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Cheering and Stashbusting
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Cheering and Stashbusting

This is a special time of year around the W household… one where Kris and I are basically glued to the television watching the NHL playoffs.  With games on virtually every night, it is fair to say that it offers a lot of knitting time.  Last year, I started the Stanley Cup Stashbusting knitalong (Ravelry link), and we are back again for a second year of cheering on the hockey teams and busting through the stash!

…Funny how it works out.  I was not an athlete growing up, and generally not a fan of sports at all.  It was not until I moved to Maryland and started dating Kris that I even knew the first thing about hockey.  We started dating in May 1998 – and that was during the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I remember that we first held hands while watching a hockey game… but I can’t really remember which one it was :)   …Kris played hockey too, and I started going to some of his games and learning more and more about the sport and genuinely enjoying it.  I adopted his favorite team – the Pittsburgh Penguins – and also follow the local team, the Washington Capitals.

Kris Letang

Over the next few years, while we were in college, we would listen to the games broadcast on the internet radio, watch any games we could on TV, and buy tickets to any games we could afford.  Now, eleven years later, I am a bonafide fan of the game.  I have been to many arenas, watch hockey several times a week and even read hockey blogs and news feeds.  Sometimes I even get the scoop on a big trade or a controversial play before Kris does!

Superstars on the Ice

Sometimes I wonder why hockey has not taken off in the United States the way some other sports have.  It is such a fast-paced sport with lots of skill involved.   Canadians definitely love their hockey:  Kris and I were just amazed by the great fans in Nova Scotia during our trip last spring.  But for every time I think about how I wish more people were fans, I also think that it is a “best-kept secret” of sorts – people just don’t know what they are missing! :)

Oh, the art of being a female hockey fan… sure, there are some hotties to gush over, but female fans are a booming industry in this League as well as several others.  I guess we know a good thing when we see it.  Luckily, I have an amazing group of fellow fans to cheer along with over on the Ravelry group Puck This!.  Nearly every team has a fan represented on the boards, so it is a fun way to get together and talk hockey, set up playoff pools, and plan for knitalongs :)

Evgeni Malkin

I got these photos (and many others) last month when Kris and I went to DC to see the Penguins play the Capitals.  We were so lucky to get there early enough to go down to the ice level and get photos of the players during the pre-game skate practice.  I can’t tell you how excited I was.  I actually had this notion in my head that I could just leave it all behind and become a photographer for the NHL.   Maybe in my next life…

…stay tuned for some of new knits from the old stash!  and feel free to join the stashbusting over on Ravelry!

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18 Responses

  1. felinemagnet

    There is nothing like the Stanley Cup playoffs – such a great time of year! I came to love hockey in a similar way and it’s the only sport I follow so as you know I am a little nuts about it! LET’S GO CAPS!

  2. Mick

    I feel the exact same way about hockey. My ex-stepfather grew up in Minnesota, and used to play in an adult league. We went to his night games when I was in high school, but I didn’t get into it until I started dating my college boyfriend. Between his little brother’s peewee league and his love for the Devils, I got really hooked. I’m not the proud owner of a Ken Daneyko bobblhead and a Scotty Gomez poster (Yes, old players I know, but I moved out of the east coast when they were still playing there).

    Years later, I still watch the Devils whenever I can, even though I split with the boy who got me into hockey years and years ago. But really, you break-up with boyfriends, not teams.

  3. Josiane

    I was attending a show on Thursday night, the night of the first game between the Canadiens and the Bruins. The band on stage gave us the score whenever there was a goal, and they let us know the final outcome as soon as the game was over. Yup, hockey is quite big here!

  4. Chandler (formerly Mome-rath)

    Oh, how I miss hockey! I used to play in high school, and my dad and I are rabid WCHA (college) fans—we used to travel all over the place to catch games in all the different rinks. All the pucks I’ve ever caught at games are proudly displayed in my studio!

    The one bummer about living in the Pacific Northwest is the dearth of hockey! Maybe it’s because nothing ices over for long here, but there aren’t a lot of hockey fans or games in these here parts. But you can bet that the first chance I get I’ll be heading to Vancouver for a Canucks game!

  5. Jen

    Go Bruins!

  6. Nicole

    I won’t lie, I’m a bit bitter. My Sens didn’t even make the playoffs this year. I guess I’ll just have to cheer for the Canadiens. And the great thing about hockey is you can just say to yourself “oh well, there’s always next year…”

  7. Stacey

    Wooooo Pens! I watched the game last night with Randy while trying to work on some lace stockings….not the best project for tv knitting, I know.

    So, if you’re a Pens fan, what’s your take on Ovechkin (I *think* I spelled that right!) since there seems to be so many comparisons between him and Crosby?

    Nice pics from the game!

  8. Dee

    Maybe I could like the Penguins a little more, if they weren’t in the process of beating up on my Flyers. LOL

    You’ve got us 2-0 right now. Not looking good for us, is it?

  9. Heather

    Growing up in Minnesota, the Mn. HS Hockey Tournament is the BIGGEST sporting event of the year, all other events are dwarfed by it. It might be totally up your alley!

  10. Sarah

    So did you see the exciting finish to the game the other night? I was so thankful it didn’t go past the one overtime, because I knew I had to see how it would end but I was soooo tired. I’m glad it ended when (and how) it did!

  11. Kate

    You know I’m a hockey fan too! Just watched a bunch of it this weekend (both a men’s league tournament that Jason was in and the playoffs)
    I love hockey, all other sports are so boring because hockey is so fast.

  12. Jodi

    As a Seattlite, I agree with Chandler that Pacific Northwest hockey is not a popular sport, especially with MLS soccer here now. I LOVE hockey since I am a U.P. transplant in the PNW. I grew up skating and playing hockey. My teenager’s friends come over and say “Dude, is your MOM watching hockey??.

    Lucky, they are not embarrassed.

  13. Laura

    Well, if you did become an NHL photographer, that may mean “needing” to shoot in the locker room. Just saying.

  14. Diane

    I grew up in a Hockey House…Boston Bruin’s Fan Here! I remember watching on a black/white tv with rabbit ears and snow……

    I love hockey….my son plays soccer…….but loves hockey as well……

    Go Bruins! :( Sorry

  15. Leslie

    Holy cow ….. can you guys get hockey tickets in your town?? Even with the Maple Leafs always playing as poorly as they do…..no one can get a seat….one has to remortgage the house and beg a wealthy seasons’ ticket holder to give up a game!!
    LOL. Off to a workshop tonight for my very first clapotis.

  16. Jenna

    Enjoy the play-offs and go Pens! When I was in Pittsburgh last week, I saw that the buses put “Go Pens!” on their little signs showing the bus’ route. The city is excited!

  17. Mercuria

    This didn’t occur to me till just now, but I’m sitting just out of frame in that second picture. There’s another picture in your flickr set where you can see me–I’m above the “G” in “GEICO” (my husband is above the “E”), wearing a red jersey (like everybody else). A picture of me earlier or later might have shown a blue Koolhaas, too.

  18. Diane Hall

    I am a die hard Flyers fan, but I must say that the Penguins certainly deserved to win. They are a much faster team. It was hard to see the Flyers lose when they had a 3-0 lead, but the better team won, for sure. Now let’s hope the Pens go all the way !!!!!

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