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Shifting to the EAST

Can you feel the winds of change, my friends?  those winds are coming from the east! Two months went by in the blink of an eye.  What a beautiful time it was too.  It seems like this cardinal direction idea [...]

Living Yoga

If my blog were to accurately describe my life right now, I would have to change the name of it to Lolly Yoga*ing Around.  In other words, the knitting is happening, but right now, it is to a lesser degree [...]

TiltShift Photography

Like so many new fun photography toys, I found out about TiltShift tool through Flickr… and it sent me on a search to learn more about this photography technique.  I learned about this new *free* tool that you can use [...]

Project Spectrum Stashbusting!

There is a very nice sense of accomplishment that comes when you can reach into the yarn stash, find a skein that has taken up residence for sometime, and a few days later, you have a fun finished knit… The [...]

Cheering and Stashbusting

This is a special time of year around the W household… one where Kris and I are basically glued to the television watching the NHL playoffs.  With games on virtually every night, it is fair to say that it offers [...]