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Beaches and Boat Rides
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  1. KimW

    Sounds like a great vacation! And as much as I love seeing your knitting, I enjoy hearing about your books and yoga activities too.

  2. Leslie

    You write it, I’ll read it. :)

  3. Jodi

    Books, recipes, and gardening shots?!? Fabulous!

  4. ccr in MA

    Nice photos! That sunset is amazing.

  5. jessica~

    What stunning photos! Looks like a lovely vacation!

  6. Gudrun

    Such great photos Lolly! I for one need some book recommendations…I’m all ears!

  7. Yoga Witch

    I agree with Leslie! :)

  8. Kristyn

    Your pictures are making me long for my vacation in August. I can’t wait to hear about what you have been up to – knitting related or not.

  9. Geek Knitter

    Look at the ospreys! We have quite a population of them around here, including a mating pair which nests about 200 yards from my mothers house every year. What a joy to watch them fly!

  10. Asappa

    I always slow down knitting-wise in the summer too! there are to many seasonal things to do, and in MN the summer only last about 2 months!!

  11. Carole

    Looks like a fantastic vacation. Great bird shot!

  12. erica

    I’ve totally slowed down in my knitting. I think I’ve knitted two rows in the last two months. Just not interested. More interested in gardening and reading also. I definitely must be summer.

  13. Josiane

    Glad you had a nice vacation. As for writing about other stuff than knitting: No worries! Write about what love and what you happen to be doing at the moment, and I’ll enjoy reading it!

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