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Snapshots of a Yoga Weekend
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  1. Leslie

    Great photos! I love hearing about this journey. Sign me up for your first yoga retreat! :)

  2. Lisa

    I love reading your updates about your yoga training program! Your enthusiasm for it comes through loud and clear. I love that! :)

  3. Yoga Witch

    Wonderful photos and post! (And congrats, Penguins!)

    I have a somewhat silly question for you that I was hoping you would address in a future post: Is yoga teacher training….well…scary? I have wanted to start a teacher training program for a while now, but I am really anxious! I have chronic pain issues in a few joints, and have a knee injury that may have permanently damaged my knee. Would I even be eligible to participate in a teacher training program?

    Also, I have been so self-concious of my body since I was in middle school and got teased for being overweight. I get scared just going to my regular yoga class – can’t imagine actually having to learn how to teach!

    Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you get a chance. Thanks for keeping us posted and good luck!

  4. Birgitte

    This is all very interesting to read about – thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Linda

    i am enjoying your experiences, it all sounds so interesting.

  6. Anna

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I’ve also been thinking about Ayurveda recently, I think I’m going to get a professional consultation about my diet; I’m a Kapha-Vata, and the two types seem to need virtually the opposite kinds of food. Too confusing for me to work out on my own!

    Your photos are great, it looks like you are having such a fun time!

  7. whitney

    I really enjoy your yoga posts, Lolly. I miss doing twists more than anything…my spine won’t let me do them anymore.

  8. LittleWit

    I am really enjoying following your teacher training. That double dog pose is amazing. :)

  9. Elizbo

    Enjoy the yoga posts. Very inspiring!

  10. Alicia

    Thanks for sharing more yoga with us. Looks great!
    I just commented in your namaste thread for the readalong. Trying to decide which version to buy. Feel free to give any insight. I’m leaning towards the one you have over Stephenl Mitchell’s. It sounds like I’d like the deeper discussion and glossary.

  11. flissy

    O man… I love that downward-dog/half-handstand thing. It feels weightless being in the half-handstand and the down-dog just feels sooooo gooood. Yummy.

  12. Jenna

    Sounds like a rejuvenating, thoughtful, intense weekend, as always. The pictures were great – that partner yoga looks really intense and interesting. Yoga is so personal and I think people are really particular about having their own space as they practice, so it’s interesting to see people practicing together. Also, your green top is cute :)
    Keep learning and growing, lovely lady. xoxo

  13. Karen

    I love the relaxing effect of yoga.
    I am curious to know what the benefit is of the partner / double down dog?

  14. earthchick

    This is so great, L. Thank you for sharing about it. It makes me so excited to think of the possibilities of teacher training for myself down the road.

    And thanks for the aruyvedic dosha quiz link! It is stunningly clear that I am a Vata (I have tried to figure it out before but was never able to get such a clear picture) – and a very out-of-balance one at that. I’m enjoying that site!

  15. tiennie

    You look great – so happy! Glad you had a joyful weekend!

  16. Allison

    Thanks for sharing your progress! I also liked the link, especially since some of the dietary suggestions make lots of sense out of how cruddy I’ve been feeling lately. Good luck with your training :)

  17. Josiane

    I really enjoy reading about your experience with your yoga teacher training program. It sounds so interesting! I also love how evident your passion for it is.

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