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Seeking Direction with 2009 Project Spectrum!

 March 2009 marks the beginning of the 4th cycle of Project Spectrum!  This year’s theme is the compass rose and the four cardinal directions.  In many cultures, each of the cardinal directions – North, East, South, and West – are [...]

February = Vestuary

Late last fall, I started thinking about vests.  A lot.  I managed to only knit one vest since then, but my mind hasn’t strayed too far.  That is why Sarah’s idea about a month of vest knitting was the perfect [...]

Colorful Inspirations

Do you find yourself subconsciously (even unconsciously) being drawn to certain colors and themes in your crafting?  You may be really “feeling” the blues lately, or the fiery oranges and reds.  For the last few weeks, my eyes and my [...]

Rockin’ the Red

How great is it when you find people who share the same interests and passions as you do?  it is like that instant connection and you just feel like “yep, this is perfect!”  I gotta say, it is too funny [...]