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Olympic Dreaming
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  1. katie m.

    What a great project! Delusional or not: good luck!

  2. Josiane

    It’s so cool that you got tickets for all those events! I hope you’ll still have some time to explore Vancouver, it’s a great city.
    I was thinking of you lately, remembering you had mentioned a while ago that you wanted to go to Vancouver for the Olympics. I traveled there last winter and took a few notes about the vegetarian and vegan restaurants I’ve tried, and I thought that might be of interest to you. I’ll type them and send them your way sometime soon(ish).

  3. Celestial

    I’m guessing this is Vancouver BC since it’s close to Whistler. I think you can totally do two sweaters. Once you get started on color work it goes faster than you think. And by the time you’re done with the first sweater the color work on the second will feel even faster. Congrats on all the tickets and housing!

  4. elizabeth

    Oh, that’s so awesome. You’re going to love Vancouver. I experienced the Olympics when I was in junior high school (in Calgary) and will never forget it. I was actually thinking of trying to score some tickets for 2010 so I could take my daughter, but then decided that she’s too young. Have fun — we’ll be watching on TV!

  5. Chery

    You can really do those sweaters before the Games. They will be fun to knit. I suggest you use Dale yarn. Good luck.

  6. Leslie

    Your sweater goal is totally do-able! And what a wonderful way to anticipate and commemorate such a fun adventure.

  7. mary jane

    Fun! The Hockey, the knitting, Vancouver and the whole Olympics thing. You’ll whip through those sweaters, I can tell.

  8. Birgitte

    Oh, how nice! I hope you have a great time – I’d love to go myself. I’m sure you can finish the sweaters before February – and those two styles look truly great.

  9. GinkgoKnits

    It’s sure a long way from a NM summer! I loved the summer I spent in NM and now I’m totally curious where you came from as I drove all over the state — stunning in its variety!

  10. Jennifer

    Ooh – I like the way you think – and plan ahead. These are both gorgeous sweaters and I can’t wait to see you both wearing them.

  11. Harpa J

    Go for it! No doubt!

  12. Mandy

    Sounds so fun! I love both the sweaters you’ve shown, and YES I think you can do it!

  13. Carol

    Just de-lurking to say congrats on those tickets!! Good luck with the sweaters. I’ve been obsessed with Dale patterns for the past couple years but haven’t taken the plunge yet. The actual Dale yarn is excellent & durable but I’m sure you could substitute. Both designs will be gorgeous.

  14. GeekKnitter

    Six hockey games?!? I am green with jealousy, and very happy for you at the same time.

    You say ‘delusional’ like it’s a bad thing…

  15. Christina

    Goodness those sweaters are inspiring! Yes! You can do them!

  16. Petunia

    Do HIS sweater first – then yours will seem like a piece of cake!

    I liked the idea of “reversed colors” that the women’s sweaters are shown in (white/black, black/white). As your husband prefers plainer styles, pick a neutral and a bright. Do yours bright with the neutral patterning and his the reverse!

    (And have a wonderful time!)

  17. Christi

    What a great idea! And I love your choices. Still traditional looking in the way you want them to be without over doing it and still completely wearable. Good luck getting them done!

  18. Dana

    Yay! Congratulations on scoring the tickets! We are just an hour from Vancouver (on the US side) and are so excited about all of the travelers who will discover and fall in love with our area. (Although I have to say that January is not the best time to come to the PNW unless you love cold, wind, and rain.) :-) Dana

  19. LittleWit

    Planning ahead for the win! You can totally make both of those sweaters. Now I must remain envious of your journey to the Olympics! Have a great time!

  20. katebee

    You can totally get them done! Look at all that stockinette. It’ll whiz right by.

  21. Mikaiya

    OH you are such an inspiration! I am so excited for your trip to the Games, and hope you send back tons of photos!

    The winter games have always been my favorite as well, but then winter sports have always been more my cup of tea (you can take the girl out of New Hampshire, but you can’t take NH out of the girl). I think two sweaters could be really tight, but you have time. I believe you can do it!

    You’re so inspiring, though. I have a booklet of the Dale Olympics sweaters from years ago, and have always wanted to make one for myself. I think I might try to knit-along with you a bit (though on only one sweater, thank you very much). There’s plenty going on in my world with the wedding coming up, but I could use a really serious knitting project to keep me distracted from worrying about it. And anyways, I can give photos as gifts to just about everyone this holiday season, so December is all about the knitting for me this year!

  22. Mae

    We should meet up for some yarny goodness if there is any time!
    As a member of the CF Navy, I’ll be working security for the Vancouver Olympic Games, and therefore be living there for a good four months!

