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The Yarn Odessey Around Puget Sound
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The Yarn Odessey Around Puget Sound

You know me well enough by now – and  you know that I never turn down a little yarny tourism in a new city.  Luckily I had my girl Jenna to help me plan for a fun evening of shop hopping.  And it was so much fun to meet up with a few Seattle friends, Rebecca and Laura!

FIRST STOP: Fiber Gallery in Seattle – a lovely shop with so many beautiful yarns.  What a treat to meet Jessica, the manager of the shop, and a fellow long-time blogger!

Fiber Gallery

Rebecca is a shopper with a mission!  she picked up some lovely things in record time – while I was still waltzing around on yarny high, she already had yarn in hand and was at the register!  Jenna was instantly drawn to a cute little ball of single play variegated yarn (Zauberball!), and I poked around being indecisive for a good amount of time.  Of course, once I decided, I was very happy with my choice … see?

Malabrigo Lace Triplets

Malabrigo Lace in gorgeous colors: Tuareg, Verde Esperanza, and Bobby Blue

…next to Bad Woman Yarn to meet Laura!

Bad Woman Yarns

A lone ball of Schulana Sojabama came home with me – a nice color match for the leftover ball I have from my Pintuck.

…and we wrapped up the evening with a quick trip to Weaving Works.  Unfortunately, our time was short – the shop was closing, and I had to make a decision fast.  Of course, once I saw the yarn, I knew it was for me right away… I wanted something unique and special to this location.  I found it!  …and finding this kind of made up for the fact that I didn’t get to look at any of the huge book selection or the weaving things.  Next time :)

Spincycle Handspun

Spincycle Handspun

We had a great dinner with Laura and Rebecca at a yummy Indian restaurant.  As always, I am always so pleased with how easy it is to find conversation and common bonds with online acquaintances.  Laura is in grad school and her classes sound like things that I would absolutely love – she shared a few of her required text titles with me :)   and Rebecca and I had plenty to talk about since we both love yoga!  So nice to meet you ladies, and I hope we have the chance to talk more soon!

At the Nordic Knitting Conference, there were several vendors selling beautiful yarns, and I picked up some lovely laceweight (hey, it packs pretty easily in an already-full suitcase!) in these muted tones.  I was thinking about a lightweight sweater – maybe with stripes.

Last weekend, Jenna, Kris, and I headed over to the Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula – we crossed the Puget Sound on a ferry!

Ferry Entrance

That was a fun process in itself, and once we got to the other side (we passed under a rainbow to get there – what a great way to start the day!)  we headed a beautiful yarn shop on Bainbridge Island: Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.  And it seems like they knew I was coming… the whole display in the front of the shop was yoked colorwork sweaters!

Yoked Sweaters!

Churchmouse Yarns and Tea

Churchmouse Yarns and Tea

Churchmouse had a nice little clearance bin going and I also picked up this old Rowan book and a shop scarf pattern.

My yarn odessey around Puget Sound was complete!

…but I do have some more Washington adventures to share…

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27 Responses

  1. Renee

    Wow, what a great adventure!! Thanks for sharing all the great times and photos. :)

  2. LittleWit

    I love Churchmouse. :) I haven’t been to the others you mentioned. On to the list they go. :)

  3. Dana

    I’m so glad you had a good time! And how fun that you bought the Spincycle as your local yarn…they sell at our farmers’ market and I have drooled over their yarn for years…

    next time you come, come up to Bellingham! You’d love it!

  4. Josiane

    Yarny tourism with local knitters is a great deal of fun! I’ve had the opportunity to experience it in Victoria lately, and it was really nice. The lovely souvenir yarns you brought back will evoke great memories when you’ll get around to knitting it.

  5. Mick

    What gorgeous souvenirs. I love reading about your travels!

  6. Aponi

    Sounds like you had a great time! I’ve been to Weaving Works and Bad Woman, but haven’t yet made it to Churchmouse and didn’t even know about Fiber Gallery! It amazes me how many yarn stores there are in the Seattle area!

