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Finally… Sienna
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Finally… Sienna

I don’t like to deliver late on my promises… luckily, mom did not seem to mind that her birthday cardigan was (ahem) four months late.

Sienna Jacket - For Mom

Sienna Jacket - For Mom

Sienna Jacket

Pattern: Interweave Knits, Fall 2006
Yarn: Classic Elite Classic Silk
Needles: Size US 7 and 8

This knit, like so many, has some stories attached to it.  I told my mother back in the early spring that I wanted to make a garment for her for her birthday in April.  We talked about patterns quite a bit and I showed her several that I thought she might like.  From the very beginning, however, she told me what color she wanted:  periwinkle.  So, I kept my eye out for a lightweight periwinkle yarn – preferably a blend adequate for at least three seasons of wear.  I had a little trouble finding the exact color, but once I found it… I knew it was it.  Actually, it was dear Jenna who spotted this Sienna Jacket - For Momyarn… it was during our yarn crawl in Seattle back in March.  This particular yarn was spotted at Weaving Works, and Kris whipped out his cell phone and did the math for me for the substitution.  Right then and there, I made up my mind to use this yarn.

Initially, mom wanted the Smocked Jacket from Classic Elite – a truly lovely pattern, but after a few good inches, I realized that the yarn was not really a good suit for the pattern.  Plus, the lace chart was a little too much for me to  handle… so, I went back to the drawing board.  I remembered the sweet and understated Sienna Cardigan and thought that mom would really like that.  I was right.  So, I set off  – by this time, it was already past mom’s birthday, and I deluded myself in to thinking that I could finish by Mother’s Day.  That deadline came and went, and with it came some of the summertime malaise that sets in (not so much of a malaise, actually… it is just that I have been reading like a fiend, so something got moved to the backburner… unfortunately it was mom’s cardigan that had that fate for a few weeks!)  When I pulled the cardigan out again in July, I was resolved to finish.  It was a lovely pattern and I really enjoyed working with this lovely cotton/silk blend.

I modified the pattern after consulting with mom; she didn’t like the hemline ribbing, so I thought about making an a-line/trapeze style coat with a very small flare.  I used a simple garter border, casting on for the larger size, and then Sienna Jacket - For Momdecreasing slowly into the waist shaping, matching up with the intended size.  I also worked the body in the round up to the armholes to avoid seaming.  It worked out very well, and I think it gives the garment a nice tailored look.

The collar was probably my favorite thing to work – I liked the small picot edges of the bind offs, along with the shape.   This was mom’s favorite feature also.  The small lace detail along the button band was also fun to work as it incorporated a small fagot lace with a cable.  It was simple and classy.  Finished off with some lovely square mother-of-pearl buttons that I bought in Berkeley, California last summer (coincidentally with Nova, who also made this cardigan) it was the perfect package.

Mom was a bit camera shy today, so the photos are from my backyard photo shoot.  I liked the look of the bright periwinkle against the weathered fence.

Happy Birthday – Happy Mother’s Day – Happy I Love You day, Momma.  I hope you enjoy your new cardigan! :)

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47 Responses

  1. Renee

    It’s gorgeous! What a beautiful gift. :)

  2. Mimi


  3. Nicole

    It turned out beautifully!

  4. Margarita

    Beautiful. Congratulations on the modifications you made to it. They look fabulous.

  5. Chandler

    Congratulations on another beautiful project! And hooray for the amazing Weaving Works—I love that store.

  6. Lisa

    It’s as though the yarn, the color and the pattern were truly meant to be! Seriously beautiful.

  7. turtle

    simply beautiful!

  8. Josiane

    Very pretty! I like the modifications you did to the hemline, it works really well.

  9. Kelly

    It’s beautiful!!! I really like that color, as well, and am glad to hear that you enjoyed working with the yarn. It’s good to have a non-wool option for those multi-season items. The drape looks wonderful!

    Next time you’re in Seattle for a yarn crawl, let me know! We’ll do a yoga crawl! :-)

  10. inglesidebelle

    Yum! Lovely design in a beautiful blue!

    Your hem modification turned out great! I’ve wanted to knit Sienna, but hesitated because I didn’t care for the ribbed hem. Now that I’ve seen yours, it’s going into my queue.

    Thank you for posting the story of how you and your mother worked together to plan the sweater – it’s obvious that you two have a great relationship!

  11. Kay - From the Back Yard

    And the buttons are the perfect touch!

  12. Estella

    Lolly, it is simply gorgeous! Your mother is very lucky and it was well worth the wait I’m sure.

