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For the Wee Ones
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  1. MelissaT

    Ooo. I’m excited to see some cute small things to knit! My due date is tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have a little time this summer to make some fun things for baby T.

    I’ll send you an invite to my blog so you can see pictures when they come out.


  2. Elizabeth

    All that yellow was just the burst I needed this Friday morning. Such a beautiful knit – every baby girl should have a gorgeous spring bonnet.

  3. Mick

    Adorable! I love the idea of a bonnet.

  4. LittleWit

    That bonnet is adorable. :)

  5. Lisa

    Darling little bonnet. The top photo made me think of cabbage leaves… which made me think of the endearment “mon petit chou.”

  6. mai

    those flowers are gorgeous! i’m really excited about petite purls. i can’t wait to see what they come out with in the future.

  7. Leslie

    Ah, I don’t think we knew that your sister is having a GIRL. Very exciting — lots of knitting possibilities. I thought of you this morning — I’m about to take the kids berry picking! :)

  8. felinemagnet

    If we can’t have the yellow sun up in the sky, we can have yellow in the garden. I know we need *some* rain, but the amount we have had lately is ridiculous!

  9. k

    That hat is so lovely – colour and design!

  10. Jessica

    Oh, I love baby knits too. Thank goodness my friends are having babies, so I can squash my desire without having a child myself. So fast to knit and so cute too!

  11. Mandi

    I’ve been in baby-knitting mode too. I think I’m just in that phase of life where all my friends are starting families. But I like it, baby knits are so gratifying! And I ADORE that bonnet pattern. I love seeing babies wearing old-fashioned bonnets. :) I had to queue the pattern on Ravelry for future reference.

  12. Allegra

    Hey Lolly!
    All of your yellow pics today are gorgeous! And thanks for mentioning Petite Purls!

  13. Elizabeth

    Wow. That is a seriously sweet baby bonnet. Gorgeous! The color you chose is perfect.

  14. Linda

    The little hat looks great and yes, so many lovely baby knits. We are lucky!

  15. opal

    oh i adore that baby bonnet! it’s simply perfect.

  16. Nora

    So beautiful Lolly.

  17. mamie

    i know, how good is the petite purls site…every pattern is a keeper. i loved being involved even though it was not a pattern. now onto the victorian bonnet. have you seen the aviator? http://www.ravelry.com/projects/mamieknits/aviatrix-baby-hat-2 super cute and simple too. happy baby knitting to you.

  18. Leslie

    oh such a gorgeous colour for a sweet baby bonnet

  19. Anna

    It’s adorable! It would make the baby look like a cute yellow sunflower!

  20. Carrie :: The Rocking Yak

    What a great bonnet. I love it!

  21. Josiane

    This bonnet is so cute! Precious!

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