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Notes from the Shore
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  1. Leslie

    That first photo is precious — and the lighting/colors are terrific!

  2. Estella

    I hope you’re having lovely weather – I’m at the Jersey shore and we have yet to see the beach between rain and clouds. Can’t wait to hear about what you’ve read. Summer reading is my favorite!

  3. Julie

    Oh, that part about the pontoon boat made my heart drop – we almost sunk one on the 4th of July one year! Glad you’re having fun and finding time to slow down!

  4. Brianna

    This picture reminds me of what summer should be like. It creates a restful and peaceful imagine in my mind…

  5. emily

    Glad you’re enjoying a nice vacation! Can’t wait for some summer reading recs! For my staycation I just bought the Sookie Stackhouse books, based on your reviews! Can’t wait to dig into them!

  6. mai

    great shots so far! what beach are you visiting, lolly?

  7. nova

    I hope you have a great time, Lolly! Our beachy time is next week when we take off for Cali.

  8. Meg

    Oh my goodness, I love that little sand crab!!!

  9. courtney

    Have lots of fun! I always look forward to seeing your photos when you return from a trip, they are such a beautiful treat to the eyes! :)

  10. Nicole

    Mmmm…. enjoy your time off. I’m headed to the beach myself. Next week I head East to New-Brunswick to visit my parents.

  11. carolyn

    time at the shore + books = sounds like heaven to me! hope the rest of your time is just as pleasant and relaxing! :)

  12. skeinsherway

    have a wonderfully refreshing and renewing time- love the little crab pic!

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