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Strawberry Fields Forever
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  1. whitney

    Oh my goodness, 50 pounds of fresh-picked strawberries sounds amazing! I wish we had a juicer and the fridge/freezer space to make that happen. I make a breakfast smoothie every day, too, but it’s almost always from the bags of frozen strawberries at the grocery store, alas.

    I eagerly await lots of fresh veg recipes and photos!

  2. ccr in MA

    Oh, don’t those berries look beautiful! Everything a strawberry should be.

  3. mai

    ooh, lolly, those strawberries look delicious! mmm i can’t wait to see what other things you’ll be making with all those yummies :)

  4. Megan

    Drooling in MA…. :)

  5. Josiane

    I think the time of the year when strawberries are available again is one of my favorite as it marks the start of the fresh local fruits season. Yum!

  6. Leslie

    OMG — my Special K breakfast soooooo pales in comparison. :) I admire your commitment to healthy, fresh, local foods.

  7. Kala

    Oh I love strawberries! I’ve never done pick-your-own, I should look and see if there’s one in my area.

  8. Birgitte

    Yummyyyyyy! :)

  9. Suvi

    Yum! We pick our strawberries every year, it’s our little summer tradition. :)

  10. Robin Marie

    Oh man, I’m so jealous!! One of my seasonal jobs is as a berry picker on a farm near my house. I love getting up at 6 and hitting the field as the sun’s coming up. I’m missing it this year!

    I’ve never dehydrated berries. Do you use one of those dehydrator machines? It seems like a great idea for all sorts of things.

  11. gudrun

    Oh wow that breakfast looks so good! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more cooking posts!

  12. Victoria

    Yum! The pancakes look so good. I am curious about what sort of things you have been eating since you have been doing battle with the Lyme disease- the breakfast smoothie sounds like a pretty tasty idea. Would you think about sharing any more about your cooking/ eating?

  13. steph VW

    mmmmm… fresh strawberries – my favourite thing in the whole wide world… apart from fresh rhubarb. Ok, ok, the two of them together? Heaven, pure heaven. I can hardly wait for berry season here in N.S.

  14. Amy

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the Saturday & the bounty is incredible!

    I’ve been doing a lot in the kitchen as well with the return of my weekly farmers market adventures. I definitely need to blog some of the recent fun in the kitchen.

    Yesterday I got 2 monstrous bags of spinach for $5 – I think I’m going to blanch & freeze some of it for when fresh spinach is a distant memory. I definitely need to reorganize the freezer so that I can “put up” more this summer for winter.

  15. ruth

    What’s your smoothie recipe. I have a bunch of strawberries to use.

  16. Lisa

    The strawberries look fabulous. So red and juicy! Do you have a good smoothie recipe? I’ve become addicted to Panera’s strawberry smoothies, but they use syrupy strawberries, and I’d like to make it at home, healthier. I’ve been putting strawberries, yogurt and ice in the blender, and it’s pretty good, but not perfect. Is there anything else you’d recommend putting in a smoothie (other than other fruits, which I know are always an option)?

  17. Michelle

    ohhh those look fabulous!

  18. Valerie

    Could you recommend some smoothie recipes? I really want to start trying to actually have something of substance in the morning since I usually skip breakfast.

  19. LittleWit

    Those strawberries look delicious!

  20. judy

    nom nom nom nom nom!

  21. Caroline

    I was just listening to “Strawberry Fields Forever” from the “Across the Universe” Soundtrack right before I saw your post! I LOVE that song!
    The strawberries look yummy!

  22. Meg

    Well, I bought mine at a farmer’s market instead of picking them, and sadly could not afford 50 lbs, but strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, and I never get sick of them. My current favorite way to eat them is with yogurt and maple syrup, agave, honey, or brown sugar. I am more than a little jealous of your strawberry bounty!

  23. ulli

    the strawberries look sooooo good! this time of the year is my fav. when it comes to fruits. strawberries, cherries, apricots…….. i had my first nectarine of this year today. it was so juicy that it tripped all over me, it doesn’t get much better than that

  24. kelly jo

    Wow – those look so delicious! Do you mind me asking what farm it is? We’re headed out that way on Thursday and might stop by after seeing these goodies!

  25. Heather

    Those strawberries look gorgeous! Enjoy!

  26. jessica~

    Yum yum yum! Everything looks delicious!

  27. Elizabeth

    What a vibrant colour of red – there is nothing sweeter than fresh picked. I have a wicked crazing for those pancakes now!

  28. Word Lily

    Oh, yum!

  29. Jacey

    I’m hoping to score some fresh produce this weekend when I visit my grandparents. Those strawberries look outstanding, and I could go for some pancakes. Yum!

  30. Jenna

    Such beautiful fruit! Fresh, tasty and local, how can you beat that? I wish I could have been there for brunch, too – it sounds really delish.

    Bring on the recipes, I’m ready for them! xoxo

  31. Leslie

    omigosh I’m salivating…..fresh local strawberries already!! Yummy

  32. Trine

    Ooh, strawberry envy! I love strawberries.. I don’t know if this is a Danish way of eating them or if people do it other places too, but for dessert we halve them, put them in a bowl and eat them with milk, cream and sugar. It’s delicious and fresh on a hot summer day!

  33. Michelle

    Those strawberries and pancakes look delightful! Keep the food pics coming!

  34. Linda

    That takes me back to my childhood as we always went strawberry picking!

  35. Karen

    Go Penguins!

  36. Bethieee

    Thank you so much for posting where you picked these. I probably can’t make it out during strawberry season this year, but they have so many things that I’ll undoubtedly get something later in the summer!

    Yay, I’ve been looking for a “local” u-pick place.

  37. Doris

    Oh, I love Larriland Farms. We had to miss the strawberries this year, because younger son graduated from Salisbury University and then we had a trip to visit older son who moved to Northern Michigan a few months ago…and I had to work the weekdays! Yours look so good that I can almost taste them throught the screen.

  38. Andrea

    Girl, this post makes me so hungry for strawberries. And I’m at work, so no access to any. Boo…

  39. connie

    Mmmmm…. Maurizio and I used to go strawberry picking when we were students in Ithaca. The fields always smelled of jam. Have fun using it all up! :)

  40. Samantha

    Oh yum!

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