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Best Day. Bar None.
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  1. mramichael

    wow lolly! that really does sound like the best day ever! i think your evening at the game describes why hockey is the best sport ever. i feel like it’s the one sport in the US where athletes still play for the love of sport, not for money or fame, and they come through for the fans every time.

  2. valokki

    Oh, what a perfect day! Hockey is the only thing there that i don’t completely understand, but your writing is so full of life, enthusiasm and happiness it makes me understand that too!

  3. Leslie

    Adorable post!!! (I am a freakishly starstruck person — I go wild over stupid things like seeing local news anchors in a restaurant — so I can totally relate.) Your post is timely to me, too, because I *just* started reading Parikha’s blog. :) Glad you had such a good day!

  4. Stacey

    WOW. That is amazing! I have to show this post to Randy….

  5. (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    I have a fondness for Mario Lemieux, though I don’t closely follow hockey. About 6 years ago after a whole bunch of testing, an oncologist called me to tell me that I had Hodgkins Lymphoma. ‘But’, he said, ‘the kind you have is very curable – it’s the same kind Mario Lemieux had and he was back on the ice in no time’. It took me a little longer than ‘no time’ to get back, but his name always kept me going. Surely, if he could play professional hockey post-Cancer, then I could get back to my regular life too.

    What a wonderful, exciting day for you!

  6. Roosdorentje

    Wow, that’s so awesome!! That really was a great day :D

  7. nim

    Super awesome! Now if only we could fit Jagr in there somewhere…. ;)

  8. Kitten

    I’m half-envious! I love hockey and your moments sound amazing, but, sorry to say, I’m a Flyers fan. (Reading your blog earlier during the games was killing me!) Anyway, I’m going to have to tell my husband about this post and he’s going to know how great knitters are now.

    Ah well, hope the Flyers do better next year. I’ll have to knit some black and orange mittens or fingerless gloves for myself. Congrats to you, however. :)

  9. Sarah

    Love this post – have no idea about hockey but from those smiles I can see what fun you had – great memories

  10. Manda

    That is AMAZING!! I freaking LOVE hockey (especially playoff hockey! It’s like a whole different game!). Sounds like a wonderful day. :)

  11. Elemmaciltur

    This sounds like a great and wonderful day for you!

  12. GinkgoKnits

    Not to distract from the hockey goodness, but what’s the green purse in the pep rally photo? Looks lovely.

  13. Orinda5

    I don’t follow hockey, but your story and your excitement had me on the edge of my seat cheering. What an amazing day!

  14. Elizabeth

    I love the penguins – I’m a recent Pittsburgh transplant and the really do seem to be the most down to earth and just nicest professional athletes. And Malkin’s parents are legitimately the most adorable people ever – it makes me happy how happy they get with their son playing, and more importantly how much everyone else loves how happy they get. (Apparently Gonchar’s kid(s) are teaching Malkin english, at least this is what I’ve heard from my local hockey buff.)

  15. Sarah

    Oh my gosh, what a luck Pens fan you are! I totally missed you on TV — husband and I were way too busy jumping up and down when the goal was scored. The Malkins are so adorable, and Geno’s interview after the game almost made me cry.

  16. kelly jo

    Wow!! That’s incredible! That is just a fantastic day – and, I’m so happy that you were on tv so you can remember it forever! How very exciting!

  17. Jennifer

    Wow – that is a pretty amazing day. How exciting. Any one of those adventures would have made for a great post – but all together it’s definitely in the running for SUPER post of the year. What a wonderful day. I think I like the televised celebratory kiss the best.

    ; )

  18. PrairiePoppins

    You should have seen my grin when I saw the photos up on Flickr! I couldn’t wait for your play-by-play recounting of them.

    What a day! I’m so glad it was *you* who had it.

  19. caro

    Holy doodle, Lolly! What an AMAZING day.

  20. Carole

    That is so awesome, Lolly! You totally deserved a day like this!

  21. Messie

    :) So happy for you Lolly. And wicked jealous. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Megan

    I saw it on Ravelry.
    I saw it on Flickr.

    But this write-up? Is the BEST ever! I’m so happy you had such an incredible day. :)

  23. Clestial

    Wow, you did have an amazing day. And I’m so jealous you got to meet up with Parikha.

  24. ccr in MA

    Super Mario, how cool! What an amazing day.

  25. Jennifer

    I was impressed with myself when I got to sit behind Mario’s family at the Gold Medal hockey game in Salt Lake in 2002–but Mario touched you!! Awesomeness.

