’t always think about what the teacher went through to get there.

  28. Mary

    My daughter had gotten tickets for my husband and I to attend the Caps game Sunday, but we have to be present for a board meeting (not a fair trade), so she invited other friends. I was already depressed about missing the game, but I didn’t even realize it was a Stick n’ Stitches event. Guess I will take my knitting to the board meeting. Enjoy the game. And good luck with your yoga training.

  29. Ana

    It sounds so wonderful to read you describing your yoga path! It’s almost as if I’m there! Cosy, warm and relaxing, just as I recall my yoga classes! Good luck with it!

  30. catherine

    too cool! you look fabulous!

  31. Heather

    EEP! I’ve been wanting to do the Back To School vest for a while now, but there’s too many things on my needles to cast on in good conscience!!! Maybe if I am successful in completing All Aboard this weekend, I’ll join you and get another wardrobe piece knocked out instead of casting on for more socks!!!

    And, by the way – you are looking even more FABULOUS these days!!! Don’t disappear on us, Dear Lolly!


  32. katie m.

    Way to go with the yoga teacher training! It sounds like it’s all falling into place (in a good way) … awesome beret, too!

  33. Alicia

    Sounds great. I wish you luck in your journey! Keep us updated!

  34. stacey

    I am excited about your teacher program too – I think I can learn more about my own practice and aspirations through you! Thank you in advance!

  35. gleek

    sounds like you are having a great time apprenticing and learning to be a yoga teacher. how fun!

  36. Nell

    Just for you… Go Steelers!

  37. Mae

    I’ve recently gotten sucked full force into the world of Moksha Yoga. I used to go to a “community class” fairly often, it was a $5 drop in session and I loved doing yoga in the 39C room. Sweating and stretching and straining felt WICKED. Then I quit when the classes caught on and got huge and packed.

    Until last week… when I went in for a ‘regular’ class, bought an unlimited pass on the fly and have been DAILY since.

    There’s no high like a yoga high! I commend you for all the wonderful hard work you and your body have accomplished Lolly ^_^

  38. Sarah

    I love the hat! I truly think no one can ever have too many hats. I know next to nothing about yoga, but it’s great that you have found something that you love, and then pursued it! I have wanted to take irish dancing lessons my whole life… and I’m hoping this summer I will actually be able to do it!

  39. Anna

    The course sounds great – I look forward to reading more about your progress!

  40. kate

    congrats on your #7 ranking on the top 100 knitting blogs…very cool!


    also, dig the beret…adorable on you.

  41. Trailing Mira

    Such a great hat! and I LOVE the bright green. Great colour choice.

  42. Josiane

    It sounds like your yoga teacher training is off to a very good start! Thanks, once again, for sharing your journey with us.

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