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Scraptacular Blogiversary!
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Scraptacular Blogiversary!

So, this one was a biggie - LollyKnitting Around turned FIVE years old a few weeks ago (7/24) – and I didn’t really do anything about it.  I took several computer “fasts” for a few days time to remind myself of the importance of non-attachment (hard!)  and just didn’t get around to posting about the momentous occasion. 

Huh… five years.  Time flies!

I am not sure how many of you have been around since the beginning, but that is no matter…  because I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  It is truly an honor to walk alongside you (virtually and in real life!)  on this journey.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of you, and I hope to meet many more of you in the future!  Thanks for reading and for being a part of my life!  *Much love and gratitude!*

As is the custom in this region of “Bloglandia”, I am planning to run a contest for my fifth blogiversary – but I wanted to put a little spin on it :)

Care to venture a guess?

I have been in organization/cleaning mode this past week, and I have come across hundreds of little yarn scraps – too much to throw away, but not enough to really do anything with.  Some are leftover balls from projects, some are yarn samples.  I have used these scraps in the past to make the Rapunzel scarves, but I can’t keep up with the supply…  So, I decided to start making a ball – a scraptacular ball – with plans to start a scraptacular project.  I am planning a big garishly colored blanket with these scraps… like only a blanket a knitter could love and appreciate.  The brilliant Chawne suggested a quilt that radiated out from the center, like Larissa’s Barn Raising quilt squares from her book Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together.  I love this idea, as it would be quite easy to add to with new scraps.   I may just have to come up with several ideas, as scraps are never going to be gone from my stash!

 How many yards / meters do you think are in this scraptacular ball??

Scraptacular Orb 

Care to venture a guess?

Hints:  It is packed tight and has a little weight to it, and it took me about 100 minutes to wind this ball up (aka watching this past week’s amazing episode of True Blood episode twice).  There are at least 75 individual yarn scraps in this ball at this point.

And for the winners – two winners who come closest to the final yardage – a choice between these two prizes:

Fleece Artist Goldilocks Fleece Artist Goldilocks Kit – in rich indigo purple.  540 yards of silk/mohair boucle for the Goldilocks shawl – a triangular garter stitch shawl – pattern on the label.  I bought this in Nova Scotia, the home of Fleece Artist, last year.



Hunt Valley Cashmere 

Hunt Valley Cashmere -a Maryland supplier of this pale pink 100% cashmere.  1.95 oz skein.   Perfect for a cowl or mitts.




Contest is open till Thursday (8/13) at 5:00pm EST. 

Even if you don’t care to be in the contest, I would still love to hear from you  :)   Once again, thank you, dear friends, for so many happy years!

236 Responses

  1. grumperina

    Happy blogiversary to you! I always enjoy your posts and your photos, especially those dealing with knitting, reading, cooking, nature, photography, yoga… I guess all of ‘em! My guess about that awesome ball of yarn: 5200 yards.

  2. ccr in MA

    Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog.

    I’ll guess 1942.

  3. Beth I.

    That’s a great idea!!! I’m going to guess 2310

  4. Victoria

    Happy blogiversary! I am going to guess 4682 yards.

  5. Molly

    I’ll take a gander and say 3,619 yards. Just because.

  6. Debbie

    I’m guessing 3,321 yards. You have a great blog – happy blogiversary! Debbie

  7. --Deb

    Happy blogiversary! I can’t remember when I started reading, but it was several years ago, at least.

    I’m dreadful at guessing, but … 2,862 yards

  8. Paulette

    Happy blogiversary!!! Love your blog by the way, enjoy reading it. I think I’m going to guess 785 yard. don’t know why, but it sounds good.

  9. susan

    Hi there!
    I’ve been reading you since I moved to Nanaimo (BC) from Brighton (UK) 2 1/2 years ago, as I’ve had more access to a computer! I love the way you write and I also love knitting, yoga and food! Happy Blogiversary and keep those great posts coming! My guess is 2313 yards!

  10. DoesLizKnit

    Congrats! i’ve been reading for some time now and look forward to all your posts. I’m sure this scraptastic project will be fantastic. My guess…. hmmm I’m going to go low 660 yds.

  11. Beth

    What a fun contest! I’ll guess 2555 yds.
    Happy 5th blogiversary! Thanks for all of the inspiration and sharing.

  12. Madeline

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been reading your blog now for a while, but have never commented (I’m web shy). I also had lots of scraps that I didn’t know how to use up, so I found these instructions (http://www.knitlist.com/99gift/scrap-afghan.htm) for The Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User-Upper Afghan and I’m about 2/3 of the way through to a normal sized afghan. I have a picture of it on my ravelry project page if you are interested.

    I’m going to guess your yarn ball has 999 yards.

  13. Susan C

    What a neat idea. I’m going to guess 3750 yards. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!

  14. kelley

    Happy blog anniversary. I’m guessing 5320 yards.

  15. Emma

    Wow, 5 years! Congratulations! Okay, here is my creative guess: I’m 22, 5’8, and Canadian, so I’ll guess 2258 metres, which is 2469 yards.

  16. katebee

    Five years? Awesome. I think I started reading a year or two ago when I was like “Hey, she’s a Pens fan! Rock on!” this was well before Puck This on Ravelry. :)

    I shall guess . . . 3701. For no good reason at all.

  17. Llamabean

    Congratulations!, I also appreciate your fasting attempts as well. I have loved reading about your knitting, gardening, yoga and your endeavors with Project Spectrum, thank you for sharing. My guess is 2,437

  18. Renee

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed visiting you on your blog very much. :)

    I’m going to guess 3119 yard. 31 is my daughters birthday, 19 is my son. I pick lotto numbers in a similar fashion… lol

  19. Psycheknits

    Happy blogiversary… I just started blogging in May so I have a long ways to go to reach 5 years. I am going to guess 4953 yards… it’s a shot in the dark but contests are always so fun!

