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February = Vestuary

Late last fall, I started thinking about vests.  A lot.  I managed to only knit one vest since then, but my mind hasn’t strayed too far.  That is why Sarah’s idea about a month of vest knitting was the perfect knitalong for me.  I had stashbusting hopes (after that Superbowl Sale last weekend, I have to self-correct) of making several vests this month.  Nine days into the month, and things are shaping up pretty well, if I say so myself.

Tess Wrap Vest 

This is the DROPS pattern “Sleeveless Jumper with Belt”, but for some reason that name didn’t really sound too good to me, so I am calling it the Tess Wrap Vest  :)   I am using some of the Tess Designer Yarns worsted merino that I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in 2007.  The light variegation of the brown really works for me – I love the depth. 

In place of the ribbed edge, I decided to spice the vest up with some double moss stitch.  It looks similar to garter stitch, but with a little bit of variety.  I plan to do the same moss stitch when I pick up the stitches around the body and the neckline for the collar. 

Tess Wrap Vest - Moss Stitch Border 

My fellow knitalonger, K at WestCoastCreative, is also making this vest, and we conferred before the knitalong about modifying the pattern to knit it in the round.  I haven’t had any problem changing it up at all – I have done this with other garments (the Printed Silk Cardi was the most notable) and as long as you split the pattern at the armhole bind offs, it goes smoothly.  

Stitch Holder 

Yesterday, I reached the armhole bind offs and placed the right and left front panels onto stitch holders while I worked through the decreases on the back portion.  Completing that quickly, I moved on to the right front.  This is flying off the needles, and I should be able to finish it before the halfway point in the month.  That means I can cast on for Vest #2, a birthday gift for my sister…

I am looking forward to the belt… I have something special planned!  I hope it works out like I want it to – more details to come! 

…and there is still plenty of time to join the Ravelry Vest-uary group!  you have a good 3 weeks to knit a vest :)

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31 Responses

  1. WiscJennyAnn

    I do love that pattern (straight to the queue with you!) and the subtle variegation in the brown is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory! (Looks great thus far!)

  2. lynda

    That is some seriously gorgeous brown yarn!!

  3. Preita

    I love that color, it’s so rich & beautiful. Can’t wait to see it done. This now makes me wonder if I can pull off vests too? :)

  4. knithoundbrooklyn

    That yarn is delicious! It reminds me of molasses!

  5. yvette

    The vest you’re making is gorgeous! What color are you thinking for your sis? Is this the same sis that received the Printed Silk Cardi? Lucky woman!

  6. Kala

    That is a gorgeous color!

  7. Julie

    That yarn is LOVELY!!!! Can’t wait to see it done!

  8. Delia

    I love that pattern. I tried it a couple years ago and made a bad yarn choice but I’m hoping to give it another go. Can’t wait to see your finished version!

  9. Mick

    I absolutely love that pattern. The brown you chose is so rich; it’s going to be gorgeous!

  10. Holli

    Fun! I just knit my first vest ever last month and gave it to my nephew for his birthday yesterday (it was very well received and fit like a glove)! Since I’ve got other projects (with deadlines) on the needles now, vest-uary will have to pass me by. But what a fun idea!

    Vest#1 is looking good — what beautiful yarn. And I LOVE your vest#2 project — what a GORGEOUS pattern! Can’t wait to see what yarn you’ll be using.

  11. Trailing Mira

    oouuu… the Honeycomb vest is great !! Perhaps my first vest??? hhmmm….

  12. k

    Ooh – I’m excited to see what you do with the belt. I’ve been thinking about that myself, and have not quite figured out if I want to try something different from the i-cord used in the pattern.

    Your vest is going faster than mine, but I’m not too far off – adding a bit of extra length but only a few rows shy of dividing for the armholes.

  13. Tara

    I love that Drops Vest you’re working on! I’ve wanted to join Vestuary but must wait until I finish Twist & Shout jacket. Can’t wait to see what Wrap Vest looks like on real person!

  14. LittleWit

    Wow that is knitting up quickly. :) I am actually working on a full on hoodie for February. But truly I am just trying to finish up all my WIPs!

  15. Lise

    What a delicious color, I love it! Can’t wait to see the end result.

  16. Connie

    I looooove the chocolatey goodness of that yarn. Gorgeous! :)

  17. Beeb

    I’m curious…. I’m thinking of taking a separate front/back pattern and knitting it in the round. Do I need to make any adjustments, ie decrease the amount of cast-on stitches to take away the assumed seam allowance? Would love your thoughts since you’ve done this before.
    The pattern says to cast on 59 for front and 59 for back (118 total), I was thinking of casting on 114 to take away 1 stitch on each end – I’m just assuming that pattern makers add-in seam allowance. (I sure hope this is making some sort of sense :) )
    What do you think?

  18. Jacey

    Wow, I’m impressed once again by your speed! I’m working through my Ms. Marigold, but I’ve got a long way to go. I love that brown!

  19. sue

    Oh I love the color you are using, how beautiful. I cant wait to see the end result. What color are you going to knit your sister’s vest in.

  20. Liz

    I love the colour, I love your photos, BUT those stitch holders I see in your photo may have just changed my entire life… who makes them? oh boy, I love how complete they look, no stitches will be falling off of them.

  21. tiennie

    That yarn is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your finished project!

  22. Heather

    This brown is just perfect–I’d never seen a Tess yarn that wasn’t candy colored before:)

  23. Rebecca

    LOVE the color! So rich and warm! And, I like the vest’s revamped name, much better.

  24. meg (kiss my style)

    gorgeous yarn – so warm and chocolaty!

  25. Jenna

    You are flying on this project! I’m glad that you’re using the Tess, it is such a lovely yarn. Can’t beat hand-dyed, beautiful and machine washable! I’m excited to see what you do for the belt. I bet it will be very snazzy, since you are such a snazzy lady. Good luck with 2 vests!

  26. Stine

    I can’t wait to see this vest finished and tried on. Normaly I am not a fan of vests, but these last months where it has been freezing has had me think about vests to give a little extra warmth when a huge sweater is just too much (aka. when I’m under a blanket, knitting in the sofa and the sweaters are just to bulky and in the way…) I think the brown yarn convinced me even though I don’t have anything that looks exactly like it, but there must be something in the huge stash :) Thank for the inspiration – your blog always has this affect on me.

  27. On vests « Handmade Homeschool

    [...] planned by a trio of similar cardigan-style vests: the Drops sleeveless jumper with belt (seeing Lolly’s gorgeous brown version knitting up isn’t helping at all), the eyelet front vest from the [...]

  28. Carie

    What a wonderful brown – it reminds me of sepia photographs – and it looks very cosy too

  29. Poppins

    You know, I am suddenly thrown into a massive spiral of yarn envy. That brown! Or – more accurately – those browns! I have never knit a sweater from something so gorgeous. I always have a more matter-of-fact yarn budget for sweaters. I need to fix that.

  30. Josiane

    The colourway you’re using is simply gorgeous! It will make a beautiful vest. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for the belt.

  31. Ühltje

    I just now saw the close ups. What a lovely variegation. Just the right amount of liveliness.

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