  13. Harpa J

    It´s truly beautiful.

  14. Caroline

    It’s beautiful! Your mom is a very lucky lady.

  15. Gudrun

    It’s just lovely Lolly….I’ve admired that pattern for a while…looks great in this yarn and colour!

  16. GeekKnitter

    That’s just beautiful work.

  17. maryeb

    Wow, it looks like it was worth the wait. It’s gorgeous!

  18. Carole

    It’s beautiful. How could she not love it to pieces?

  19. jillian

    It’s gorgeous! A perfect mom gift.

  20. margaux

    gorgeous Lolly!! Nothing like knits for mom :-) Lovely!

  21. Jacey

    It’s really beautiful, Lolly. Heartfelt gifts are better late than never. :)
    The color is stunning, and your modifications look wonderful.

  22. Bertha

    It’s wonderful Lolly! What a lucky mom!

  23. Leslie

    I enjoyed knitting this cardigan too. I wish I had thought of your modifications — I love them. And that color is spectacular!

  24. nova

    It looks great, Lolly! As soon as I saw those buttons, I recognized them!

  25. earthchick

    Wow, Lolly! Sooooo gorgeous!!

  26. Rebecca

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m going to have to pull out my old IK magazines now….this needs to be added to my queue! Beautiful color, too……the color of my bridesmaid’s dresses many years ago.

  27. mai

    hey, very lucky mom! it’s a beautiful sweater. i’m still on the lookout for the perfect pattern so i can make my mom a sweater!

  28. nancy

    Beautiful sweater and great work. I love the look of the whole thing. What a very lucky Mom.

  29. Wendolene

    Very elegant! You really went the extra mile to make it just right!

  30. Holly

    What a beautiful cardigan!! It is SO nice that you are still blogging and sharing your projects. I remember way back when you started your blog…

  31. Leslie

    What a gorgeous sweater! I love that lace detail down the front and the collar as well. I bet this will be a favorite to wear.

  32. Päivi

    that is so beautiful!
    Lucky mom!

  33. whitney

    It’s beautiful! The color is perfect. And I really like your mods, taking away the ribbing at the bottom for a swingier shape. What a lucky mom, to have you as a daughter!

  34. Mom

    Yes, I am a lucky mom! Lol, I will enjoy this sweater and am already planning differant skirts to wear it with when the weather cools a bit. I will really enjoy it with jeans, as this color is one of my favorites with the indigo shades. I appreciate that you wanted to make this sweater a joy to knit. It is perfect and I will enjoy this lovely little number for years to come. I will feel swaddled in your loving endeavor. I Love You! XXOO

  35. Jenna

    Clearly, this is worth the wait! The color looks fantastic and your modifications are so stylish. I hope your mom has many happy wearings of this classic little sweater. I hope she gets over her camera shyness soon, too! it would be great to see it on her. Congrats on another lovely finished object!

  36. Sharon

    That sweater is beyond gorgeous!!! Your knitting is perfect..the color and style is beautiful. I’m sure your mother didn’t mind waiting for something so wonderful!

  37. Zonda

    Beautiful and what a wonderful gift!

  38. Zardra

    I love the modified hem. That’s the kind of change that makes this a sweater I would actually knit, but I would never have thought of it without seeing yours. The love is simply fantastic, too.

  39. Kala

    That’s gorgeous, I have yet to make my mom a sweater!

  40. Brenda

    Very lovely! Excellent mods too–I think they improve on the original design. I’m sure your mom is delighted.

  41. Terri

    Gorgeous colour, gorgeous sweater – your lucky mom!

  42. Koru

    The sweater is just gorgeous. What a good choice to pay attention to how the yarn and pattern work together. The button band is very pretty but the neck line is just the loveliest – what a great combination. I always knew you rocked.
    hugs, K.

  43. tiennie

    Beautiful! I bet she’ll love it!

  44. Asplund

    What a beauty! Details like the collar and the button-band lace pattern make it so stylish – and the buttons are perfect! Thanks for inspiring photos and text.

  45. Beatriz

    It’s just beautiful, Lolly. The drape of the silky yarn, the color selection (I love anything that resembles tanzanite) and the pattern all came together perfectly. I hope your Mom enjoys it for many seasons to come! Thanks for sharing your photos.

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    [...] It would be cute with a camisole underneath, or with a cardigan on top.  I am using leftovers from the Sienna Cardigan I made last year – Classic Elite Classic [...]

  47. Aree

    so nice …….^_^ ……..lovely…….

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