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Nordic Knitting
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Nordic Knitting

Kris and I are off to Seattle to see an amazing lady, learn about Finnish knitting techniques (well, that is just me… Kris will be at the aquarium), and snap lots of photographs of the beautiful northwestern city!

March Plans:  Seattle!

I will be there for the Nordic Knitting Conference, sponsored by the Nordic Heritage Museum.  On Friday, I am signed up for two workshops with the amazingly talented Tuulia Samela:  Finnish Mitten Design and Finnish Textile Tradition.  Descriptions of the classes get me all excited:

Finnish Mittens: Finnish mittens are full of tradition and inspiration for modern knitters! Learn about materials and techniques and examine samples of mitten patterns. Students will begin a pair of traditional mittens in stranded knitting while learning about the stitch patterns, colors and symbols in traditional mittens.

Finnish Textiles: What makes Finnish textiles different from all the others? Learn all about Finnish handicrafts – the history, the influences, the materials, the traditions. While examining samples of traditional needlework, the class will discuss Finnish traditional nålbinding, weaving, embroidery, ryas, crochet, knitting and more.

Both classes have knitting projects – the mitten class is pretty obvious, but the second class has a surprise project involving a light sport-weight yarn and size 3 needles…

Finnish Textiles Workshop

I chose to use the Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveler yarn that I picked up at last year’s Homespun Yarn Party (I will miss this year’s party – which is about 3 miles from my house, no less! – since I will be in Seattle… have fun everyone!)  I thought the green was quite appropriate for Project Spectrum, and Tuulia says that the 2-ply should work just fine :)   I love a good surprise!

Sanguine Gryphon Yarn

Jenna has some fun stuff planned – yarn shop tours, yummy vegan dinners, and lots of photo ops! She knows me well!  …and you can be assured that I will share the details with you all upon return!

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29 Responses

  1. Jenna

    YYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! I’m so excited!! I can barely contain myself!! I know you both are going to love it here, both the knitting and non-knitting attractions. You’ll have to share all you learn from the conference with me, it will be your fee for staying with me. Safe travels and get here soon!!

  2. Julie

    Perfect timing – it’s supposed to be lovely here the next few days! Can’t wait to read all about the things you learn!

  3. shawna

    i hope the weather stays nice for you here! Welcome welcome. The photo ops are endless, that’s for sure!

  4. Kirsten

    Oh! Lucky, lucky Lolly!! Have an amazing time!

  5. Leslie

    It will be so much fun to view my city through your eyes! Have a great trip–I can’t wait to read about it!

  6. melissa

    yay! can’t wait to meet you on friday!!

  7. Heather

    You’ll LOVE Seattle, such a cool city. Have a great visit.

  8. felinemagnet

    The conference sounds fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your new projects.

  9. Jennifer

    That sounds like such a great trip! Have fun!

  10. Terhi

    As a Finn, I am soooo jealous! I’d love it if Tuulia could teach me! (OT, my middle name is Tuulia)

  11. Vilma

    I have to agree with fellow Finn Terhi; I’d love to be there and learn about Finnish knitting and textile traditions from Tuulia. And yes, in a way I’m surrounded by all of that every day here in Finland, but still I ‘d like to participate the conference. Enjoy! (OT, my middle name is also Tuulia!)

  12. Harpa J

    I look forward to see your Finnish mittens!

  13. stacey

    Have a wonderful time, learn lots and give Jenna a hug for me!!!!!!

  14. Elizabeth

    Have fun in Seattle. It’s one of my favorite cities of all the ones I’ve been to, second only to London. I went there for a rubber stamp art convention one year and wish I could go back.

  15. Marsvin

    Wow, how come we don’t have cool classes like those here in Finland!? I’m jealous!
    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and never commented. Amazing knitting Lolly! (my middle name is NOT Tuulia, just to show you not everybody in Finland are named Tuulia ;D But my god daughter IS Tuulia, so….)

  16. Aponi

    Well, here this is, happening in my own backyard, and I didn’t even know! Thanks so much for posting – now that I know, I am going to go to the museum on Friday to check it out! Too late to do a class, but I can enjoy the exhibits and the vendors!

  17. Josiane

    It sounds like all is in place for you to have a fabulous time! Enjoy!

  18. Mick

    This sounds so cool, Lolly. Have a fantastic trip!

  19. Sharon

    Welcome to Seattle, Lolly! I hope you have a great time–make sure your LYS tour includes the Fiber Gallery (my personal favorite LYS and no, they don’t pay me to say that :-) ), and if you get a chance it’s really fun to ride the ferry over to Bainbridge to visit Churchmouse Yarn & Tea.

  20. Annastasia

    Hahah! Maybe I’ll run into Kris at the aquarium on Saturday. I wanted to go to the conference, but couldnt afford it. Have fun for me and I hope you enjoy our wonderful city! If you need something fun to do, let me know and I’ll suggest something interesting and not too touristy!


  21. Rebecca

    I am SO JEALOUS!

  22. Moni

    Have fun in Seattle Lolly! It’s a beautiful city :) Sounds like you got some fun things planned.

  23. amanda

    Could there be a more perfect weekend??? Have a great time!

  24. Suzanne

    Have a great time! I can’t wait to hear all about it and the vegan treats!

  25. Laura

    Both of you have a great time!

  26. Kala

    How fun!

  27. tiennie

    Oh oh! You’re in Seattle! I want to meet up!!!

  28. Margarita

    Lolly, Have a wonderul week-end. Today I read about Jenna and saw her pictures. Beautiful! Will be waiting to read you and to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing

  29. whitney

    Oh, how exciting! I hope you’ve had an amazing time.

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