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~ e v e r g r e e n ~
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~ e v e r g r e e n ~

…Even through the storms of winter…

Still Winter

There is still some green – some life, some vibrancy.

Still Winter

Still Winter

Lake Crescent

~ Ever green and full of life ~

Driving Shot - Trees

Mosses and Lichen on Rocks


Trees in the Sun

Our trip to Washington was wonderful in every way.  I got to see my dear friend.  I spent time with my amazing guy.  I saw incredible and inspirational sights and took copious amounts of photographs.  I learned about traditional textiles.  In my book, this is about as good as it gets.

The Northwest came at just the right time for me.  Work has been extremely hectic, and I really wanted/needed a get-away.   The earth/air/water out there just pulsated for me.  Seeing the mountains and the deep green trees was soothing to my soul.  Jenna and I both commented that we saw Project Spectrum inspiration everywhere.  Trees laced with winter snow?  Moss-covered stones?  all there and all perfect.  The travel was pure Project Spectrum:  and to me, that means finding the beauty in every thing.  It is the consciousness of being in a new place and witnessing and observing and enjoying the present moment.  It is the spiritual and emotional layers of the creative process.  It is witnessing something that touches your soul.

~ e v e r g r e e n ~ v i b r a n t ~ t r u e ~

More photos of Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula to come, as well as more info on the Nordic Knitting Conference!  …and on this green – themed day, I say Happy Birthday to my sister! :)

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18 Responses

  1. Gudrun

    These photos are so stunning Lolly…..I can almost breath in the moist Pacific air!

  2. cici

    Sounds like you had a great trip…I love the evergreens♥ Spectacular photos!

  3. Erica

    Glad you enjoyed Seattle. Your photos are beautiful!

  4. Tuulia

    Wow! That is so.. green! I didn’t even new green could be so.. green! It’s vibrant and full of energy and the promise of new life! We got a massive snowstorm on Sunday morning, and I feel like spring should be here already. Your pictures bring comfort in this gray and boring weather :D

    My favorite, however, has to be that teal in the colors of the lake. Amazing!

    Spectacular photos!

  5. Doris

    What a beautiful post in every way, nothing to add! Your blog is exceptional(ly good!) and I hope you will never stop posting!

  6. britt

    gorgeous pictures!

  7. GeekKnitter

    Oh how I love my Pacific Northwest. You’ve captured it beautifully here, I can just smell the mist in the trees.

  8. little_lj

    Such hopeful green! And very inspring!

  9. Aunt Kathy


  10. mai

    beautiful photos as usual, lolly! i enjoyed going through them on flickr. it definitely looks like an amazing trip. happy belated to your sister!

  11. Toby

    Those are gorgeous photos. They are even more meaningful to me as I am seeing my longtime home (even though I’ve been in MT lately) through your eyes.

  12. Lil Sarah

    Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful birthday I had. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my family together- Love you!

  13. Mrs MJW

    Lovely photography. Makes me miss Montana…sorta. :-)

  14. Magrit

    Aaaaahhh …… green, green, forest, forest ….. to take 1 photo / sec. :)

  15. Margarita

    Lolly, thanksssss. love to read your blog. beautiful/wonderful greens and pictures. Thanks for these!!!

  16. Josiane

    Your pictures are beautiful, as always. I’m looking forward to reading more about your trip.

  17. Mome-rath

    Oh, man, I HAVE been behind! You were in my neck of the woods, and I didn’t know! Hope you had a wonderful time, and I’m glad you got to see it snow here—it’s a magical thing.

  18. Jenna

    Lady, you hit the nail on the head here. For me, the beautiful evergreens are the perfect antidote to our gray weather. They help remind me that all that rain supports lots of life and growth. They help give me hope that the sun will return someday!

    It was such a pleasure to have you here – Mary and Sufi agree. Please come back soon!!!

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