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Project Spectrum Stashbusting!
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Project Spectrum Stashbusting!

There is a very nice sense of accomplishment that comes when you can reach into the yarn stash, find a skein that has taken up residence for sometime, and a few days later, you have a fun finished knit…

The Ravelry Stanley Cup Stashbusting knitalong is just the right excuse for me to do this and to make some quick little knits that can be used right away.

Baddha Band - Calorimetry

A springy pastel headband that is just perfect for yoga asana practice – I am calling it my Baddha Band.  Baddha is Sanskrit for “bound”, so it seemed like an Baddha Band - Calorimetry appropriate name for something to hold my hair back when I am doing  inverted yoga poses!   I used the Calorimetry pattern and a yarn that has been in the stash so long that it is now discontinued:  Noro Sakura.  It is a nylon blend with little thread/ribbon pieces at various spots.  If I remember properly, I picked this yarn up at a swap, but it may have been a clearance bin find too… I have another skein in a deep orange with some purple highlights… maybe for a different Project Spectrum month!  The yarn itself looks very much like the friendship bracelets that I used to make in elementary school to trade with my friends and sisters.  I added the pink synthetic flower for fun and in celebration of the beautiful spring weather.  Someone noted that the yarn colors reminded them of a blooming cherry blossom tree – and the good folks at Noro must have thought the same thing because “Sakura”, the name of the yarn, means cherry blossom in Japanese!

It’s quite girly with the bright colors, but I think it will be a nice little headband to make me smile during yoga practice!

When Larissa made this little shawl back in January (Rav link), it caught my eye.  I do not knit a lot of lace, and this was just my speed – yos and dropped stitches – and I could barely believe it when I saw the low yardage needed to make it…perfect for a lone skein of cashmere/silk blend that has lived in the stash for a few years waiting for a special project:

Looking North Shawlette

Looking North Shawlette

Looking North Shawlette

It is the Storm Cloud Shawlette pattern from Hanna at ever green knits.  Such a beautifully simple and meditative pattern to knit.  Especially with a special yarn.  I used a hank of Alchemy Monarch in “Teal Tide” colorway, it was a gift from Cathi awhile back… just one of those lovely skeins that sits and waits for a special project.  Only 156 yards and now I have this great little neck piece!  I used size 11 needles for it, but I could have gone even bigger for more drape and size.  I do lovely looking at the project pages on Ravelry and seeing how people have made this pattern in different yarns and gauges.  Love the creativity.

Both projects fit into the theme for the NORTH direction of Project Spectrum, specifically with the green focus.  With only a few days remaining in this phase (before we focus on the EAST direction!) my mind is already thinking about new projects, but I could easily have green all year… it is such an amazing color!

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19 Responses

  1. nestra

    Love that shawlette! I immediately added it to my faves – now I just need to decide what yarn to use. Thanks for bringing such a great pattern to our attention.

  2. Mercuria

    Your Storm Cloud Shawlette looks amazing, and makes me think “effortless beauty” (as in, it takes no effort to wear and be beautiful–not speaking of the knitting effort). The color is wonderful for you as well. You’ve hit it out of the ballpark with this one!

  3. erin

    The shawlette is so pretty. And such an economical knit :)

  4. Anna

    Oh, I love the shawlette – I’ve not come across that pattern before. It looks perfect for chilly Spring mornings. Love the colour on you.

  5. LittleWit

    Stashbusting feels so great! I currently trying to bust through a bunch of my stash. I hit my goal for completing by MDSW so now I can buy yarn while I am there. :D

  6. felinemagnet

    What a pretty Noro yarn – I’m sad it’s discontinued! I love these patterns that use just one skein of a special yarn.

  7. ulli

    that is the happiest hair band ever, i love it! the little flower is just perfect on it.

  8. Jen

    I love BOTH of these projects! I immediatly put both of them in my queue at Ravelry. I can’t wait to go home and see if I have enough yarn in my stash to make the shawlette. I like the idea of uping the needle size for it too.

  9. Tasha

    I saw your shawlette on Ravelry and I had to make one of my own. :) Very pretty.

  10. Jenna

    Those are both beautiful projects, wonderfully captured with your fantastic photographic skills! While stashbusting is very gratifying, I don’t think anything beats 1 skein stashbusting. Sometimes, the challenge of making that 1 little skein into something useful is great, but these are both great uses. As we move into the next PS phase, I’m sure you’ll embrace the next set of colors just as fully. xoxo

  11. Josiane

    Lovely FOs! Your Storm Cloud Shawlette is really pretty! Perfect for spring, when you just want a little something around your neck or on your shoulders.

  12. Lisa

    This reminded me that I’ve got some Sakura in my stash as well! I think I have four hanks of a black-based colorway. It’s really bright and pretty…need to find something good to do with it. Unfortunately, my hair isn’t long enough to enjoy a Calorimetry. Maybe I’ll make a little shawl out of it instead!

  13. Zarah

    Stashbusting? Earth Day? Coincidence, I think not!

  14. tiennie

    Cute projects! I’m all about the stashbusting lately!

  15. Lin

    The shawlette is lovely, what a great pattern for smaller bits of yarn.

  16. tea time and roses

    Hello Lolly!

    I have been admiring you and your beautiful knitting for sometime now, though it is my first time commenting. I love your site your smile and of course your beautiful knitting. The headband and shawlette is just lovely! Now that I have broken the ice you will be hearing from me quite often! :o )



  17. turtlegirl76

    Beautiful shawl! I’ve got it bookmarked for future reference.

  18. meg (kiss my style)

    so pretty the colors in both pieces are lovely!

  19. Chandler (formerly Mome-rath)

    That teal-on-lime combination is just yummy! And the little shawl really brings out your eyes. Great photos, and great knitting, as always!

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