  26. sixoneseven

    So glad we were able to get together! And nice strategic crop on the photo ;)

  27. Robin Marie

    I have very little knowledge of Hockey but I read that whole story with the biggest grin on my face because I can only begin to imagine how excited you were! What a memory!!

  28. Mick

    What a great day, Lolly. So so cool! Also, I share your Sookie Stackhouse obsession. I just finished book 2, and went to the library to get the next one but they’re all gone. We must not be the only ones!

  29. amanda

    Lolly! That is hysterical. We were watching the game, but Bill is a Caps fan, so I think he turned it off in disgust after their loss. Sucks we missed your big moment on TV!! Glad you had such a blast :)

  30. Brianna

    Well that is all just way way cool!

  31. Mercuria

    I’m not even a Penguins fan, and I’m super, super jealous of you getting to schmooze with Penguins Royalty. I’m so glad you got to experience that–what a great way to end an awesome day.

  32. Chandler (formerly Mome-rath)

    Oh, Lolly!! What an amazing, thrilling day! Congratulations on achieving so many fan-girl dreams in one incredible evening! Go Penguins, go knitting, go Lolly!

  33. Elizbo

    I have the best Penguin hat pattern I would love to send you. Please email me so I can get an address where to send it to. I made one and my Redwings loving husband booed me. :)

  34. Cheryl S

    I am so jealous of you!! I must’ve missed that moment in the blink of an eye after the OT score, as I was silently screaming with joy, and folding laundry at the same time, LOL. I wondered who you’d be rooting for since I remember you liked both teams.

  35. Bill

    Pens fans!? Really!?!?!?!? That guy Malkin is pretty awesome, though, but Ovie takes the cake. Pretty awesome that you guys got in the box with Mario et. al., though!

    I like you guys, but I’m hoping you’re going to be weeping after Game 7!

    Rocking the Red…

    Bill B.

    P.S. – Tell Kris to email me if he wants to play free hockey tonight. We have ice at Reisterstown at 9PM and it’s a open scrimmage for our team and other dudes/dudettes.

  36. Cirilia

    So awesome!!!! The only thing better than having a moment like this is having such a special record of it!

    It’s not quite as crazy but something like that happened to me earlier this year. I was visiting a very special someone and sort of dorking out because I was visiting the famous (ahem, I’m thinking of Jared’s hat, not the architect…) Seattle Public Library. A roving photographer took this:


    It is a prized possession, if images can be possessed =)

  37. grumperina

    Your giddiness over hockey is so refreshing! Yay for meeting famous folk and being kissed by Malkin’s father on TV! Adorable!

  38. GeekKnitter

    Wow, what a wondrous day you had!

  39. Shayna

    Wow, that is incredibly exciting. You are so lucky and I am very jealous!

  40. sophanne

    I am smiling so hard at your day. Sometimes someon else’s awesome joyful day is just what a person needs for an afternoon lift. Thanks!

    Maybe you should change lollygirl to smoocher girl!

  41. tiennie

    What a happy, awesome, fun post!!! What a day!

  42. Caroline

    Wow, what a fantastic day! Lucky you!

  43. Mandy

    Reading through this post has put the biggest smile on my face! Just plain awesome, is what it is. And a kiss on the lips!! That was my favorite part.

  44. margaux

    holy crap my head would have exploded out of happiness!! that is ONE TRULY AMAZING DAY!! EEE!!

    Love it Lolly!!!

  45. Bettylicious

    What an amazing story, I’m so excited for you and I don’t know the first thing about hockey! The TV pictures really capture that moment of pure joy.

  46. Christine

    What an amazing day and what a way to celebrate a win!

  47. Emma

    Though I read quite faithfully, I’ve never had any real need to comment before, but this cannot be passed up – I am so jealous! To me at that game! With the Malkins! Next to Mario! That’s absolutely staggering!

    Here’s hoping tonight goes well! I will be nervously knitting along, glad I have something to do with my hands to keep me from getting too jittery.

  48. Jenna

    Wow, that is so amazing and awesome! Your exuberance and excitement definitely comes through here! I’m so glad that you got to have such a memorable day with some many of your favorite elements in place. Go Pens!

  49. Kristyn

    I totally understand the fan girl moment. A few years ago I got to meet my all time favorite player, former Wings captain Steve Yzerman, and I felt like such a teeny bopper. I had a hard time trying to figure out what to say to him. Somehow “I cried when you got married because in my 13 year old mind we would get married one day” didn’t seem appropriate. What a great day.

  50. Nadia

    This sounds amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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