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In Praise of Grellow
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  1. lynnewio

    Dude, you are constantly inspiring me. I just finished knitting myself a Felicity hat and was contemplating needle felting something onto it, but I adore the button idea. I’ll have to sort through my button stash and see what I have. Thanks!

  2. Birgitte

    What a great idea with the buttons – and the grey-yellow combo; I’ve never thought of that one before! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. knitography

    Great hat – the buttons are such a nice touch!

  4. Phoe

    I love that hat. And fantastic photos!

  5. Harpa J

    Cool hat and the flowers are so beautiful.

    Thank you for your article on Lyme disease. A lot of things sound very familiar, although we don’t have those ticks in Iceland – but the disease is like lupus in many respects.

  6. mai

    grellow is genius. i love gray and yellow together :)

  7. Jenna

    Yay for grellow! I thought about the contrast purely in terms of color, but you’re right that the mix of moods they create is really unique. Did you get the Knightsbridge at S&W last year?

    Go Pens!

    Love the photos, keep them coming!

  8. Lori in Michigan

    Such a great hat! I did similar embellishment on the Toasties I made this winter. Somehow I just can’t help but think that hat would look FAR better in RED & WHITE…Ha!

    Gosh, I couldn’t possibly be in your Stanley Cup Knit the stash group since I really screw up my knitting each time I try to knit when watching a game…maybe it’s just the lace on my needles lately.. too much counting. Gotta find some mindless knitting for game time…there again…probably only two games left, eh?

    Keep up the great knitting and beautiful photos, Lolly!

    oh…and Go Wings!

    Lori …metro Detroit.

    P.S. Did I mention I drank from the CUP with the two Championships with Yzerman?

  9. Josiane

    Pretty hat! The buttons truly make a difference!

  10. Theresa

    Love the hat! Really clever idea to add the buttons. I may steal, er borrow, that from you someday.

  11. LittleWit

    I love the buttons on your hat! :)

  12. Lin

    I love grey and yellow. At school we had to choose our uniform and we chose that combination!

  13. Anna

    What beautiful photos, and I love the hat. When I see grey and yellow together, it always makes me think of the sun peeking through clouds!

  14. Margarita

    Thank you for those beautiful pictures!!!

  15. Wanett

    Thanks for the love, Lolly!
    You look marvelous, as always!

  16. Lauren

    Love that hat!! The colors are fantastic..

  17. whitney

    I love your hat! The buttons are the perfect touch. I really enjoy the grey/yellow combination, although I’ve never knit anything in that combo myself.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  18. meg

    gorgeous pictures – i love the last one – it remind me of sweetness!

  19. Meredith

    Tonight I was rhyming with knitting terms, and came up with Pearl Gray {Earl Gray tea}.
    Anyway after googling it, I found this definition: pearl gray
    A light gray, from yellowish to light bluish gray.


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