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Ta Da!
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Ta Da!

After two counts – I wanted to be accurate after such an amazing outpouring by you all! – I have found the final yardage for the scraptacular yarny ball!

1973.3 yards ( +/- 1″)

So, that means that the winners of this contest are:

Thank you so much for playing and for leaving so many wonderful and heartfelt comments!  You all are amazing :)   I really liked ever green knits suggestion about a little retrospective of posts from previous years… I am compiling a list now.  As an archivist, you can imagine that I like doing such things.

…and because no post can go photo-less on my blog, here is my recently compiled mosaic of favorite photos from this past week on Flickr.  I really enjoy making these and they are a real point of inspiration for me. (Click on the photo for details about the photos!)

Simple Mosaic - Happy Mosaic

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3 Responses

  1. Nadine

    Thanks, Lauren!! Lovely mosaic, and I’m already looking forward to the retrospective posts. Cheers!

  2. Chandler

    I love your photo mosaics—and is that Andrew Bird I spy?? Lovely.

  3. Ilona

    Were you at sock summit in Portland? If so it would have been nice to have met you. I had a great time at sock summit it was awesome!

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