  20. Cindy

    Happy Blogiversary! I’m guessing the ball has 1330 yards.

  21. Donica

    Happy 5th anniversary! I’m going to guess about 4010 yards.

  22. Kathleen

    Happy Blogiversary from this lurker! I always enjoy your posts.
    That ball looks crazy. I’ll guess 2600 yards (totally random).

  23. Terri D.

    Happy blogiversary (and happy big ball)…I guess 1,953 yards.

  24. Kat

    Happy Blogiversary! I am guessing 1,092 because my husband (the number theorist) thinks it is a good number.

  25. virginia

    Happy blogiversary! That ball looks very appealing. I was just looking at my scraps today… hmm.
    I will guess 2302 yards.

  26. Diana Troldahl

    Hmm… I’m guessing you are a tight winder, and saying 5, 278 yards.

  27. Chandler

    Wow, five years! That’s amazing. I think I discovered you about 3 years ago, and even that amount of time blows my mind. Thank you so much for being there to share your thoughts, your photos, your creations! I’ve loved every minute.

    As for a guess, let’s go with 1234 (yards)! Seems to just roll off the…er…brain.

  28. MaryjoO

    Happy Blogiversary — and we’ve been so lucky to read “you.” Thank you.

    Yardage: OMgoodness, who knows? I’ll just throw in a number here: 2800.

  29. Holly

    Another bad guesser weighs in! I’m going with 3,453 yards. It looks like a cool ball! I made a huge ball of Lamb’s Pride Bulky scraps once, with the intention of making a felted bag or something, but I never quite got around to it. Maybe I should go dig it up. And happy bloggiversary!

  30. Nancy Bradt

    Happy Blog Anniversary. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the last few years. Whenever I need a little inspiration I like to visit your blog. Thank you for sharing your creative energy with all of us. My guess for the ball is 5,500 yards.

  31. Fiona

    Have awesome! You are such an inspiring person Lolly! xoxo
    My guess, 2756 yds.

  32. Sarah

    I’d guess about 5980 yds of yarn in that sucker! I love scrappy blankets. Can’t wait to see yours develop on the blog. Happy Blogiversary!

  33. J

    Happy Anniversary!
    My guess is 2,222 yds.

  34. Sarah

    Congratulations on five years! What a journey, eh? Good luck to everyone guessing the yardage!

  35. Michelle

    I love your blog and congratulations on your fifth anniversary. I guess 2009 yards. Just seems like a good number to me.

  36. Michaela

    Congratulations on five years of blogging! I enjoy how you balance fiber, food, yoga, and just plain life on your blog — thank you for sharing it all with us!

    I’ve randomly picked 2,378 yards as my guess…

    Take care, and here’s to many more years of blogging!

  37. StephCat

    utterly random guess, but it took you awhile to wind, so…

    3348 yds

  38. inglesidebelle

    Congratulations! And may the next five years be even more spectacular!

    I’m guessing 2614 yards. (It’s almost a randomly chosen number, but it has significance to me because we were married on the 26th of the month and both our birthdays are on the 14th.)

  39. Grace

    Nice scrap ball! I guess, oh, 1953 yards. I think I need to make one of those too…

  40. Linda

    Congratulations on 5 years–love your blog and your knits! My guess is 2121 yards

  41. sue

    Congratulations Lolly on reaching such a great milestone with your blogging. I remember when I used to read your posts and you were knitting along with Heather, Eilene and Donna, dont know what happened to them but at least we can still enjoy your adventures and your beautiful knitting too. I dont know how many yards would be in that ball but whatever are you going to make out of it afterwards! Okay I am guessing 3,015 yards. Happy knitting!!

  42. Sarah

    Hey Lolly, dear! Congrats on your bloggy milestone – that’s a big one! I don’t know if I’ve been there since the very beginning, but I think it was close. I’ve really enjoyed following you through the years on all of the journeys you’ve taken!
    I love the scrappy ball, and I agree with some others that I like the look of it just as it is, but I have no doubt that it will be a lovely blanket as well.
    I’m a sucker for guessing contests, so I’ll have to say that it’s 3083 yards – a number pulled out of the air.

  43. Päivi

    Happy blogiversary, Lolly! I hope you’ll continue blogging at least another 5 years (and more)! I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for sharing your thoughts (of yoga and anything)!
    And I’m gonna guess there are 2180 yards in that scraptacular ball.

  44. hooloovoo


    (my approximate guess plus my birthday)

    The Big Ball of Yarn looks pretty cool.

  45. Mary

    Not all that good with the guessing, 100 minutes to wind? By hand? 400 yards of sock yarn take me about 60, by hand…so…ummmm so bad with the guessing: 1974.

    Happy five year-versary! I was trying to remember when I first ran across your blog and it was a few years ago…but the exact number escapes me…(hmm, I see a number pattern developing).

    Good luck with the blanket project, what a great way to use up spare/scraps of yarn.

  46. Beverly

    Congrats again on your abbiversary! I’m guessing 4819.

  47. Kitten

    Happy blog anniversary. I didn’t check the other answers, so I’ll pick a really specific number — 5,721 yards.

  48. knitopia

    5779 yards is my guess, though it seems higher than most! The ball is very cool looking, by the way.

  49. Sarah

    Happy blogiversary – love the scraptacular idea those scraps do mount up. I’m guessing about 4,550 yards – intrigued to find out!

  50. Birgit

    Happy Blogiversary! I am guessing 962 yards!

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