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Knitting for Baby + Mommy
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Knitting for Baby + Mommy

My sister’s due date is still a few months away – early October – but I am doing my part to make sure that Baby V is well-outfitted after her arrival!

“Fleecy Niecey” cardigan
Pattern: Baby Raglan (free pattern)
Yarn: Fleece Artist BFL Aran, “Cosmic Dawn”
Needles: Size US 8

I bought this lovely variegated yarn in Nova Scotia last summer - Fleece Artist is made in Nova Scotia, so what better way to think about my trip than to knit with the yarn I bought there?  Now the little cardi will be boxed up and sent to California for Baby V.   I was hoping to have longer sleeves on this, but I simply ran out of yarn – I didn’t want to make it any shorter, so it is a short-sleeved wool cardigan… yeah, I know…  My plan is to find a jewel-toned onesie for her to wear underneath – my little niece will be quite hip Watermelon Cardi for Baby Vwith the layered look.  I modified the pattern a bit here using seed stitch in place of ribbing and also turned down the collar.  I may add a button or pick up a cute pin or snap to match this… still deciding.

Using the same pattern, I made this slightly more summery version of the cardigan – little bit longer sleeves too!  I picked up the adorable watermelon button to match the marled pink yarn – RYC Cotton Jeans in “Sierra”.  I did use ribbing, as the pattern calls for, on the neckline, the sleeves, and the hemline. 

The pattern, like all top-down raglans, is so easy to knit and to modify.  Of course the small size of these make them such quick knits, and a great way to bust through some skeins of yarn from the stash.  Planning to make many more like these – perhaps a whole rainbow of them!

Knitting for baby is definitely fun – but I also enjoy knitting for sisters… and I  thought that Mimi deserved a nice garment too!  Her birthday was last week – and I am typically behind in my good intentions – but I started a beautiful Kim Hargreaves pattern for her:  the “Ruby” cardigan from the Breeze collection.  The wide open neck line is definitely the eye-catching factor in this piece.  When I picked up the pattern book a few months back, this (and the corresponding pullover “Rose”) was among my favorites in the book – one of the reasons I bought it in the first place.  When Mimi and I were discussing it recently, I sent her the link for the pattern and she liked this one the most too.  I love the chance to make something for her that she loves as much as I do!  We decided that a belted cardigan would be a good idea right now during pregnancy and after the baby is born - lots of options and easy to remove.  Plus, it is flowy, drapey, and has a nice shape.  I particularly love the frills of picot stitches on the edges. 

Ruby's Edge

I cast on with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed and immediately started the front left panel of the cardigan.  More progress since this initial shot too.  Garter stitches and simple stockinette – simple and beautiful :)

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23 Responses

  1. Brianna

    This is a great sweater. LOVE it so much – do they have an adult version!?

  2. kelly-ann

    I love that you are knitting something for the mom (your sister) as well – so sweet and thoughtful.

  3. Kristina

    I just had to comment, because I love, too, that you are knitting something for the mom. I would have loved that when I had my babies!

  4. Leslie

    I love everything!!! By the way, you might want to check out my post today — it mentions you!!! :)

  5. Josiane

    Those baby cardigans are really cute! And the pattern you’ve chosen with your sister is gorgeous! That will make for an awesome sweater for her too.

  6. Chandler

    This is really lovely, and good choice of yarn, too (the cotton the pattern calls for just doesn’t have the character the Silky Tweed does). And so good of you to knit something for your sister—so many knitted baby gifts out there, but not too many for pregnant mums!

  7. Robin

    This looks like a great little baby cardigan pattern. I really like the one with the seed stitch collar. How many rows of seed stitch did you do or where did you go back to the pattern??? I have two babies arriving soon and these would make such nice gifts. Thanks for sharing the link for the pattern.

  8. Meg

    I love the jewel tones for a baby. I’m not much into “baby” colors – when I’m knitting for a little one, I like to treat them like tiny adults. This cardi is a showstopper!

  9. Meredith

    That Fleece Artist yarn has such gorgeous colors! Love the cute baby sweaters.

  10. tracy3xl

    Very cute! And, honestly, shorter sleeves for baby are so much easier to manage anyway. If I were you, I would say you did it on purpose!

  11. Zonda

    Just love the cute sweaters for your future niece! Look forward to seeing Mimi’s sweater as well! Great photos!

  12. connie

    Your family is sooo lucky to have you knit such beautiful things for them. That Fleece Artist cardi is breathtaking. Those colors are so vibrant! Can I be adopted into your family? :)

  13. Jenna

    The baby knitting is a no-brainer, but your commitment to knit multiple adult sweaters for your family members is so generous! I don’t think I’d do such a thing without a signed contract stating that they would wear the garment :)

    I hope those little baby sweaters get good wear, they are so cute! I especially love seeing babies in non-pastel colors. I hope the parents love it! xoxo

  14. knitxcore

    that fleece artist yarn is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mimi

    The parents already love them!

    Thanks so much Lolly. I love everything!

  16. emy

    The baby item is cute and I can’t wait to see the cardi you are knitting for your sister!

  17. Mandy

    You are the best sister!

  18. Linda

    The colours are wonderful in the little baby cardi, such a nice change from the usual pastels for babys. I do like that Kim Hargreaves pattern too.

  19. mamie

    great choices with baby knits and i think the pieces will be even cuter layered. there is just something about a baby in layers. :)

    that first yarn is fabulous in its color. and i am happy to report knitting for littles stays easy and fast even when they become toddlers.

  20. Wendolene

    What adorable patterns! Your sister and niece are lucky to be related to a knitter with such style!

  21. whitney

    Oh, wow…”Cosmic Dawn” is such a fabulous colorway for baby knits!

  22. lucy

    How seriously adorable are the baby knits! You’ll make a great Auntie Lolly.

    I really like the sweater pattern you’re working on.

  23. Muttix

    I absolutely adore the colors in the first one! I love jewel tones, especially on babies. :) You knit so beautifully!

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