  7. Ühltje

    You can never have enough stash and fun.

  8. Dagný

    Oh wow! You visited a yarn AND tea shop? I’ve been dreaming about a store like that here in Reykjavík… one day I might actually make the dream come true myself. :)

    Lovely yarn choices and it looks like you had a great time! How wonderful. :D

  9. WiscJennyAnn

    What fun!
    ps– that is a GREAT Rowan… I adore Bark!!

  10. Emilie

    I am so glad you are in my hometown. I love it when bloggers I follow visit Seattle because I get to catch a glimpse of the city I haven’t seen for nearly 5 years. It’s heartbreaking to be so far from the city of my heart. London is lovely but it can never be home the way Seattle is to me.

    Thank you for showing me a little piece of home!

  11. Liz K

    I’ve been terrible about commenting on thar internets lately, but I’ve really been enjoying your Seattle pics. Looks like another great trip for you and Kris.

  12. Stephanie

    It looks like a great trip. I’m glad you had fun.

  13. Estella

    What a wonderful yarn crawl – it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. felinemagnet

    That handspun is luscious. Looks like you made up for not being able to go to the Homsepun Yarn Party! It was a lot of fun – very crowded but I sure did my part to stimulate the local economy.

  15. KateK8

    I also had a Puget Sound adventure last weekend! I live in Portland though, so it wasn’t much of a trek. Anyway, I stayed in Olympia, and my friends took me to Seattle to show me around. We stopped at Weaving Works which was wonderful, but I need to go back when I can spend a lot of time there. Portland has really great yarn shops, but we don’t have many places that sell spinning or weaving supplies (and I just started doing both). I didn’t go to the Nordic Knitting Conference (I hope they hold it here again) but I enjoyed hearing about your experience.

  16. Bonnie

    Spincycle is so awesome looking–they were at Urban Craft Uprising this year (maybe other years too…this was my first year) and I just stood drooling in their booth. I could have bought every colorway (given infinite funds of course). Haven’t knit it up yet though…interested to see what you do with it.

  17. Moni

    Looks like lots of fun!! nothing like a good yarn crawl :)

  18. nova

    Your pics make me miss living in Seattle…and that was 10 years ago!

  19. Jenna

    It was so hard to do all that yarn shopping, wasn’t it? :P I’m glad that you enjoyed the shops that we went to. Shockingly, there are more great ways that we didn’t make our way to – we’re definitely very spoiled here, that’s for sure. Lovely purchases, especially the Spincycle. I always drool over their yarns, the colors are so beautiful. I’m glad that you got that great local souvenir.

    I didn’t realize until I looked closely that all those yoke sweaters were the same pattern done in different colors! It’s this EZ pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fair-isle-yoke-sweater-wg-1
    It was such a wonderful display, to see all the different variations you can get just be changing colors.

    Can’t wait until you come back.

  20. Erica

    You hit my three favorite yarn shops in Seattle; you had a good guide! Glad you had fun. =)

  21. Amanda

    Looks like you all had fun… beautiful yarn!


  22. tiennie

    Your trip sounds so wonderful in these last few posts. How can it not be? You’re in the Seattle area, my favoritest place in the whole world. :)

  23. midgeling

    Wow! Looks like a great time. It was good to see so many great photos!

  24. Megan

    Yay for the Spincycle! I get to pet that stuff at the farmer’s market every weekend here in Bellingham. It’s always so hard to choose a color! There’s a lone skein of BFL in my stash waiting to become a pair of mitts or a hat. :)

  25. Felicia from sweetgeorgia

    OMG… that spincycle yarn looks absolutely to die for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE handspun and am so elated to see people making a life from making exquisite handspun yarns. I couldn’t afford to do it, but I’m glad SOMEONE is. It makes me so happy.

    And if you are in the Seattle area again… maybe drive a teeeeeny bit longer and come visit us in Vancouver!!! :)

  26. Clestial

    You are making me miss Seattle so much. I grew up there.

    Ironically I learned to knit after I had moved to MN, so I have been to only a handful of WA yarn stores.

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