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Fifteen Day Forrest Pulli
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Fifteen Day Forrest Pulli

Cross-country knitting and a finished pullover in only fifteen days!

Fifteen-Day Forrest Pulli

Fifteen-Day Forrest Pulli

Forrest Pulli

Pattern: Rebecca 33, pattern #26
Yarn: Kraemer Tatamy Tweed in “Forrest”
Needles: Size US 8 and 9
Started 3/11 – Finished 3/26

[All Forrest Pulli photos here]

The simple v-neck caught my eye in the Rebecca 33 magazine earlier this year.  I thought it would be a nice casual pullover that would pair with all sorts of clothes.  The lines and shape, as well as the tweedy yarn, ensures that this sweater will be a classic wardrobe piece for years to come.

I made small modifications to the pattern:

  • Made a small gauge change – I didn’t really do any math to change it up, but tried it on as I went along.
  • Knit in the round up to the armholes and then separated knitting back and forth for the bodice and v-neck.
  • I shortened the sleeves to three-quarters

My first big project completed for the first month of Project Spectrum – I love the green with all of the color flecks.  It seems fitting for Project Spectrum in that way.

The Tatamy Tweed is an interesting yarn – I like the fact that there is a cotton blend tweed for warmer weather.  The yarn has a pretty significant acrylic content (I don’t have the label, but I think it was 60/40 acrylic and cotton).  Because of the content, it has a little unexpected shine to it, but not in a squeaky way… I hope that the acrylic content does not make this garment too hot and less “breathable” on warmer days.  It was relatively pleasant to work with, although the ply can easily become untwisted when seaming.  I have some leftovers which will be good for small accessories.

…and I am ahead of schedule for the Ravelry National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathlon (NaKniSweMoDo) – this is my fifth complete garment this year!  I have one that I haven’t shown you yet… but I have to wait till Easter weekend to give it to my sister, the recipient :)

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75 Responses

  1. Laura

    It looks wonderful! Enjoy it. :)

  2. Lauren

    This sweater is beautiful–the shape and color are so flattering on you! Wonderful work, Lolly.

  3. Amy

    It looks great! I’m sure you’re going to have fun picking out all the color flecks with different color shirts underneath. :)

  4. Kala

    That looks so beautiful on you!

  5. Kate

    Love the sweater & you look skinny!

  6. mai

    lolly, it’s beautiful! great color on you, and i love the tweed. what a quick knit!

  7. k

    That looks awesome – the colour is great on you and such a good fit!

  8. Catherine

    You are so.damn.cute. Love that top photo of you and love the new sweater!

  9. Whistlepea

    It’s lovely. I need more basic sweaters like this.

  10. Leslie

    Okay, how CUTE do you look in that first photo?!?!?!

  11. Tuulia

    The color is so..yum! And I love the little pink in the pics :)

  12. amanda

    Great knit Lolly, and you look so lovely in that top photograph!

  13. Sarah

    Your fifth! Oh my your needles are on fire :)

    Love this, a real classic as you say and that green on you is lovely. So nice to have a piece filled with all those lovely memories and ready to make more as you will wear it a lot I would think.

  14. Karin

    The color is really lovely on you and I like how the flecks liven it up.

  15. Kristina

    What a beautiful sweater! The sleeves look really good at three-quarter length.

  16. Hege

    The color is amasing! And it looks great on you!

  17. Harpa J

    Love it!

  18. sue

    The sweater does suit you so well. I have to say the yoga must be agreeing with you because your photo makes you look so slim and pretty.

  19. mooncalf

    That is a great jumper. I thing the 3/4 sleeves really make it, and the green of course!

  20. Ingrid

    It is fabulous, and I must say, you look pretty good in the photos!

  21. Estella

    Lolly, what a fantastic sweater…great color, great fit. Definitely a sweater you will wear a lot. Can’t wait to see the one for your sister.

  22. Dawn

    That is a GREAT color and I love the style of the sweater. Just gorgeous! yay!!!

  23. Carole

    It looks great, Lolly!

  24. stacey

    The color is beautiful! Nothing like a quick, well fitting knit!

  25. Zarah

    The fit is really wonderful on you… and how nice that you’ll think of Jenna every time you wear it.

  26. turtlegirl76

    Oooh that color looks fantastic on you! I love the simple shape of it too. And the sleeves are a great length!

  27. (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    It looks great on you! The green brings out your eyes and the fit is super-flattering. Gorgeous!

  28. karen

    I LOVE V-neck, I never knit one…thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Amy

    It looks wonderful, Lolly, and I *love* the pink underneath!

  30. Mandy

    Lolly, this is so great! I’m thinking of running to my stash this instant to see if I can make one for myself!!! Great, flattering sweater.

  31. Elizabeth

    Lovely yarn and a wonderful sweater. I must say that you are looking very well and healthful, so inspiring.

  32. knithoundbrooklyn

    The sweater is very flattering! I love tweed and the color of this one is just wonderful.

  33. Jennifer

    it’s beautiful! It looks like a sweater that will get a lot of wear.

  34. jacey

    lolly, you are always so enchanting. Really, every picture of you makes me smile. the sweater’s not bad either, heh.

  35. Mari

    It looks great, Lolly! Love the speckles!

  36. Nachaele Olson

    I love it and the color if fantastic on you!

  37. Mick

    So pretty! What an interesting yarn; I’ll have to look for it at my LYS.

  38. Cirilia

    That color is rockin’ on you!

  39. katie m.

    Lovely! And the color is very forest-y.

  40. Marianne

    That is a beautiful sweater!

  41. melissa

    i love it! it’s a perfect, classic knit. you look stunning in it!

  42. Rebecca

    I love this sweater, Lolly! And, YOU-mi dear, are looking FABULOUS!

  43. grumperina

    The emerald color looks fabulous on you!

  44. tiennie

    This is gorgeous on you! Wow – you look fantastic!!!

  45. Trailing Mira

    You look great, Lolly…. so healthy and radiant :) oH! and the sweater looks good too, hehe.

  46. Josiane

    It is fabulous, and fits you very well. You look absolutely fantastic, too!

  47. Stephanie

    Great simple sweater – it’s very flattering – and the green looks wonderful on you.

  48. MrPuffy

    Oh, Lolly! What a gorgeous gorgeous top – it’s entirely perfect in every way!

  49. mamie

    oh, that color is so beautiful, it makes you sparkle.

    15 days for a sweater is awesome. you are my new knitting heroine.

  50. Jenna

    Wow, I still cannot believe how quickly you made this, even with all that flying time! It’s wonderful, very flattering and a great color for you. I hope that it will always remind you of your first trip to the Evergreen State. xoxo

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