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Rockin’ the Red
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Rockin’ the Red

How great is it when you find people who share the same interests and passions as you do?  it is like that instant connection and you just feel like “yep, this is perfect!”  I gotta say, it is too funny that I have found a community through knitting (and through the blog and Ravelry) that share such similar interests and hobbies as I do:

Knitters who love hockey?  Knitters who practice yoga?

Ah, life is complete!

After meeting some fabulous yoginis who love knitting last weekend, it was all about meeting hockey fans who knit this weekend!  Many thanks for Judy for spearheading the awesome NHL Sticks n’ Stitches matinee game between the Washington Capitals and the Ottawa Senators! We knit, we cheered (we had so much to cheer about!) and had such a fun time together!  and it is always fun to actually *be* with the people that you talk to so much online!  Amy and I talk all the time through forum posts, emails, and private messages, and now we got to have a whole afternoon together!

Sticks n' Stitches Matinee!

(Judy, Jessica and her BF, Kelly, Melissa, me, Amy, and her adorable daughter J)

Full house

A full house – surprising on Super Bowl Sunday

Caps Drumline

The Caps Drumline – entertaining before the game and during the 2nd intermission

[All Game Day Photos Here!]

It was the perfect day for a game!  The weather was downright balmy after the below-freezing temperatures of late and Kris and I got in to the city with time to spare before the game.  We met up with the peeps and headed to our seats where we were highly entertained by both teams – and the final score was 7-4 win by the Caps.  So exciting!  and the Caps’ big star, Alexander Ovechkin definitely put on a show – he got a hat trick!  So much fun!  I hope we can do it again soon – maybe next season?  Even if you have never been to a hockey game before (or know nothing about the sport, the atmosphere is so much fun!  … even when your husband’s beer spills on your coat after you celebrate a magnificent goal… :) )  And while my #1 team is the Pittsburgh Penguins, I definitely enjoy watching the Caps play – they are my solid second team – and it is wonderful to see them having so much success right now.  Rock the Red Cowl

Rock the Red Cowl To commemorate the fun Sticks n’ Stitches game, and because I lack any Capitals gear, I decided to cast on for a cowl to wear to the game.  I finished my cowl quickly with the bulky  Chinese yarn that Kimberli gave me back in 2005 – it is a great variegated red and maroon wool and really worked up well in the seed stitch. Simple, easy, and warm.  I love to wear red and black together!

…and then we promptly got home from the hockey game to head to the Super Bowl party – we had time to change the red to black and gold for the Steelers.  Football doesn’t usually hold my attention as well as hockey, but last night’s game was one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory.  So happy with the final results!  What a sporty day!

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17 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    I’m glad you had such a fun-filled weekend. The cowl is great – I’ve added one to my queue because I just think they’re so darned practical and fashionable!

  2. Renee

    Sounds like a great weekend! happy knitting. :)

  3. Catrin

    It’s ALWAYS fun to watch sports live, no matter what sport it is! The atmosphere is so tense!

  4. Natalie

    So glad my Sens could provide you with some amusement. It looks like the game was the last straw & they’ve gone & fired the coach.

    Perhaps a Sticks & Stitches event is what the Sens need to get things moving again.

  5. LittleWit

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time at Sticks N Stitches. Ours is in just under 3 weeks! :) The super bowl last night definitely got exciting there right at the very end. And for household that has grown very accustomed to watching Ohio State lose in championship games it was great to see Holmes (an OSU alum) perform so spectacularly last night. :D

  6. felinemagnet

    I confess to checking out the blog today to see if the pics were up! It was a total blast, and all evening J kept telling me what a great time she had at the game. I forgot to tell you that your cowl looked great and so nice and cozy.

  7. Jamisyn

    Love the cowl. I have lots-o-love for ravelry too. I recently split with a boyfriend and since I’m semi-new to the city I live in I didn’t have many friends. In less than a week I met two woman whom I know will be good friends, all thanks to ravelry!

  8. Aunt Kathy

    You always have such a great smile.

  9. Nicole

    Sob…. My poor Senators….

  10. madison

    when i was a baby, my mom worked at the USAir arena, and she would take me to games, saying i was the team’s good luck charm.

    from this position i can tell you: your cowl was an awesome idea! a good thing to wear to a hockey game, definitely.

  11. stacey

    Looks like a fun time!!! Love the new cowl – that color is amazing and yay for stashbusting!!!

  12. Zarah

    Fun! You’ve inspired me to go to a hockey game this weekend. Good thing, too, because the season is almost over! Go MSU Ice Bears!

  13. StacyZ

    I got worried there for a second that you gave up on the Pens this year! Man those boys need to get better.

    I love the cowl!

  14. StacyZ

    Real quick by better I mean healthy! :)

  15. lolly

    StacyZ – oh never! they are definitely my #1, don’t worry about that :)

  16. Nell

    Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  17. Josiane

    Your new cowl looks great! The colorway is really pretty, and seed stitch was a great choice for it.

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