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Gone to the Dogs
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Gone to the Dogs

My “dog-ters” (haha, get it?) helped me randomly choose the winners of the Morehouse Merino contest – it was a very scientific method of nonverbal communication.

Bella announces the first winner:
Doggy Yawn
(I caught her mid-yawn, but it kind of looks like she is talking, right?)

**Dana at Read, Write, Knit, Panic! gets the Cowboy Kerchief scarf kit! 

I originally intended to do only one giveaway, but I was so moved by your thoughtful responses that I wanted to do another one – you all are so amazing and generous!  Your responses meant so much to me, and I have read them several times over!

…and Jen announces the next winner:

Jenny Ears

**Rasa Chambers! gets the (other) Cowboy Kerchief kit!

Congratulations!  and many thanks (again) for taking the time to read my blog :)


(If you want to see more photos of all my furry babies, check out my photostream on Flickr!)

**Ladies, please contact me by email so that I can get your info and get the prizes to you very soon!

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9 Responses

  1. Lin

    Well done to the winners! The dogs are lovely.

  2. Yoga Witch

    Congrats, ladies! (Love the dog judges, Lolly!)

    Thanks, Lolly, for your giveaway – that was so kind of you!

  3. Gaile

    Yes, congrats to the winners – I love that the dogs got actively involved!

    Thank you for both the giveaway and having such a great blog (for us to read).

  4. Mick

    Okay, I love Jen. Her ears are the best. So so cute!

  5. Dana

    Yay! I never win anything. :0) How exciting! And your doggies are adorable!

  6. Jenna

    Jen is a scientist, so I’m sure she had a very precise method of choosing the winners.

  7. Cirilia


  8. Lisa

    Gosh, your dogs are so cute!

  9. astrid

    Oh wat a lovely dog-ters you have (yep, got it) I have two dogs myself. Dogpeople are always goodpeople.

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