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My sister’s “Cedar” vest…

Sarah's Cedar Vest

(almost complete in time for her birthday next week!)

…is very similar in color to a certain mister feline in residence…

Rusty Paws


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22 Responses

  1. Julie

    Ooh… I can’t wait to see it completed!!

  2. Mouse

    What a handsome kitty!

  3. Robin

    What an unusual color. I really like it. The texture of the stitch design really looks like the bark of a tree.

  4. tiennie

    That color is gorgeous! So is the kitty. :)

  5. erica

    Ooh the vest looks lovely. Can’t wait to see the finished vest. What a sweet looking kitty.

  6. Nicole

    A beautiful pair!

  7. Aunt Kathy

    ooh they both look so SOFT

  8. terri

    Gorgeous knitting! And who is your cat’s stylist? He looks so fluffy and perfect, and my goodness I think his eyes match the upholstery…. some cat!

  9. Harpa J

    The cat is gorgeous and I think he knows it.
    The vest is gorgeous too, but probably unaware of the fact.

  10. stacey

    Orange ROCKS!!!! :)

  11. Mom

    Rusty wearing the vest, (or a tiny one), would be amazing!!!

  12. Kirsten

    Love the texture of your sister’s vest! Yum!

  13. little_lj

    Oh so yummy!!

  14. felinemagnet

    I have been known to purchase yarn simply because it matched the color of one of my cats. I want to snuggle that kitty!

  15. Elizabeth

    Beautiful colour and I just want to TOUCH it. That is wonderful texture.

  16. Brenna

    Your cat looks SO soft. He looks like a little lion.

    I just love, love, love the color yarn for the vest.

  17. Cirilia

    CLASSIC blogging, Lolly. WIP + kitty = awesomeness. Back to basics!!

  18. Shaye

    is he a maine coon kitty!?
    i can’t wait to see the completed vest, by the way. i keep meaning to knit that myself!

  19. liz

    Beautiful vest & kitty. I want to squish them both.

  20. Josiane

    Beautiful fabric! The colour is gorgeous, too.

  21. Rebecca

    Looks like you will be making it in time for your sister’s birthday. That is, unless the Nordic Knitting conference sidetracks you with stranded knitting.

  22. Sasha

    Oohhh the lovely ginger kitty-cat looks so incredibley soft and pat-able!

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