    So exciting that you’ll finally be going!!!

  23. Hilary

    How wonderful!!! I am so excited for you. And it’s almost a year away — you’ll definitely be able to make both sweaters!

  24. Theresa

    Exciting! I think you can do it!

  25. Kristin

    Totally doable! I really, realy love Dale patterns!

    Just be forewarned…Dale has a really horrid reputation for mistakes in the patterns. I hope it’s better these days, and that if the patterns have been around for a while any errors have been fixed – but I know several of my guild friends (all expert knitters) have had very bad experiences with the patterns.

  26. MJ

    There’s Bea Ellis Knitwear and Kids Knits (run by Mary Ann Stephens). Mary Ann carries a wide variety of DON yarns and books; she also has some great colorwork designs. If you do order from her, tell her I sent ya!

    Am excited for you–the Olympics are a huge spectacle!

  27. k

    Those sweaters look great – good luck with them. Congrats on your Olympic tickets – I may not share your enthusiasm for the games (although I do enjoy the sports themselves) but exciting that you will be (nearly) in my neck of the woods!

  28. Bettylicious

    Those sweaters are gorgeous and I totally know you can do it! We are on vacation and just arrived in Vancouver yesterday, its awesome here, you will have a great time at the Olympics.

  29. Gaile

    Funny that I live in Vancouver (and my hubby works in media, so he’s involved with the Olympics in varying capacities), but neither of us are all that excited about the games being in our backyard. I am excited for you however – sounds like you’ve got a great trip ahead of you.

    My daughter works and lives in downtown Vancouver and is vegan. I can get you lists of the places that the locals hang out (good cheap vegan/vegetarian food). In fact, I was downtown having dinner with her last night in just such a place.

    Anyway, if there’s anything you need that I can help with, let me know!

  30. Nicole

    How exciting! You will love Vancouver. Such a fantastic city. If you can, try and set some time aside for hiking on the Pacific coast. The trails there are breathtaking. Vancouver Island is also a magnificent place to visit.

    I have NO doubt that you can pull the sweaters off. I love the patterns you’ve chosen, especially the woman’s design. It will look pretty on you.

  31. Red

    Do it! I’m sure you can pull it off and wearing your Dale sweaters at the Vancouver Olympics will be so rewarding. The next question: what will you bring to the Olympics for knitting?

  32. Jenna

    Yay, I’m so glad this plan came together for you!!! Now, I’ll just have to see if I can make a plan that coincides with your plan…
    I can understand your fascination with winter sports. So many of them, like ski jumping and speed skating, seem to require such skill and grace.
    I like your sweater plan! You guys will look so cute in your sweaters. I think your idea is far from delusional, especially considering your speedy knitting skills. I mean, you have about 7 months or so, right? You can do it!

  33. Sarah

    Wonderful plans and I’m sure you can manage the knits!

  34. Disentangled

    How exciting! Ever since the Olympics came to LA in 1984, (I only got to see the torch run through our little neighborhood), I’ve wanted to go to a games. Congrats on your planning! And I can’t wait to see your Dales! You can totally do two! I’ve watched a fellow San Diego knitting whip up two just last year!

  35. LisaB

    Oh – you’re going to have so much fun! Congrats on snaring so many tickets! I live in downtown Vancouver and I can’t wait for the Olympics!!!! It’s going to be AMAZING to see the City transformed and energized with so many travelers from around the world here all at once!

  36. k2karen

    You can do this…go for it!

    DON yarns are the obvious choice, but I adore the yarns from http://www.sundayknits.com/ — so soft and lovely to work with for fine-gauge sweaters.

  37. amanda

    Fantastic! I think you’re quite crazy for attempting 2 of those sweaters but I’m pretty confident that you can do it!

  38. Ginny Thomas

    Of course you can do it! I’ve made two DON sweaters: The Nagano and the 125th anniversary. I did the Nagano with Heilo yarn. Check the sleeve length for your pattern. Mine ended up too short. My girl friend knit the same sweater in a different size but had the same problem. And I can’t lengthen the sleeves because I don’t have any extra yarn. In fact I had to buy an extra skein to finish the second sleeve. So my suggestion would be to buy an extra skein or two of the main color and the most used contrasting color. You can always make a hat or mittens with it if it’s not needed here, but you would hate to put a lot of time in on the project and be short. I had no problems with the anniversary sweater (It was my Knitting Olympics project.) I knit that with Rauma 3ply which I had purchased on a trip to Norway. The gauge was a little bit larger, but I really liked the yarn and have worn the sweater for several years now and it’s in great shape. Good luck with them; I look forward to reading about your working on them. Go Penguins!

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