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Knitting like an Olympian
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  1. Linda

    I am cheering you on for that one Lolly, such tiny needles! It will be great when done in the colours.

  2. Shaye

    if you don’t mind my asking (i tried to look, but couldn’t find the answer):
    what store is your LYS?
    I’m moving to Ellicott City next week and, while I’ve not actively searched for a new yarn store, I’m not familiar with any in the area.


  3. Nicole

    Speaking of endurance, fortitude, patience, and resolve, Pens fans have needed these qualities in order not to lose it during these nail-biting Stanley Cup finals. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you on Friday!

  4. Yarndude

    I’m sure this sweater will be beautiful when it’s all done. Just out of curiosity, what needles are you using? They look very pointy.

  5. Ballee

    He must be the Love of your life! What a great way to show it!

  6. Siew

    Oh my – those are teeny tiny stitches on teeny tiny needles. And lots of them. Its going to be pretty fabulous though!

  7. katie m.

    Good luck with the tiny needles and many stitches! It looks great so far …

  8. Christy

    This will be beautiful! I cannot wait to see the finished product and I know that Kris will cherish it.

  9. Laura

    Wow! A men’s sweater on size 2 needles! AND colorwork?!? You are ambitious! Can’t wait to see how this comes along.

  10. Mouse

    We’ll all be cheering you on.. just like an Olympic athlete! Go Lolly! Knit for the gold! :)

  11. akimbo

    Oh, that’s a pretty one! I’m collecting supplies to do the Whistler one with the maple leaf. I’ll be up there on business about 2 weeks before the Olympics start… any excuse to start my first Dale of Norway sweater.

  12. --Deb

    That is one gorgeous Olympic sweater …

  13. Lisa

    Oh wow, Lolly…that is definitely one Olympic-sized project! It will be gorgeous, though! Good luck with it! :)

  14. Leslie

    Good for you!!! I, too, prefer larger-gauge garments (in fact, tomorrow’s blog post addresses that). Right now I’m working on a vest in DK weight and I’m a loose knitter so I’m using size 3′s. It takes awhile — luckily there are no sleeves! :) Can’t wait to see your Olympic sweater progress.

  15. Celestial

    Go go go!

    I love keeping track of the stitches made, I’ve done so every month since last November (hubby was writing for NaNoWriMo (50,000 words) and I tried to beat that in stitches – totally did).

    This project is truly something to be proud of.

  16. Meg

    Recently, I’m finding knits on smaller needles to be very rewarding. Good luck on yours!

  17. Ühltje

    Go Lolly!

  18. katebee

    That’s going to be tremendous!

    There has to be something soothing about all that stockinette on tiny needles. I know I would enjoy it.

  19. Jennifer

    Good for you! Just think of it as knitting about – I don’t know – 10 pairs of socks???

    It’s gorgeous already and I can’t wait until you get to the actual chart/picture part of the sweater. Go Lolly! Go Lolly!

  20. Carol

    Good luck! I bought some Falk at Webs last weekend and started mine too. I was inspired by your knits to just make mine already! I’m using 2.5mm for the ribbing and 3.25mm for the body and it’s so tiny. You’re doing a fab job on yours!!

  21. Estella

    It’s going to be wonderful – can’t wait to see it when you get to the top pattern. Take care of your hands with those small needles!

  22. Kelly

    Good luck with this one Lolly, by the time you’re finished you will have the patience of a saint!

  23. Avice

    Love the cream + navy, although the stitch calculation is a little scary. I haven’t gone “there” yet on my projects for fear of terrifying myself…..

  24. Mikaiya

    Looks gorgeous already! So impressive- you are definitely an olympian!

  25. Jen

    Oh WOW! That is a gorgeous sweater! And oh WOW the tiny needles and big sweater! I usually stick to bigger sized needles ’cause I know me….I’d never finish something like this! (I wouldn’t make a good Olympian! :-) But this is going to be gorgeous and can’t wait to see your progress on it!

  26. margaux

    wow! this is going to be AWESOME. i cannot even wait to see it finished :-)


  27. whitney

    Yes, those qualities certainly are the qualities of an Olympian! It’s going to be amazing!

  28. tiennie

    It is a test of endurance! It’s going to be amazing!

  29. skeinsherway

    Wow! That is going to be an amazing treasure!

  30. Davitron

    Holy Wow! Everytime you post an inprogress project i get the urge to drop what i’m knitting and copycat! :)

    I’m so excited to see the finished sweater… happy knitting!

  31. Jenna

    Wow, this is truly an Olympic-sized challenge! Size 2′s for the body?? 10,000+ stitches in 3.5″?!?!? And you want to do another for yourself?!?!? This is going to be the project of your life!!!

  32. melissa

    lolly, you make me want to knit more for others. your handknit gifts are always so thoughtful and beautiful.
    you’ve inspired me to plan a really excellent project for my girlfriend!

  33. Elemmaciltur

    Go Lolly! You can do it!

  34. Lisa from NZ

    I’ve only commented a couple of times on your blog Lolly, I love reading about your joy for knitting and to be honest, it’s reignited mine to the point where I am having small success selling over here in NZ :-) I have to comment today as WOW – I think you’re so dedicated!! I really don’t think I would have the stamina to keep up with knitting on such small needles. I’d be worn out before finishing LOL. It really is a lovely sweater though, I can’t wait to see it as it progresses!

  35. Brianna

    I grew up wearing sweaters like this, and I’m from the Lake Placid area, where the winter Olympics were held in 1980. This reminds me so much of home…

  36. Anna

    Wow – that is truly a labour of love! Very sensible of you to start so early!

  37. Joan in WA

    The amazing thing about a Dale sweater and tiny needles is that is goes breathtakingly fast! The color changes and stitch details make it so interesting that it flies, you’ll see. I actually did 3 of the same sweater pattern (with individual detail changes) for 3 of my grandkids and loved every one of them (kids and sweaters).

  38. mai

    wow, that’s a lot of stitches so far! kris better love this sweater :D

  39. Mae

    I love the feeling of knitting a sweater in such a small gauge yarn. Especially with addi needles, the yarn just has a slide and grace to it that chunky yarn doesn’t do for me. Slide and grace… perhaps like a winter olympian!?

  40. Kyle Kunnecke

    beautiful! you’ll find that knitting small like that seems to fly by… and then it’ll feel strange when you step it back up to US5 or US6!!!

    can’t wait to see more!!! :)



  41. Heather

    That’s going to be beautiful! I love fine gauge knitting, mostly how it looks when it’s done.

  42. Laura

    Those 8+ months might come in handy!

    Such a beautiful sweater; I’m looking forward to your progress on it!

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