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Much Joy and Elation
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  1. Jenna

    No sleeping allowed! I think you should go pop some champagne and do a little dance in the street!

  2. andrea

    Oh so exciting!!! I love the huge Stanley Cup Winner smile you have, Lolly! Hope you and Kris celebrate it up this weekend.

  3. Cara

    We were watching last night and I was thinking of you the whole time. It was quite an exciting game! Having been at a Game 7 Stanley Cup win in the flesh (yes I’m bragging just a little bit) there is nothing like the Cup – I don’t care what sport you like! When they bring it out – you can’t help but cry like a baby!

    Enjoy the win and the great season!

    Also – can you believe that Crosby lives with the Lemieux family?! How freaking cute is that?

  4. Issy

    I was thinking of you when I watched the news! How exciting! Have you seen these?

  5. judy

    No sleeping! You were supposed to go party like it’s 1999. Maybe overturn a couple of cars, incite some riots :-P

  6. Caroline

    I’m so happy the Penguins won! They may not be my team (cause I’ll always be a Habs girl) but there are so many Quebecers in there it almost feels like a local team :) We played predictions before the start of the series at work and I called “Penguins in 7″. I’m proud!

  7. catherine

    Chris and I watched it! what an exciting last 3 mins.! love those Penguins! wooo hoooo!

  8. Kate

    I thought of you last night, I told my husband – one of the knitting blogs I read is going crazy right now…. he was confused. :) Congratulations for your team! Your descriptions of hockey make me want to watch it… next season. :)

  9. ccr in MA

    Congratulations! I watched and hoped that the Bruins bring me that feeling someday. I’m happy for you Pens fans.

    Boston Globe headline: Emperor Penguins
    Naples Daily News: Pens are Mightier

  10. Céline

    It is easier to knit a maple leaf… Unfortunatly, the last time they win, it was in the 60′s and they don’t look even close to win it soon!!!!

  11. Kris

    Yay for you (from Michigan)!

  12. felinemagnet

    Great picture! And I see that timestamp – even without much sleep, I’m sure sure you’ll be running on adrenaline at YTT today!

  13. Sarah

    I thought of you when I heard the Pens had won!

  14. Sarah TX

    I watched last night with a bunch of Red Wings fans, and even they admitted that the Penguins played better, had “more heart”, and really deserved the win.

    I thought Fleury had some amazing stops last night! I watch a lot of minor-league hockey and the skill level difference is very obvious.

  15. Mick

    I was thinking of you last night when the game ended! I knew you’d be so excited with the win, especially with Malkin named the MVP. Enjoy the celebration!

  16. Leslie

    I don’t follow hockey but you look SO HAPPY in that photo — I may have to see what all the fuss is about!!! :) Congrats!

  17. preita

    the only thing I find crazy about this is that it’s June and we are just finishing with hockey. :)

  18. Kim

    What I great night! I love that picture.

    I could not get to sleep last night either; I just kept watching the NHL network with a HUGE grin on my face.

    I love our PENS :)

  19. Guinifer

    I could not believe they pulled it out! I was so excited!

  20. Lisa

    I thought of you this morning when I saw the headline on the Sports page! YAY!

  21. Lisa

    Oh, Lolly you have to knit those mittens for the both of you!

  22. ElvaUndine

    We live in Pittsburgh and were at a rehearsal dinner during the game, but all around there was a great energy of community as people gathered at all the bars to watch. We even saw people crowded around screens on the sidewalk after the arts festival was over downtown – it was so cool! To be fair though, I’m glad we got home before the game was over – things can get pretty rowdy. I’m not into hockey, but I love the local pride and all that it does for our city.

  23. MarthaH

    Funny, that I don’t follow the NHL very much, but when I saw that they won, I thought of you. I think that’s the power of the knitting community on the Internet, actually. Congratulations! Being a big Duke and Redskins fan, I’ve been lucky to feel that elation, so I hope you immerse yourself in it for awhile.

  24. Nicole

    Last night I said to Mark “Is there a game on tonight?”, before remembering that it was all over, at least till the fall. Hockey withdrawal.

    I was so happy and excited when the Pens won, and imagining you jumping around your living room.

    Next year, there will be a small change to the Stanley Cup Champions though. A little matter of switching an “s” for the “p”. Go Sens Go!

  25. Kathode Ray Tube

    Kewl! Always great when your team wins!

    Kathy, Red Sox fan

  26. t does wool


  27. Harpa J

    Congratulations! I have no (or very little) idea what you are talking about, but you two are obviously happy so that is very good!

  28. Lori in Michigan

    Congrats on a series well-played…I know Pittsburg & PA in general are entirely thrilled. Bask in it!

  29. NeedleBeedle

    YAY PENS!!! What an awesome game it was! It’s been so fun chatting with you throughout the playoffs!

  30. Chandler (formerly Mome-rath)

    Congratulations! I just got off the phone with my brother in Colorado, and he’s angry because they finally played the Stanley Cup on network TV there, and then the signal went out and the whole city lost the last 5 minutes of the game!! So glad your team won, and so glad you got to witness it!

  31. Hilary

    Congratulations!!! That’s so exciting!

  32. Terrye

    Congrats to all of the Penguins and Penguin Fans from….. A Red Wings Fan.
    You guys were soooo classy and first rate when we won last year at your stadium, the least I can do is return the favor.

    But… watch out next year! ;-)

  33. Misty

    Best smile ever! I love when you can see how incredibly happy a person is.

  34. Leslie

    Wasn’t THAT just the greatest? My son was asked when he would take the Penguin’s flag off his car….”um…I plan on celebrating ALL summer” he replied.

  35. Lolly Knitting Around » O Canada (Socks)

    [...] adopted them as my “Western” team last year, so it was a joy to see them hoist the Cup only one year after my #1 team – the Pittsburgh Penguins – did they very same thing.  Congratulations to the Hawks!  So happy for them!  and happy for hockey in general – [...]

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