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Seeking Direction with 2009 Project Spectrum!
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Seeking Direction with 2009 Project Spectrum!

Project Spectrum: Cardinal Directions March 2009 marks the beginning of the 4th cycle of Project Spectrum!  This year’s theme is the compass rose and the four cardinal directions.  In many cultures, each of the cardinal directions – North, East, South, and West – are associated with a certain color.  Using this traditional model of four distinct colors representing the directions on the compass rose, we will explore the ways that these four colors can be mixed, blended and combined with others through our projects, as well as taking notice of these colors around us day to day. 

Just as the cardinal directions are linked to a color, each direction is also linked to a season, an element, and a natural material in many cultures.  This quartet of features (color, material, season, and element) are a part of this cardinal direction.  As a participant in Project Spectrum, you can choose to simply explore the colors associated, or even the textures of the natural material.  If you choose, you can interpret the directions through the lens of the associated season or of the element. Your interpretations can be literal or esoteric.  You can explore the science or the philosophy.  Like the Project Spectrums of years past, it is totally up to you!

NORTH (March/April)
Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth

EAST (May/June)
Color: Yellow
Material: Wood
Season: Spring
Element: Air

SOUTH (July/August)
Color: Red
Material: Metal
Season: Summer
Element: Fire

WEST (September/October)
Color: Blue
Material: Glass
Season: Autumn
Element: Water

Think of the liberty of having four colors – you can blend the colors and  explore the different hues, or you can combine the colors with others in the rainbow, comparing and contrasting.  You can play with hues of color where green meets yellow, or before red shades into blue. 

Color Pencils - Green and BrownThe natural material aspect is something that I have wanted to incorporate in to Project Spectrum for some time.  I love playing with texture in my own Pebbles for PS projects, and wanted to find a way to bring this aspect to the group.  I think that the material may, in fact, be one of the most rewarding aspects of this Project Spectrum cycle!   It also encourages participants to, once again, think outside of the box – expanding the creative process past Eye of the Needle the needles and the yarn.  (Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that!)  Stonework,  wooden buttons, metal pins, and glass beads – how do you interpret these natural materials alongside the colors?  If you want to focus solely on the natural materials, this is also your decision. 

I am most excited about the basic cardinal directions aspect, because it gives us the opportunity to think about where we are on this planet, and how our interpretations of the directions are very different.  If we allow it to, this Project can teach us a lot about ourselves, and about others.  Be open to it!

If this is your first time trying out Project Spectrum, there is a lot of information on the basic premise behind the “create-along” here.  For some great discussion, inspiration, and project planning, please check out the Project Spectrum Ravelry group and the Project Spectrum Flickr Pool!

It would be a wonderful pleasure to have you join me in this fourth cycle of Project Spectrum! 

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  2. Jane Murray

    hi there,…what are you doing with the pattern on the honeycomb vest,…I am ready to start also and have looked and don’t want to mess with a cable needle all the way through!What pattern are you going to use? JAne

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  4. Joanne

    Count me in, too!

  5. Jana

    I’m in. Great idea.

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  7. mary jane

    I’m in, what a great idea.

  8. K

    Oh, I adore this theme. I’ve always liked the concept of PS, but this year I simply must participate.

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  10. Denise~

    Oh! I love it! Thanks for reminding me to focus on these!

  11. ingrid

    A very wonderful idea and project.
    Please sign me up to it.
    First part of my project is just ready, I will take a photo, write a text and blog it
    Thank you and greetings

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  13. Emilee

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

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  15. Helen

    I think I’m in too. Like I don’t have enough to do :-) but this could give me some much-needed structure. Thanks for organising it again!

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  20. Elaine

    I am so excited, even though I am late responding! I wanted to do this last year, but I found out so late along that I just sort of followed what others were doing. I am IN.

    I am working on setting up my blog right now. I guess I will need to come back and add my blog address later? I’ve not seen how this works, exactly, yet, as far as signing up. Is it formal, or do we just say we’re in, and start participating from our “spot”?

    I’m ‘Sunshine’ on Ravelry. I’ve just joined the Rav group today. I have blog space available on the Apple server, so I can use that for this project. I have to find out what the address is

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  22. Kristen

    I love this idea, cant wait to get started and to also see what others will do.

  23. spin

    I would love to participate! Is there still time to join?

  24. Denyse

    I’d love to participate too! Is it too late to join?

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